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October 15, 2010 in World 001 News, World News

Welcome to another edition of W1 Blog! Today we are interviewing the biggest name in WLE History, her majesty, Duchess Seren….

I am here with the WLE Leader and Goddess as she has come to be named:

Seren, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

You want the full title? Duchess Seren, goddess of warlords, or The Bitch (capital B) or just seren to my friends. I am simply seren.

Tell us about you Duchess Seren,

Well the person behind the keyboard is a single 40 year old mum of 1 daughter, slightly insane, definately warped and sometimes wonders why she still plays war games.

Could you tell us a little history of WLE, and how it got started?

Oh I could ramble forever on WLE history.  WLE is the end product of what used to be the Warlord family of tribes.  4 years ago there were lots of WL tribes, original made by guys from WL and their friends.  I was duchess of IWL back then, we were never a Warlord tribe and agreed to work together in January2007 I think.

At that point the Family started to become more organised as a functioning unit, Ogo as head boss Arch  Duke and me as High Duchess.  It slowly whittled down to 3 tribes, WL, IWL, DWL. Basically WLE is the Warlord Family, same leadership, same standards.

What can you tell us about the WLE/TRAP comepetition?

Basically phoenix and Warlords were allied, essential fighting against TW/T:V

However, Phoenix at that point didnt have a frontline, we were covering there backsides, the worlds punchbag as always lol

Then things started to turn sour, petty arguments over barbs etc on the backlines.  At this point Phoenix had defence on our frontlines, we had very few troops in k38 way and Phoenix decided they needed to expand, they dropped the alliance – allegedly over barb disputes. And absolutely slaughted our “safe” areas with no troops

It was planned, even though at the time d jose and zstajerski said it wasn’t. If i dig in my archives i probably still have the ramblings of zstajerski on the phoenix forum from that time lol.

Since then they have changed names several times and merged in dvader and tv members as those tribes collapsed.

Who was it that originally started the Warlords?

There were so many tribes at the begining I couldnt tell you. Ogo would know WL, it was a young kid, whos name i dont remember.

Which is why there were so many WL’s him and his mates had tribes everywhere lol. As for IWL it was founded by a guy called Roy123 who I met on some forum, got chatting and we relised we both played TW.

It was originally called Rarnon, the name changed to IWL when he stepped down as duke and wolfvale, thundershock and I took over.

Mhmmmm I see I see. How would you say the relationship between ogo and yourself are, as leaders of a might tribe that has wistood the test of time?

We have a really good relationship, very trusting.  After 4 years of playing together we know each others quirks lol. When we had 3-5 tribes we lived in a chat box and it was pretty much a full time job. Wouldn’t go back to that now lol

He’s very much the calming influence to my hot temper. A very good leader.

This is good, best friends leading, all the more a better tribe. Seeing that WLE has an alliance with HELL, what do you think your chance of beating TRAP are?

With or without HELL, Warlords will still be here at the end of the world.  We’ll out live TRaP the same as we outlived every other no1 tribe that actively targets us. But TraP are passed their day, they arent the tribe they once were.  The main threat now is ToRe.

I have a lot of respect for ToRe, very single minded, very good team players and very much a threat for anyone in their areas.

That is a big claim, I wonder how they will react to seeing this? :P Would you say that in the past year WLE has made some significant progress in the world?

I think were getting back on track.  It was heartbreaking when I came back online to such low morale. We still have a lot of what many would class as deadweight, but theyre waking up :)  It has never been our policy to focus purely on rankings and stats.  warlords has always been a place for anyone to play and hopefully enjoy the game.

This is true to be able to keep in the top. Do you believe that TRAP will eventually Disband and merge again? or Will The BIG three turn on TRAP? since Tore and TRAP have no alliance.

They have a NAP last I heard. I would imagine that will disappear when ToRe fancy expansion in TRaP areas lol.

I don’t think TRaP will disband, there is still a core of active players in there and several original phoenix too.  Given their stance on WLE and HELL, I would imagine they will try and fight it out.

That is good to hear. What are your thoughts on TRAP, and its leadership?

I have a love hate relationship with TRaP, lots of history there. I do think they have lost their way somewhat, keeping players they know to be supporting their enemies, DJ and Zsta would be turning in their TW graves I think.

I’m not complaining of course :)  Original phoenix was a war machine and something to avoid if you could.  Now the heart seems to be gone.  I think a lot of that was with the merges they have had too. They appear more concerned with points than fighting now.

Interesting, interesting. Do you see the WLE/Trap war one sided in the end, due to high demand of nobles, or will it be difficult on both sides?

Given the current guide for ending worlds, there is at least another year left in w1 at the current rates.  Alliances can win, and even us and HELL dont hold anywhere near enough to end the world. Personally I cant see any of us playing a hugging game to end it.

Seren: although it will be a relief when it does lol.

Won’t we all. lol. It seems Trap are mass attacking the Southern WLE fronts, to ensure victory. Can you tell us how you plan to resolved the loss of the South?

The fall of the south, k68/69 way to TRaP is down to 1 thing, defecting members when I was gone. We’ll continue working with HELL where we can to maintain and increase our possition in those areas.

What is your opinion on the political stance of W1? And how will this effect the future of this world?

The politics are very old now, it’s pretty much set in stone.  6 months down the line you’ll still fight the same people, regardless of whatever they have called the tribe. HELL may take in some stray actives that work on their terms, Warlords as usual tend not to recruit former enemies. Never works out lol.

I think ToRe will continue to recruit as position and ethos of players allow. They are quite selctive though, they dont tend to have members that dont launch.

One last thing Seren, who do you think will be the last two tribes standing at the end of this world?

Warlords of course lol  We’ve dealt with so much crap over the years, we have to be there. HELL are a pretty stubborn bunch too, very good players when they wake up and play like they are at the moment.

Can I have 3?  i dont fancy going head to head with deadknight and controleng, they hurt lol.

Sure, of course seren lol.

Tore, if they keep up and dont have life get in the way will be there.  I was very surprised when TCK disbanded, I did think they would be playing the end game.

Well seren, thank you for a wonderful hour of delight and many good readings ahead, we look forward to having you back.

I’m looking forward to reading the thoughts of the other tribes.

Well folks you heard it from the Duchess. She has given her word on the world and her views on the aspects of tribes and alliances. W1 is indeed a very interesting place, and it hold many more secrets than meets the eyes. This is all the time we have this week. Tune in next week for a special edition of W1 Blog!