War Update

May 31, 2011 in World 037 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

A reasonable amount of time has passed since one of these blogs was devoted to the wars of World 37. In this issue I will evaluate the main conflicts and how they have developed over the last couple of months.

Let us first observe how the map and tribal rankings have changed since the last ‘war’ blog.

Below is how the map and rankings looked on April 10th 2011:

Below is how the map and rankings look on May 31st 2011:

We can deduce from this that ‘1ns4n3’ has grown very rapidly over this period, with their village count increasing by nearly 7000 over this period of time. They have sustained their rank one position, with their closest opponents being far behind. Looking at the maps we can see that they have expanded their territory and become more dominant. ‘ASCEND’ have grown reasonably well over this time period too, leading to them moving up to rank two from rank three. Over the period shown they have gained over 2500 villages. A tribe that has seriously suffered over the time period is ‘Cure’ (previously known as ‘N/A’). A combination of deletions, dismissals and, of course, enemies has resulted in them owning nearly 2000 less villages now than at the start of the period.

The first major war we shall look at is rank one versus rank two (‘1ns4n3’ versus ‘ASCEND’). Up until April 10th 2011, ‘1ns4n3’ were clearly winning this war, with them and their allies (‘~SA~’) conquering nearly 1000 villages off ‘ASCEND’ in three months. Since that time, very little has changed, as we can see from the below statistics:

Another war which has been raging for a long time now is ‘1ns4n3’ versus ‘Cure’. Again, up until April 10th 2011, ‘1ns4n3’ were evidently winning this war having conquered over 600 villages from ‘N/A’ with very little resistance. The war statistics below demonstrate, again, that ‘1ns4n3’ are incredibly dominant in this conflict. It has to be said that they are ruthlessly tearing ‘Cure’ to shreds.

For quite some time it has felt that it is ‘1ns4n3’ versus the rest of the world. The next war I am to discuss has seen a victor! For many months ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘Arisen’ have fought in the North West corner of World 37. Due to their merge into ‘ASCEND’, ‘Arisen’ disbanded on May 28th 2011, meaning that ‘1ns4n3’ emerged victorious from a bloody battle! They still need to remove previous ‘Arisen’ players who are now mainly a part of ‘ASCEND’.

Below are the War statistics, from January 25th 2011 (when war was officially declared due to the introduction of Version 7) to when victory was achieved by ‘1ns4n3’ on May 28th 2011:

We can evaluate from these statistics that, despite the fact that ‘Arisen’ did put up a decent fight, ‘1ns4n3’ are the clearly deserved winners of this conflict. As we can see, a massive 92% of the conquers went in the favour of ‘1ns4n3′ since the official declaration.

I managed to secure an interview with ‘Stotty2009′. He is currently Rank 17 in the world and a loyal member of the tribe ‘1ns4n3′. Below is our conversation:

Me: “‘1ns4n3′ appear to be at war with the world, is it difficult to cope with having so many enemies?”

Stotty2009: “In my opinion, I believe that it is not diffifcult with so many enemies, in fact it makes life easier. However if they all merged into one tribe (as they are against the same tribe) it would make my life simplier by looking at just one stats instead of 2 (or 3 when arisen was around)”

Me: “What do you put the success of ‘1ns4n3′ down to?”

Stotty2009: “leadership, honour and pride – as the great Dwight Eisenhower said: Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

Me: “Is the finishing line in sight for ‘1ns4n3’?”

Stotty2009: “In 1ns4n3 I use to have a simple motto which was “No matter how long it takes, If you keep moving, One step at a time, You will reach the finish line”, but I know I have gotten just a few meters away from the finish line, just waiting for the line to be drawn across so I can run through it.”

Me: “In your opinion, which tribe has resisted ‘1ns4n3′ the best?”

Stotty2009: “They have all failed, died or disbanded, so none. But who put a good fight up – I guess ARISEN did especially for their size, some good attackers and defenders in there such as BigHarv was a decent defender, and Firenut as a good attacker, and R.L. twoblackeyes was a good defender also a few others who we have now recruited (ASCEND and Cure are a walk over atm ) But back in the day when I was in NERD, I loved the war with SCUM, thought it was the best time ever.”

Me: “Which tribe poses the biggest threat to ‘1ns4n3’?”

Stotty2009: “No one is a threat to us, however everyone should see us a threat, if we don’t come attacking you today, then its just a matter of time before we do.”

Me: “Thank you for your time!”

That concludes this issue of the World 37 Blog! It is evident that ‘1ns4n3′ are currently fighting very strongly in their current wars. Can anyone prevent them winning the world?

Thank you to ‘Stotty2009′ for the interview and information