Where are they now?

July 27, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 57 Blog! This blog focuses on how the premades of this world are doing. Have they survived? If not, why did they fail? Read on for the details…

World 57 Map


*Firstly, if you haven’t noticed already… I created my first world map! I have to grudgingly thank Phil (armstrong) my fellow blogger for showing me a tutorial on how to create them… Personally I feel like it turned out decently for my first shot at one.

*A player named Zednex will now be assisting on some blog editions due to complaints that simply allowing Moon to provide helpful guides and tutorials would portray him in a positive light. (and far be it from me to do such a thing!) Anyways, Moon will continue to post his tutorials, and Zednex will be contributing either statistical articles, or also tutorials, depending on several items.

*My thanks to Brat and each premade leader for speaking with me regarding what happened to their premade.

*Please let me know immediately about any or all flaws in the blog. I have proofread the blog of course, but with it becoming this lengthy, I often miss a few errors in it.

Current Wars

Quite a few wars are taking place at this point in the world so it is likely that I have not gotten all of them covered below. If you know of a war that I missed, please let me know.

ADDICT vs. Armada

ADDICT started this war by most accounts, by attacking a ally, or academy tribe of Armada named Bolt. Armada responded in like kind, and the war has begun.

RAZOR & Yakura vs Night

This war has continued throughout the past week, with Night still holding a lead. In fact they even widened it a bit, bumping up the conquer margin by two.

Armada vs AnD

Armada and AnD have continued their war also, but neither side seems to be devoting much time to it, as the conquer margin is simply one during the entire last week.  

Bunny vs. TAC

This war has been a stalemate so far, neither side taking the advantage yet. This war is key for domination of the northeast portion of the core, and with little doubt the victor will eventually face Armada.

Top 5 Players


Rank: 1.

Points: 94,969

Villages: 12

Average pts per village: 7,914

ODA Rank: 85 (76,193)

ODD Rank: 109 (50,080)

Summary: This player seems pretty balanced overall, and holds a positive lead regarding pts per village. His high village point count indicates that he is more than likely able to noble more villages, and grow quite a big more in the upcoming days. Also, his ODA ranking serves to prove that he did not merely soak his villages off of his tribemates, but has gained his villages with some degree of skill.


Rank: 2

Points: 92,784

Villages: 15

Average pts per village: 6,186

ODA rank: 39  (90,513)

ODD rank: 8660 (1660)

Summary: This player’s ODA speaks for itself I believe, as it seems he has been attacking quite a few players. His ODD is quite low, but that is hardly his fault if he has not been attacked just yet. If he maintains his ranking, it is only a matter of time before that will start to rise.


Rank: 3

Points: 82,191

Villages: 14

Average pts per village: 5,871

ODA rank: 66 (81,016)

ODD rank: 199 (37,032)

Summary: This player’s OD rankings are not terrible, but considering his 3 internally nobled villages, I’d say he is not deserving of his rank. Once the internals are gone for this player, his growth will no doubt slow down considerably. His ODA and ODD point to only a few run ins with other players, something that usually reflects a conservative, and somewhat timid player.


Rank: 4

Points: 75,851

Villages: 13

Average pts per village: 5,835

ODA rank: 11 (127,855)

ODD rank: 1005 (15,097)

Summary: This player is definitely one of the best in the top 5 at this point. He has several conquers from top players in the world, including conquers from both Bunny and XIII players. His ODA also speaks for itself, proving his agressiveness beyond a doubt.

Noobs on Ice

Rank: 5

Points: 71,467

Villages: 12

Average pts per village: 5956

ODA rank: 5 (150,435)

ODD rank: 171 (42,358)

Summary: This player also seems quite agressive, as proven by his conquers of some of the top players in k53. His ODA also supports this point, and gives him definite credibility for his ranking. I would venture to predict that Noobs on Ice will eventually make it into the number 1 position,  most likely within the next 2 weeks.

Featured: Where are they now?

After several requests for me to get back to the premades that I had covered in an earlier blog edition, I did so, and spoke to quite a few of the leaders on this world. Below are our conversations, and my thoughts on each.

Where SelectShow

Where? has been doing excellent so far, and shows no signs of slowing. They have been dominating the western portion of the world so far, which has seemed to be a weaker area. They have a good road ahead of them, as the area in which they are situated is theirs for the taking, as it seems to be far enough from the core tribes of Armada, Bunny and TAC. They do have some members northeast of TAC that may come under fire sometime in the future.

Numb SelectShow

Numb fell after leadership issues split it apart. The players in it have scattered to a variety of tribes, including AnD, P!nk, and  x/0. The tribe Where? has also nobled quite a few of them.

XIII SelectShow

XIII has been doing excellent also so far, but seems to be a bit more scattered than some of the other top tribes. They have recently been beset upon by a horde of other tribes around them, which tend to stunt growth for at least a short time. I would venture to predict an eventual war with Where?, but only after the latter has gained more of the western territory.

Deadly Sins SelectShow

Deadly Sins seems to have fallen fairly early in the world, and did not do much due to prolonged leadership issues. Many of their players now reside in other tribes around W57, while a few have quit the world along with their leaders.

Punks SelectShow

Ins SelectShow

Interview: Bratster

So first off, how long have you been playing Tribal Wars Brat?

Its been so long, Its been almost 6 years now I believe. I know i started in either July or August, but I cant remember it was 2005 or 2006. I know TW came out in may prior to me joining.

Have you played it continuosly since?

I have never stopped playing since I started
Its to addicting

When you first started playing, how many people played Tribal Wars?

I think when i 1st started it was around 350k players, but we had almost 500k players at one point in time.

And now we have only around 120,000.. correct?

Roughly, yes

What do you think accounts for this huge drop?

Well its alot of things to be honest, alot of it is how the so called vets treat new players when they try to join and learn the game. I remember back when I started on w5, I was stupid and didnt read the rules. I was like cool a war game I’ll try it. Within 2 weeks time I had to restart, because everytime I came back to the game my villages wasnt what i had. I was so confused, I talked to the tribe I was in at the time ( of which I still remember the name, Kings Of Leon). I told them what was going on and they said I was being farmed and told me what i needed to do. Nowadays, the players that say they are elite dont care about new players. All they care about is how they are going to take the noobs village.

So in your opinion, is this the only factor contributing to the fall of TW?
Is there anyway to stop this?

I dont think its the only factor, but a good portion of it. Stopping it, well thats kinda impossible now as TW has let it go on for way to long. The only way to really stop it is to A) get rid of all the ones that constantly do it. or B) have the mods constantly step in and infract all the ones that do it mostly. I know I troll the forums and Im hated, but I troll the forums to troll on the haters that constantly do it all the time.

So honestly, do you think you drive off any new players?
Trolls and flamers on the externals do discourage new players from appearing there.

Do I drive off new players, No I dont think so as i try to teach them what I have learned over my years of playing this damn addicting game. Do Others drive them off, yea id say they do. When i post on the externals, I try my best not to flame the new players. I try to flame the so called vets for flaming the newbies.

Ahh, fair enough.
So you are playing World 57 now correct?

Yes, but not as Brat. My daughters play it, I am in a different IGN now

You started the world in a premade?

Yea I started in Numb

What happened to that premade?

Well, when Numb started in w57 we had an awesome core of talented players in TW. We probably had some of the best players I have ever played with as far as organization, communication, and overall working together. Some may have said I was partially to blame for the downfall, but the true downfall of Numb was the Duke. I cant count how many times Numbs council was in talks Diplomacy wise, and our Duke would come out and literally cuss the other councils side out. Plus, our ex duke kept saying for the last week or so of Numb being around that he was quitting. He kept saying it so much that his final time of saying Im done. we all had enough.

That really is a shame.
What happened to the members of Numb?
And what finally happened to bring it down?

Well alot of Numb members either quit, got scattered to others tribes, or just went on there own.
The final deal to really bring the tribe down is the Duke had a melt down,( even after saying to a week that he was quitting TW all together. ) He left and from there it went all downhill, I dont care to elaborate really into detail on the issue

Alright, so where are you at now?
I take it you are still playing on World 57?

Yes im still on w57 and Im in a tribe that has a good bunch of players. We arent mass recruiting and we are working very well together.

What tribe is that?

Dunno if I should really say, but I got big conjunes. Im in TAY, And they will back my mates 100% as they know I will aswell

Ahh, so what do you think your future will be like on this world? Can your tribe succeed where Numb has failed? Will it be able to survive?

Know ones future on tw is given, but I see us lasting quite awhile. Since we are so close to each other, as far as contact wise. I see us lasting along time. Yea I know we may have our adversities with other tribes, but aslong as we keep the constant communication that we have. I still see us lasting abit. As far as and end game tribe, well its to early to tell yet. but ill do my part to keep us going.

Ahh, well it was nice talking to you Brat, good luck!

Thank you, same to you.

Zednex's Column: Bunny SelectShow