Wars, Stats, and Summaries

August 16, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 57 Blog! Read on for this weeks statistics and summaries.

World 57 Map


*My thanks to Googly for creating the map for this edition

*Due to a few events… my life has become a bit busy of late. Unfortunately that slowed down my completion of the blog on the northern rim, so I will be posting that on thursday or friday of this week. I do have statistics and summaries of the wars going on, and of the top 5 players.

*Map and statistics are updated as of 8/14/2011.

Current Wars

Armada vs Addict

This weeks statistics:

Armada recently underwent a name change… and a large change in leadership. This change does not seem to be bearing so well for those remaining in “Sneaky” though, as they are now being nobled up by Addict.

Yoda. vs Pagans, BFAM, ~KOW~ & Rats

This weeks statistics:

Yoda. continues to fight a variety of tribes around them. While I did not include the individual stats of each, I will summarize what is happening. ~KoW~ has been effectively eaten up by Yoda. to this point, but BFAM has provided quite a barrier. BFAM has actually taken more villages during the past week from Yoda. than they have lost. With the disastrous results that ~KoW~ has seen, that is quite a good accomplishment.

BloodP vs BnP & PnB 

This weeks statistics:

 This war is definitely heating up. Last week… BloodP had been feasting on their opponents vils, but now, things seem to be turning around.

Top 5 Players


Rank: 1 (+1)

Points:  226,804  (+82,516)

Villages:  31  (+10)

Average pts per village: 7,316  (+445)

ODA Rank:  19 (245,331) (+94)

ODD Rank: 294 (68,030) ( +151)  

Summary: His last 5 conquers have been barbarians, but in general I can’t complain about this player too much. His ODA ranking has increased by quite a bit, even though that is most likely attributed to the barbs. However, he has been growing steadily, and from what I can see he will keep this pace up. Where are these barbs coming from though? Some nice quality villages…  ripe for the taking.


Rank: 2 (+3)

Points: 220,373 (+84,228)

Villages: 30 (+9)

Average pts per village: 7,346  (+863)

ODA Rank: 10 (264,514) (+1)

ODD Rank: 1219 (28,340) (-395)

Summary: While showing solid growth during the last week, tribalAnon has been having some issues of late. A player by the name of iahawkeyes has been battling with him over a few different villages. While being able to successfully recap the villages lost to hawkeyes, tribalAnon looks as if he is having a run for his money. The Oda of this player has remained positive though, and despite a few more internal noblings, it looks as if he will continue growing positively for quite some time. 

Noobs on Ice

Rank:3 (-2)

Points: 211,368  (+59,177 )

Villages: 29 (+7)

Average pts per village: 7,289 (+371)

ODA Rank: 1 (372,373) (+22)

ODD Rank: 367 (60,740) (+25)

Summary: Well… I am a sucker for ODA, and this player definitely has it. At rank one in ODA, Noobs on Ice definitely would seem to be one of the most aggressive players on this world.While he did slip a few ranks during the last week, I have to say that his conquers have definitely been improving in quality.


Rank: 4

Points: 162,371

Villages: 23

Average pts per village: 7,060

ODA Rank: 8  (290,939)

ODD Rank: 209 (85,022)

Summary: Well… as many of you know, during the last few editions, I have complained heavily regarding internal nobles in the top 5. Well… this player is the king of those noblers. Literally his last 13 conquers have all been internals. If not for these conquers… he would be roughly at about 60,000 points, and nowhere near his current ranking. Despite a nice looking ODA, I really don’t think this player will be in the top 5 for long. Nobling internals can only go on so long.


Rank: 5

Points: 156,295

Villages: 20

Average pts per village:  7,815

ODA Rank: 24 (241,339)

ODD Rank: 59 (148,257)

Summary: This player’s conquers have not been to shabby. He has taken villages from Bunny, and =FA= and seems to be picking up steam. Even though he has slightly less villages than the others, his do appear to be closer to readiness, therefore I would predict that he will grow quite well.


Again, my apologies for not getting everything done in time. In the next edition I will have the northern rim completed, along with an edition of Zednex’s column.