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July 11, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 46 Blog! I am sorry for taking so long to get this out, but I have been encountering some issues lately. Anyways, World 46 has been experiencing some quite large occurences lately, involving the eastern half of the world primarily. What are these changes? And what do they mean? Read on… for the story!

First of all… I should probably answer the question regarding my whereabouts. Well… to be honest, I have been tagging attacks, sleeping, hiding. Actually, my computer does not work anymore, to put it nicely, so I have been writing blogs from library computers! Well… it is quite an experience, but fortunately it does work! Unfortunately, I do not have access to skype though, for all of you out there that may be trying to contact me via that method.

Well.. enough about me, lets talk about the eastern half of the world. For the last few weeks, Twist! has gone through some difficulties. What are these difficulties? Well.. thats what I have been trying to figure out. Most of the folks in Twist!, have been reluctant to discuss what has been happening in their tribe. However, one former member, and duke of Skill? decided to speak with me about the subject.

Below is what he told me, with my footnotes below each section.

Syruss: Firey flame left for arguing with Tink and Chachi over various matters. One came from Tink’s side was because Firey wanted to boot all three war leaders and become the sole war leader of the tribe. Another complaint was they were all thinking Firey flame was after leadership using Clara and at the same time making Tink and Chachi out to be the fool.

  • Tink and Chachi were the dukes in Skill?, Tink being the current duke of Twist!
  • Fireyflame was the former duke of Anarky, and Clara was a baron in that tribe. Clara also is the current duke of Twist!, along with Tink

Syruss: Firey’s side of the story depicts a different tale. He say’s that the merge was rushed and I agree it was. Then there was the talks with council, and he could not get along with Chachi or Tink for various reasons. He is not alone here as there are a few things I know personally that Tink could not do, and I would not put it past Chachi just saying yes or no to his own agenda.

  • Each of the forementioned were part of the Twist! council (Clara, Tink, Firey, and Chachi)

Syruss: My side of the story is simple. the merge was rushed. the focus with leadership was at TSL’s merging and so the entire merge was pushed though without any proper talking or structuring let alone what the normal players were thinking. 

2 weeks ago i was in twist for 2-3 days and i got to see it all. The majority of arguments were in leadership. Members in general had no arguments to had other than the lack of leadership.

The main argument I saw with the members to council was the bad lack or operations. Another reason for the split was the constant badmouthing from ex-skill? council & ex-anarky council. It never stopped. Constructive arguments are good, but both would end up bad mouthing leaving others to pick up the pieces.

  • The split mentioned above was referring to Firey leaving Twist! and re-creating Anarky, Chachi and Tink leaving Twist! and creating their own tribe, and also several other members leaving Twist!.

Syruss: Lack of communication was also another factor when Firey rejoined Twist! at 4 in the night Clara’s time, she made the hasty decision of giving Firey privileges within the tribe. This did not go down well with Chachi (not a duke to make the decision) so he removed all of Firey’s privileges.
A lot of people in Twist! also are inactive. So the weight of sits was a problem for some and for some strange reason no one would dump them, and no one wanted to take them. Thus we have another factor in the split.

 My thanks to Syruss for his information on the affair, as most of the speculations that I had previous to this… were just that… speculations.


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