War – How they are won (and lost)

May 30, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

War is an integral part of this game, unless you are one of the people who tries to ally or merge at the first sign of danger. Read on to go over the finer points (and downfalls) of WAR.  Using World 13 as the example to keep it on topic.We all started off like every other world, each player with a single village, with hopes and dreams of world domination alongside friends and tribemates. WAR (or lack thereof) has caused players from ALL over the world to give up the game.  Of course, there are other reasons that players leave, but almost all of them can be contributed back to a war of some sort.

Real life is, of course, a real issue and things DO come up that just cannot be helped. For those players who get hit by that, I apologize in advance. BUT! At the end of the day, you have tribemates who are supposed to be there for you. Account sitting is there for a reason, take advantage of it and USE it when you need to take a break.

As I look through different worlds,  I see lots of gang-bangs going on. Lot’s of tribes getting hit from multiple angles, multiple enemies, etc. The more I see, the more I realize that world settings don’t matter as much as people think (or would like to think) they do. Lots of tribes getting backed into corners by multiple enemies, lots of tribes just surviving by not making waves and lots of tribes doing work by nuking and nobling any village in their way of world domination.

NEB had a great public outlook. Drop the deadweight and get to work eating them and the enemy.
~PWC~ went a different way, they chose to drop an alliance and wage war against INSO.
Gensis went the way of doing whatever they can to survive but knowing their time here is numbered and having fun with whats left (or trying to)
P:R is going the route of fading into the background.
INSO chose to go with the “eat it all” mentality.

Let’s take a look at overall stats for each tribe:

NEB has had 2,212 gains and 5,045 losses since their creation. Overall gain = -2,833
Their expansion areas have been in their core and are trying to jump across the world into ~PWC~ territory.
NEB current village count = 22,480
Percentage of the world owned =  7.85%

~PWC~ disbanded, so that in and of itself should give an indication of how well they did.

Gensis, while giving fights and frustrating many players, has been on an upward slope (even before picking up the new recruits)
Gensis has had 12,136 gains and 3,602 losses in their time here on the world. Overall gain = +8,534
Their expansion area has been their core in the southwest and more recently by taking in ex-~PWC~ players thereby moving them to the eastern world.
Percentage owned = 20.48%

P:R, is the tribe that like to hide in the corner, sit back and wait for the fight to come to them. When it finally does, they retreat even further back into the corner.
P:R has had 11,374 gains and 4,671 losses since they were formed. Overall gain = +6,703
Percentage owned = 6.77%

INSO, the tribe that decided long ago that no one is safe from their nukes and nobles.
Their expansion area has been every direction until they reach the world border, giving them multiple war fronts for most of their time in world 13.
INSO has had 139,471 gains and 6,706 losses since their inception. Overall gain =  +132,765
Percentage owned = 50.89%

From a strictly stat related view, INSO is dominating every other tribe in the world, owning over HALF of the player owned villages left in W13. Shedding more light on the most effective way to win a war.

The most effective way to lose a war? Follow in ~PWC~ and N.E.Bs footsteps, attempt to try and stab an allied tribe in the back.

How about a map?!?!?

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