W58- What’s that word again?

October 21, 2011 in World 058 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

What is that word that is used to describe how somebody urges you to do something?

The one that is used in the army and in tribal wars?

You know the one…


Many players from world to world seem to forget that when they leave a world or quit the game that not only are they leaving their account behind, but they leave their tribe behind too.. Not only their tribe either but their greatest ambition: to win the world!

I brain stormed over and over again picking out each thought that I had, each time asking myself ‘What does Motivation mean to me?’ then I realised it is often not your own thoughts that motivate you, but the thoughts of others- From friends to tribe mates, from family to foe.

A friend once inspired me, he thanked me for my hard work and effort towards poetry- So I asked a kind friend of mine to write a motivating poem that sums up why it is important that we do not forget those who surround us in game and in our community:

Breathe in, breathe out, and close your eyes,

Look beyond the world’s demise,

Rely not on sight, but feel the moment,

Feel the energy that is still potent,

Remember that which conflict creates,

Think about the highest stakes,

Emotion created in times of need,

Panic, strife, anger and greed,

And always in life will contrast exist,

Think of your friends, your pride in the mist,

Success is not given by a free hand,

Success is forced with every disband,

Those who fall against your might,

Against them will always be the fight,

For if you fall then they shall win,

And remember that YOU are the best there has been,

Claim your crown, you must earn it with pain,

But those who succeed, for eternity will reign,

Carve your name into the sands of time…

“Here I have conquered, This land is mine.”




So another look at the statistics!

Total number of players: 37,030 players  (18:40- 21/10/11)  -11,070

Total number of tribes: 2,408 tribes  (18:40- 21/10/11) -374 

World Map: No Markings (21/10/11- 22:30):

World Map: Top 5 Tribes (21/10/11- 22:30):  

FORK, MANIC, Pacman, Bully and Honor

And suddenly it came, just like that!

Many of us have waited for this world to become a little more interesting and have longed for something to watch,  the war between PACMAN and MANIC was what this world needed- Two large and dominant tribes fighting it out to become #1 and to secure their areas.

I asked 2 valued members of PACMAN what they thought:

~Devlin/Dark Prince~ 1. What was the cause of the war?

In my humble opinion the war started, because Warstiner (The current MANIC leader, or at least a part of the leadership) overreacted when some of our members crossed a bit near their clusters. He then mailed DaB as I remember or the other way around about hibis, which was inactive at the time, and Zero Tolerance (DaBearo) had the sit for it. So I assume they attacked it, they lost 2 noble trains and got a bit mad, that was the main reason that they started the war, though even after DaB worked something out with Warstiner, although nothing was official as none of us were informed about it, Lucayas noble train hit a village in their clusters, that was the final straw for MANIC and they declared on us calling us backstabber’s even though nothing of this was planned.

~Googly~ 2. So far do you think that your tribe mates are fighting to the best of their ability?

I would say that those who have participated thus far have put in as much effort as was required – the previous attack we launched was stacked in advance, and as such no ability would have changed the result of that. It is hard to say whether the tribe as a whole is performing in this conflict 100% when the map clearly shows why so many are not involved.

~Googly~ 3. What do you think you could use to your advantage during the war, If anything?

We have the ability on frontline accounts to hold a line and continue expansion as normal. There is no real success in this conflict as of yet, and with Manic being the one to declare they would really be expected to be gaining ground. I wouldn’t have ever considered the two tribes would war based on location – to me, Manic is merely making themselves have less chance of survival on this world by having yet another border to have conflict on. So there is little Pacman even needs to do, in my eyes.

~Devlin/Dark Prince~ 4. Do you think that you and your tribe mates will benefit greatly from the action that lies ahead?

I actually hope so as most of us are turning boring, and boredom is mostly what makes people quit. I’d call yes, we will benefit with the enjoyment the war will give, and more coordination will only show how much of us are true Pacmen.

Though on the other hand the war will slow both of the tribes front line players growth, so FORK as they aren’t really involved in any bigger wars would and have taken a bigger lead over us. So the war has it’s minuses and pluses.

~Devlin/Dark Prince~ 5. What do you think about the opposition?

Well, some are okay, actually some are enjoyable to talk with on the forums or discuss anything, although some have a poor understanding of the game, and even though we put simple facts that are based on true simulations or builds they simply cannot admit defeat and ignorantly try to push it and prove that there way is the best even though proved otherwise.

Especially Warstiner who wrote an essay about us that was mainly a bunch of lies, + I have (most have) expected a better PnP which was probably made for what? 2 days as he promised one right away.

~Googly~ 6. Do you think your tribe has the ability to win this war?

I would say so. I would also say that Pacman doesn’t even need to win this war. Manic are stretching themselves too thin by starting this conflict for what seemed to be very small issues, when they have a list of enemy tribes that almost entirely encloses them, according to their diplomacy list. All Pacman needs to do is keep doing what we are doing, and let Manic fall apart in the coming days/weeks ;)

The war stats currently look like this:

As you can see not many ennoblement’s against the opposition on either front, MANIC have continued to expand rapidly across the North East and PACMAN too growing rapidly in the South East.

That is it for Blog #7, a big thank you to everyone who help in the manufacture of this blog and a big thank you too for my supporters and regular readers!

As a conclusion of this blog and my thoughts on motivation I have created a thread in the tribal wars external forums which can be found here:


I am asking each of you who read this to take 5 minutes to reply to this thread, thanking a player that has inspired or motivated you- This player does not have to be from World 58, but from any world as long as that player has ‘MOTIVATED’ you during your game play on tribal wars.

Please leave a comment here or in the tribal wars external forums and remember to leave a small thank you note for those who have Motivated or Inspired you!

- Kieran ( hikeegan999 )