Who is your Nemesis

May 2, 2011 in World 040 News, World News


Big hellos once again to anyone who still bothers to read these blogs and a big hello even if you don’t. Today I would like to waste your time by talking and looking into the Nemesis Family. I’ll be looking into how they’ve spread out on the map, their Nobling trends, the war stats and I’ve been lucky enough to get an Interview with Adventurer3 to give NMS some representation. I feel I should add this in here as some nice background news for you all; as well as the nice day off I got for Prince William and the now Princess Kate’s wedding which I’m sure ALL of you watched. In more drastic news Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US security forces in Pakistan ending his 10 year hideout. Now enough of the real world and all that jazz, it’s time to look at NMS and our favourite pixilated game.


The Nemesis family is one of the two remaining powerhouses of World 40, occupying the northern hemisphere of the world NMS F consists of NMS, =CB= and NMSR. NMS still look set to continue a push into the North West in an attempt to control the entire northern hemisphere of the world. However we have recently seen a change of hands in Continent From other sources it’s known that NMS and Kata were amongst some of the earliest tribes on World 40 and they are both still standing today. That in itself speaks volumes, however whilst both tribes still exist on World 40 they are different and have taken different paths to reach where they are now.

The Stats for NMS F.

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These stats show well for NMS F. as their ODA is higher than the ODD showing a more aggressive tribe but also one that can defend as the two figures are reasonably close together.  However there is still a large deficit between first and second place which amounts up to just over 6,000 villages. This is what I can see just from simple observation to be an issue for NMS F. in the future. It’s common knowledge that more villages equal more troops and in this final showdown between Kata and NMS; both sides will need all the troops they can get their hands on.

An Interview!

I was lucky enough to secure an Interview with Adventurer3 so many thanks to him for agreeing to represent NMS F.

Interview SelectShow

So many Thanks to Adventurer3 for the interview and I hope it’s helped highlight a little bit more about NMS for you.

Well, in more recent news NMS appears to have started nobling in mass closer towards the front lines creating a wall effect. This strategy can have both positive and negative effects for the front lines and will require a different type of approach. On the upside of creating this wall of village’s right on the front lines, NMS is allowing for a depth of defence. This means that there are so many villages NMS can literally snipe from any range and or have enough close D to stack against most attacks. The downside of this tactic is that any Op pulled on these clusters means all the attacks land in a small zone and as such NMS can’t possibly stack against the sheer volume of attacks in such a compacted area. The pro’s and con’s of this tactic balance out roughly, but are we going to see another case like in K28 where there is literally a solid wall of villages? Only those in NMS F. know the answer to this…

The Map!

Now, there has been a few noticeable changes in the map over this past month or so. Firstly the biggest change is the swapping of K37 which has now swung towards a dominant NMS control. So whilst Kata is still making consistent ground in the south; NMS is making it back in the north east. We’ve also seen both sides claim 100% dominance in several continents right across both Kata and NMs’s cores. There has been little change with regards to TBK and PA two of the last remaining tribes left both of which seem to have stayed virtually dormant. Trapped between a rock and a wall, they have to either grow through Kata or NMS now or face zero growth. Overall very little change with regards to the map apart from NMS becoming the second tribe to take over a continent in this final war.

The War!

Now all those keeping recent with the war will know that NMS has made some sort of a comeback recently clawing back some ground and making an attempt to level the stats off. Lets see what the progress is thus far:

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Monthly SelectShow


With a +16 conquers over the past month there are signs of some change in the winds; however at 16 village gains per month im working it out to take around.. 281 Years and just over 3300 Months to finish this world. But at least that time will be fun! :D

Wrap up!

Although this past month has seen some deletions, world 40 appears at least from the outside to be very much active and interesting. With NMS having picked itself up from the slow start we might now see an even war capable of keeping us all interested in this unique world. Next time I’ll be sending out a questionnaire for the population of world 40 to fill in and send back if you feel like it. I’ll make a special edition out of the answers and we’ll see what the general consensus of World 40 is on some varied issues. Until then stay safe, have fun and send me some Attacks! :P

Cya all next time,