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January 25, 2011 in World 043 News, World News

Last week we took a look at the battle between RSB and Ni. This week we will be going deeper into a war that I think everyone on world 43 is keeping up with.

Both Nuts! and FRST have players that are dominating the scoreboards, this weeks blog will show us which players are to be feared and provide insight from a leader of Nuts!, The Jacal.Key Nuts! vs. FRST statistics:

dhksththtl vs. Wozzicus

OD for the week in attacks mainly against each other:

For a week of such epic proportions between the two of them I must give them each credit for terrific defending and attacking. To generate so much OD and still have such low war stats shows either terrible nobling abilities, which obviously isn’t the case, or true skill. Well done to dhkththtl for coming out on top this week and well done to wozzicus for holding your ground against a much larger opponent.
Input from The Jacal:
Ryan: It seems a few of our players have really gotten into it against each other this last week, care to comment?

The Jacal: dhksththtl has gained +13.107.238 ODD this past week, mostly from attacks to and from wozzicus.

Ryan: I saw most of those reports, i don’t think it is any stretch of the imagination to say dhksththtl is one of your best players.

The Jacal: He is a very good player. Wozzicus gained 6million ODA and 6 mullion ODD on him, but lost round 11 villages. Although, it has become obvious that BOTH sides have extraordinary players. I think the one thing both sides have lacked up to this point is tribe-wide coordination.
Ryan: Very true.
The Jacal: This war is different from any other on this world up to this point due the quality of both tribes and number of attacks flying about. It seems FRST has finally found someone to fight against that won’t disband after a month of pounding.
Another battle raging on is between KillerYu and Crispycity bum, although it seems a bit more one sided.
OD stats for the week between Crispycity bum and KillerYu

KillerYu vs. Crispycity bum

War stats for the last week between Crispycity bum and KillerYu
The  OD in comparison to the war stats suggest that although KillerYu was able to kill a lot of incoming Nuts! attacks, Crispycity bum was able to take 21 villages before KillerYu could recover. These stats show us what a capable defender KillerYu is and also show remarkable coordination between Nuts! players.
The war thus far has been slightly in favor of FRST due to a point advantage and a booming start, however, Nuts! have made an unexpected comeback this last week.
Nuts!: 137
FRST: 89
Difference: 48
Nuts!: 1,439,507
FRST: 849,843
Difference: 589,664
And What does The Jacal have to say about the recent pick-up in stats?
Ryan: Recently Nuts! have picked up their war efforts and won a few days, would you say this is due to more effort or is their some kind of secret cheat code? … I mean game playing strategy
The Jacal:  Haha. Well actually, everyone has been picking up a lot lately, both on their own and as a team. Most of that has to do with The  Jacal coming back after his month absense. 8-D
Sneak peak into next week’s blog:
We will catch the flip side of the same story from the perspective of the average FRST player. Might be interesting to hear what someone has to say other than the leaders that we all always hear talking.
And as I promised, a siggy for each person I interview.
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