Why Do You TW?

April 21, 2012 in Philosophy:TW


What makes you TW?

When you consider how much something as basic as a game means to you, one really has to start at the origin… why do you play? Games like Tribal Wars are known for being engaging, fun, and a great way to spend time.

You might have come here to spend that extra Sunday afternoon, or you might have come to try your hand at yet another strategy game. Some of you might have even come just to take in the experience of being in tribes with people from all over the world, each with a different story. Regardless, you’ve (hopefully) found it good enough to stick around for a good time. Feel free to comment below after reading if you want to share your TW story.


Some Possible Reasons

Many of you might have come for one of the following reasons, whether intentionally or unintentionally. These are some key traits that help explain why games like TW are popular.

  • Sandbox Syndrome

Many players are attracted to games where they can build their own empire, future, etc. These games offer a chance for a better future and often promote hard work, loyalty, and dedication as requirements for playing to victory. The opportunity to build an empire has always been an appeal in many games, but the appeal of a land where one can build a new life has been in existence for much longer in almost every culture and was one of the driving factors behind the colonization of the New World in the 16th through 18th centuries and the subsequent expansion of the young United States westward. Many cultures around the world share such an expansionist drive.

  • Faux Role-Play

Other players may be brought to TW by the opportunity to enter a semi-role-playing environment as diplomats, kings, or otherwise. A chance to lead as ‘King’ or be the loyal knight are always excellent role-play opportunities and entire tribes are built around role playing sometimes.

  • Friends

In TW, you may have played with a lot of friends, but you also might have played a lot of TW because of friends! Many players are online with friends from school or their community and thus it becomes almost like a networking location as much as a fun way to spend time with friends and even family… occasionally I even hear of whole families that play the game, aside from just brothers or sisters.

  • Victory!

Who doesn’t like all those shiny medals or the reward at the end for being the best tribe of the world? Everyone is driven further with a chance of fame in TW, just as with most other games.

  • Style and Art

TW is a great example of a game which is neither too art intense or too art lacking. It’s a very good balance between smooth graphics and fast gameplay. Many players are drawn in by the simple design of the game, compared to other games where a whole array of menus and options can overwhelm them. Compared to some games, it’s as simple as erm… well… TW.

  • Community

Occasionally, players are drawn in by the community. Some come and join the forums or just join and start talking in tribal forums and begin to enjoy the game more from the community aspect. tribalwars.net has a rather diverse community being the International-EN server, and perhaps one of the largest noting the number of English-speaking people around the world.


No matter what, you’re here now and reading this… if you want to chip in and share how you came to find TW or what various reasons you have stayed, feel free to comment below!