What’s going on?

October 30, 2010 in World 040 News

World 40 is dead to date?

The past week in world 40 has been one of the quietest weeks I have seen. The normal chatter of the wars with the UN family were barely even written in. Have we hit a bump in the road with the forum? What is everybody focused on? The wars seem to be taking their tolls on the players of world 40 and the looming silence is the best indicator of it. Even denny6526 our forum moderator noticed how quite the forums were…

Just a reminder that spam posts aren’t allowed. I know the forums are really, really dead, but pointless spamming isn’t the way to fix that.

So lets take a look at the map of world 40 as of right now.

The biggest change on this map is the split with *RAGE*  into Gentle and Worthy. Overall with the UN Family area not much has changed in the world, borders have had minor push backs and growths between different tribes. One of the biggest wars still going on is the war against the UN Family. To look into how its going here are the stats and a map for the UN Family area over the last month.


Sorry I originally planned to upload a slide show of these 2 images for you, but I couldn’t get it uploaded the right way. If you click on the images you can see a bigger picture of each though. So from the 2 maps here are the differences for you.

The UN Family has lost some ground in all areas of their borders but has gained alot inside their area where PTW once were. The real wars are coming now with the UN family since they have secured their continents at this point. Now they have to either expand on the borders or die trying. I am curious to see how Deathx holds up with that chunk of villages inside the UN Family area. As of right now they seem to have grown there, but could that be one of the next target areas for the UN Family? Who knows, but I am sure we will find out.

stats SelectShow

Outside of world 40?

So as we all saw from the message that was sent in game earlier this week. There were quite a few bans in the game for cheating for using a bot(alot of it focused in world 50 and a few in world 52). If you would like more information on it you can read more in Daria(FrailBeauty’s) blog under the world 50 blogs. :)

Top players and tribes

The top 10 players didn’t change this week at all. The biggest change for the top 10 tribes is the drop in *RAGE* out of the top 10 tribes. From the looks of it the tribe has split and now they are in 2 smaller tribes, Gentle and Worthy. Did Kata cause the split or was it just internal problems? Guess I will have to interview some people next week lol.

So thats about it for this week. Next week will be back to its normal longer version, I will be focusing specifically on the UN Family next. Hope you enjoyed this edition!