W58- Watch them grow!

August 31, 2011 in World 058 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Many tribes have fallen since my presence on world 58, but the world is running at a sustainable rate. Many players now have a second village and are growing- More tribes are beginning to stand out, and this world in the coming weeks shall become a little more exciting!

Let’s get straight to stats!

Total number of players: 44,873 (23:34- 29/08/11)
Total number of tribes: 2,281 (23:34- 29/08/11)

World map: (players, no markings, 23:39- 29/08/11)

World map: (Top 15 tribe highlights, 23:45- 29/08/11)

(If the pictures are a little small click them to enlarge).

#1- Sc4rl3t SelectShow


#2- ghiasSsi SelectShow

Please bare in mind that both interviews took place on the following date, when the interviewees had time to answer and held these ranks in the world: 29/08/11

The next edition of the World 58 Blog, will contain interviews from some of the leading players in ODA and hopefully an interview with the “Reloaded” tribe Pacman..

But once again I ask all who can see a problem or that could suggest an improvement to tell me so- either in game at (hikeegan999) or by email at (kieran-houghton@hotmail.co.uk)! I even accept fan mail!- But maybe I’m stepping over the line there :D


– Kieran ( hikeegan999 )