Were all worlds created equal?

January 19, 2011 in World 024 News, World News

Banner by Ralyn Longs

My claim last post that W24 was the best world didn’t go opposed, so I can only assume everyone agrees with me. There’s no way of proving once and for all that we’re the best, but with some good ol’ statistics it soon becomes apparent we’re the most popular. Watch and Learn!

_world discussion

Wouldn’t you expect the most popular world to have the most discussion? I would. Here’s a little graph of posts per day per world – I was impressed, to say the least, at just how much we’ve talked to one another.
Posts per day graph by deadsocks

This could very likely be related to settings and the summer release date, but I like to think it’s our sheer awesomeness. Looking at the forum member list, it’s possible to see our loudmouths in action: on the topmost pages of members as ordered by postcount, there’s Sully, KG, Kriid, Adamh, KK, Rukoh, Orel on two separate accounts, TGO, wIz, Ewok, me and Link of the box variety to name a few.

_most played

How can someone possibly say which world is the most played? This is actually easier than you might think. One of my favourite sites, websiteoutlook, has page hits information for every subdomain (so for example, en24.tribalwars.net)…

…The only problem is that the site only counts up to 30 subdomains, so I cannot compare en24 to later worlds. Of the earlier worlds, we’re doing quite well for ourselves with a 3.8% slice of all Tribalwars.net pagehits counted (stats are over the past 3 months).

Table from websiteoutlook
This is more than the average of 3.33% (100% divided by 30 listed subdomains), but it’s not quite the best, which is a title owned by 27 and 18 which recently closed with 100% of player-owned villages belonging to the same … it would appear we are very talkative people who don’t play quite so much. Well shucks, knew there was a reason I liked it here.

_rumours of demise

So sure, we’ve talked a lot, but is our heyday over? Has this world already passed its prime, set on a course of trundling into the end-game phase? Is “DYPER” winning inevitable?

… I’ve more graphs that I’ll post next month, but as I already know what I think, I’d rather hear from you! Post here or contact me, your opinions will be featured in a future edition. :)


  • World 24 is the most discussed of any old world. Because we’re awesome.
  • ARE WE DEAD? D:… Discuss!

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