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Breaking news! War has been declared! Find out the whole story in this weeks blog with exclusive interviews from both tribes. 


Oh World so great, oh world so grand,
Upon what ground do you now stand?
The tales of woe or the tales of exuberance,
What nutrient did cause this protuberance?
Was it fear of defeat or desire to consume,
The broken dimensions that caused this great boom.
Winds whisper and carry forth on the breeze,
A tale that did come from many nights like these,
It came with a roar of natures own wrath,
Against the Ice and the steel they took to their math,
Calculations were made and so the journey began,
Across the plains of this war-torn land,
Information was scarce yet it was known to all,
Reports from afar spoke whispers of war,
Caught by surprise the men infiltrated,
They waited their turn, breath all but bated,
When finally the sound did cry to the wind,
The signal that told of what was to begin,
Slashing and pillaging the struck with great speed,
Their plan was successful, their enemy deceived,
They moved with haste to prepare for the time,
When the war machine began to grind,
Reports reached the enemy of surprise attacks,
And rearing their head they began to strike back,
Battle’s now rage across this fair land,
At the end of it all only one shall stand,
Too early to end, too far to go back,
As war commences their souls will turn black,
The relations are shattered, and regardless to cost,
So it was that -Evo- warred Frost.

Hello there! Welcome to the second blog! Now, let’s get to business.


War has been declared between -Evo- and FRST, and if you think it will be a quick simply war, think again! The world is quite litterally at war now, the time to sit on the sidelines has past and now the remaining tribes have all picked their sides and decided to fight. -Evo- (Formerly known as RSB) were the first off the mark in the latest conflict, taking several Southern Frost villages in bold strikes. Frost were caught unaware and were dealt a sizeable knock from the much smaller tribe -Evo-, however managed to regain their composure and begin to strike back at -Evo- Recapping a few former villages and gaining some new ones.

The interesting part to this war however, is the very nature and location of it. Frost have been heavily engaged in war in the North, most of the troops and resources being deployed to that area and have now been hit on their unsecured flanks. The question Frost now face is how they will respond to dealing with two attackers on both sides of the world. If they commit too many resources to one or the other, they could find themselves being overwhelmed in key areas. That is only defensively as-well, offensively they have to figure out a way to attempt to put pressure on both tribes, which could stretch their resources too thin to maintain and could open a weak spot.

-Evo- however do lack the kind of firepower and defensive capabilities that Frost has. If they choose to work with Frost’s other enemies (the enemy of my enemy as they say) they may be able to compensate for some of the size difference, however due to the distance between the two potential allies there could not be much direct support available between the two.

It will be very interesting to see how this war plays out, a small tribe doesn’t mean a weak tribe, and it would be foolish of Frost to underestimate the potential damage that could be caused here, and from that a snowballing effect which could even result in the defeat of the rank 1 Frost. However, if Frost manage to keep their wits about them and can effectively deal with both tribes at once, they will be able to pull out a victory here.

The War statistics of the last week:




harbinger297: Hi there, and thank you for agreeing to the interview. Please tell us a little about yourself, your account, and how you came to be leading -Evo-.

Lord havock: Well I started TW over a year ago when I met waldo06 (Don) which is now my finance. We started off in the same tribe and he taught me all I needed to know about the game and I fell in love with it, then before you know it I am leading my tribe which is a great tribe like a family to me.

harbinger297: Recently war has been declared between -Evo- and FRST, with -Evo- managing to take a good lead in the start. What brought about this war, and why do you think that was?

Lord havock: Well sounds kinda like a loaded question to me but let me try to answer that the best I can. Frst and Evo had an unofficial nap and Frst has helped some Evo members out and Evo has helped some Frst members out, now since the world is coming to an end Frst needs to do what they can to end the world just a little sooner. I in my experience here in TW and a lot of Evo members along with a lot of other tribe members has grown to see that some Frst members have used Evo and other tribes and have bullied them, this even though it is a war game has bothered a lot of people considering in game and in real life people have lied. Even though war has been declared there are still a lot of Evo members being asked for support from some Frst members.

harbinger297: FRST of course have a large size advantage over -Evo-, how do you think -Evo- will have to play in order to be able to contend with the much larger tribe?

Lord havock: Yes Frst does have a much larger size advantage over Evo, but the name of the game is strategy and that is what you have to have to survive in game or in real life is startegy and we have more active players than Frst does at this point.

harbinger297: Do you believe that -Evo- and Ni, and the others who are fighting FRST can win? The war statistics of the last week (as shown above) show that FRST is 436 – 102. Do you believe this can be turned around?

Lord havock: I am not sure if we will win or they will win or not, all I know is the ones that have heart in this game like Evo and Ni will give it one heck of a try. Can this be turned around? Well you never know until whatever happens, happens. I guess we will have to wait and see. Just like Forest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get”.

harbinger297: Thank you for your time, and good luck to you and -Evo- in the war!

lord havock: Thank you as well and good luck to Frst in the war too!


harbinger297: Hi there and thank you for agreeing to the interview. Please tell us a little about yourself and your account.

bobble: I’ve been playing the fincky account since quite early on. Fincky and I were quite close at the beginning and got to know each other before ending up in the same tribe. We merged at about 50 villages each and then he left shortly after so I’ve been playing solo since. Pleased to see it at #1 for ODA and aiming for the same position in ODT but don’t tell Fester.

harbinger297: Recently -Evo- and FRST have gone to war. What are your feelings on the subject? Why do you think it started?

bobble: I think it’s been brewing for a while. Evo/RSB have always assumed some kind of alliance with FRST which never existed. There was an unofficial NAP of sorts but more and more, Evo have used that to sit comfortably in FRST’s midst nobling their farms and not doing much else. I think in the end, some FRSt members just had enough of it. I am quite surprised by how prepared EVo are though considering how little they’ve done on this world.

harbinger297: Do you feel that if -Evo- and FRST’s other enemies (such as Ni) worked together, they would be able to take FRST out? Do they have a chance to turn around the state of the world with this new war?

bobble: It’s far too late for that. FRST now have over 50-60% of the villages on the world. This would indicate a fairly even fight but when you consider the fact that FRST’s villages are prepared for war and do not need building up, FRST are experienced in working together with new members always fitting in easily and how inexperienced the vast majority of the opposition is, there is only one way this world will finsh now.

harbinger: Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed, and good luck with your OTD goals.

bobble: My pleasure, and thanks.



I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog and found it entertaining and informative. Finally, I would like to leave a message for the world at large regarding a few recent events.

Some of you may be aware that there has been some scandal regarding various accounts around the world being banned for various reasons. I would like to say that this blogger is very much against any rule breaking and intentional cheating. Please, if you suspect someone of breaking the rules send an anonymous support ticket in so that the staff can investigate it. Everyone wants to win, but cheating to get there automatically means you have lost, let’s work together on keeping this game fair for all players, and please do not support any rule-breaking you may come across as it just ruins the game for everyone, the rule-breaker included.


I’m going to hijack my own blog here (if that is technically possible) and post some of my design pieces I have been doing. If you have an interest in art or graphics, please have a look and feel free to comment.

1: Show me!

This was a piece I drew with soft-brushing on photoshop mostly. Eyes have always fascinated me and I love how a simple photo or drawing of an eye can be so powerful. I tried to re-create that effect though my art skills are not the best. Still, I am quite pleased with the outcome.

2: BlindingLightsandSilhouettes

This piece I randomly started with the render of the girl and worked on it from there, using c4d’s and various filters to attempt to create “depth”. I am very pleased with this piece, I find it very over-all easy on the eye, it’s not too demanding, but that is only my opinion and I would be interested in hearing some others opinion on this.

3: Futuristic

This was an entry for the Battle of the Graphics II competition on the graphics section of the external forums. I lost to the far superior Zenron the Great, but I am still quite pleased with this outcome. The name and theme is of course Futuristic and the girl if you are not familiar with it, is an alien species from Mass Effect, the game.

4: Tw Sig Worm Section.

We have begun making a tribal wars sigworm on the forum, it can be found here:, this was a section for that which twillow brilliantly continued on. The thread for the sigworm and to find out who made which part can be found here: http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=235544

5: Smoodge!

This was one of the first smudge sigs I was able to make, with advice from Zenron the Great. I have always loved digital smudge art, and it was a huge step and boost to my confidence to be able to make a piece like this.

I’m also going to take a moment to complain. I’m finally 18, and whilst that in itself is usually cause for celebration I received a letter in the mail today from the electoral commission, about registering to vote. Upon which I realized… I have no idea, about anything. It kind of drove it home to me that I’m finally an adult and have to start making “big boy” decisions. I don’t even know how many parties there are for example, let alone who I will vote for. I still need to get my driving license and finish my studies, I still need to find a job that “isn’t” McDonalds, I still need to do alot of growing up. It’s just funny to me how we place so much importance on getting to the 18 mark, to find out it doesn’t just magically make you older, you are still just a kid with his head in the clouds. Although I do have a gun license in the mail, so that is a bonus at least. I can finally go (target) shooting without needing someone to hold my hand. Of course, I still need a driving license to get there. Damn, I guess I do need some hand holding still.

Anyway, that’s enough boring stuff about me. Thanks for reading and I hope you will come back next week, bye for now!