What in the World?

May 4, 2011 in World 056 News, World News

Thank you all so very much for your warm welcome to W56! This first real issue will focus on the top tribes and include an interview with one of the top players.  We will also look at some of the possible scenarios the future of W56 has to offer. 

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Top Tribes (As of early May 3rd)

The beginning of the world is the hardest to blog for. The constant changing ranks can prove to be quite a hassle when trying to keep things as up-to-date as possible. In all my issues I will be letting you know when I got my information, so please remember the stats could be off when critiquing each issue.

Tune in next issue for a breakdown of the Top Player’s locations and clusters

1 ) MoM

Not only is MoM the rank 1 tribe for W56, they also have four Top 10 Players. MoM has gained 50 villages from the first to the third of the month, and it is just getting started. They have the top ODA, ODD, and ODT scores of all tribes, and lead each category by a sizable amount for this early in a world. Granted a tough opponent and the difficulty of eliminating  enemies due to No Hauls (why delete when your resources aren’t stolen!) may allow other tribes to catch them, but you should expect to see them at the top for awhile.

2 ) Warg!

Although they are ranked second, they will need to be careful that smaller tribes like CUTE!! and Tutti don’t catch them by recruitment or good noble choices. The advantage of having a large number of members  puts them in good position to keep their spot, but a smaller points per player and points per village average than the next two tribes could spell trouble. All in all watch Warg! closely to see how they will respond to the fierce competition in the 2nd-4th ranks.

3 ) CUTE!!

CUTE!! has the lowest amount of players of any Top 10 Tribe, a fact that should be duly noted. Most long-lasting tribes on other worlds contain between 40-50 members and CUTE!! maintains an average around 55-60. Players coming and going may be a key weakness for CUTE!! in the long-run, but don’t expect them to fall out of the Top 6 anytime soon. They are missing any real dominance in OD and will be forced to change that in the near future.

4 ) Tutti

Tutti has 22 villages more than CUTE!! and just 2 more members. Once they raise their average points per village from 4.5k to 5k they could easily pass CUTE!! for the rank 3 spot. They have a few recent losses to FEAR, most likely the result of some skirmishing for area control. Some of their target choices, including a 101 point barbarian village, may be lacking the buildings and pits they need to mass-produce troops. At this stage in the game, its important for all members of a tribe to have a decent army whether for support or attacking. Tutti and CUTE!! will have tight competition for rank as long as both can keep it together.

5 ) TBH

Here is another tribe that could easily jump the rankings with village growth and nobling. The current Top 10 will most likely be drastically different by the next issue. They’re ranked 3rd in ODT and ODA as well as rank 5 in ODD. This is a tribe I wouldn’t mess with without a strong player base and plenty of nobles.

6 ) Haul!

I have to give them props for the most “world appropriate” tribe name. Whether it will do them any good remains to be seen as they look to keep control of K43.  A battle between TBH and Haul! is unlikely to occur anytime soon as each is bleeding some villages to other tribes (TBH to MoM and Haul! to JOTAD). Will they Haul! it up the ranks, or is it meant to be a completely No Haul! world?

7 ) ~SS~

For their rank, ~SS~ appear to be a very aggressive tribe as shown by their rank 4 ODA but rank 38 ODD. For a tribe to be successful they will need to defend just as well as they attack, but the strong-arm tactics often prove effective early in worlds. They could prove to be a powerhouse tribe on W56 if things continue to go as they are. Then again, maybe its just the Secret Sauce playing tricks with us all.

8 ) FEAR

FEAR barely falls behind ~SS~ and will easily pass them due to their member count. Once again having a large number of members makes it much easier for tribes such as FEAR to improve their top 40 average when players improve their ranking. Nobling will constantly change rankings inside the tribe and affect what players will stand out from this tribe in the future.

9 ) Select

Select has a very nice village point average of 5.34k which compared to those above them just surpasses MoM’s  average of 5.30k. However, Select needs to improve their growth rate if they wish to surpass any of the tribe above them. Their OD ranks are about where they should be for the rank 9 tribe and will also need improvement to jump rank. Look for Select to start picking up the pace to catch up with FEAR above them.

10 ) Error

Error’s rank 10 makes them the least of all the Top 10 Tribes. They appear to be the average high member tribe of W56, and that will need to change if they are to survive. An identity for this tribe will be important, especially with tribes like Warg! and CUTE!! nearby.

Honorable Mention?

This issue’s honorable mention goes to Soviet, rank 14. They are a late bloomer for W56 and are making their mark with a rank 4 ODT and rank 2 ODD. Defense may be their best strategy. I expect this tribe to make the Top 10 sometime soon and last longer than others.

Next up I caught up with a friend of mine in MoM to try to get the scoop on how the world is viewed from the top rank…

What past experience do you have on TW?

I’ve been playing TW sporadically since w4. My two longest worlds have been w26 and w41.

Between those two worlds, which is most like W56 and why?

This world has unique settings and I believe it is unlike any other previous world. Once people get most their villages built up, I believe this world will be fast paced and action filled due to very high speed combined with cheap packets.

What makes MoM different from the other top tribes?

Well muldie is a fairly popular player so I think we attacted more good players than any other premade which has given us a distinct early game advantage.

Out of the other top 10 tribes, who do you think is the best?

Not sure, I haven’t really been paying attention to any tribes that are not in my area.

Other than No Hauls another prominent setting is the tribe member limit. How do you think the No Hauls and tribe member limit will affect the world?

I believe, long term, no haul will not affect the game much. Very few people farm past 1 million anyway. The most important setting, long term, is half price packets. This will allow players to grow much faster during late game than in a normal world.

What advantage has allowed you to gain a big lead over rank 2?

Not sure, I think he may have quit.

How long do you expect to stay number 1?

No idea, so far rank 1 has been changing every few days.

There you have it, we will see if mohua. can keep the top spot or if another top player will take his place.

Below is a map of the top tribes we looked at in the Top 10 earlier in the issue.

From the above the future of W56 could change drastically at any moment. A war declaration or the disbanding of a top tribe would alter the world as we know it. Below are my top 5 world changing events that could happen in the near future.

5. CUTE!! vs.  Select

This battle for K55 will decide whether or not MoM is able to take control of the K.

4. FEAR vs. Tutti

The winner of this battle would effectively control the SW.

3. Error vs. Warg!/~SS~

This battle wouldn’t be a huge deal, but could hamper Warg! or ~SS~’s ability to fight another war at the same time.

2. Warg! vs. ~SS~

A war between these two tribes would be the first epic battle W56 has seen. The amount of territory they share and the immense frontline would make this a must-see.

1. MoM vs. TBH or Warg! or FEAR…

Barely surpassing Warg! vs. ~SS~, MoM is split between the NW and SE core. Any tribes surrounding them could potentially target them and wipe them out of their K. A combination of tribes hitting MoM could prove fatal to them and knock off the current rank 1.

Last but not least, a little something to keep you thinking.

Since I have noticed a large number of forum posters for W56, I would like to issue a challenge to you all. Whoever can think of the most doable, unique, creative, and interesting idea for the next blog will have the opportunity for a “shout out” to W56. (You must send me your idea via forum mail to ArmyOfLoners and explain it thoroughly. If I have any questions I will write back to you for more information. Please only one suggestion per reader.)

I’m looking forward to the fresh ideas you have for W56, so don’t disappoint!