Wake me up… In the middle of October?

October 16, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Poem In the Middle of October

Daughtry\’s \”September\”

The following is a spoof of that song, courtesy of myself.

How the time has passed away, all the trouble that we’ve seen
And all these wars still raging in the world
Is it all just a waste? All the trouble that we make
One by one the tribes fall just the same…

All those wars I still remember
Maps have never looked the same
Years go by and players seem to fly
But the memories remain
In the middle of October
We’re still playing Tribal Wars
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how good things have been
It was worth it in the end

Now it all has brought us here
There’s nothing left but fear
So we made our way by fighting what was real
Now the days all go on
And summer’s all but gone
We war for something thats not very long

All these memories remember
tribes will never look the same
Wars go by and time just seems to fly
But the victories remain
In the middle of October
We’re still playing Tribal Wars
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how good things have been
It was worth it in the end

Well, We knew we had to play this world
But we never knew when and we never guessed how
We would play a world with no more hauls

We knew we had to try it out
Few knew how, but we all do now

With this world I will remember
W56 never looks the same
Time goes by and pride is lost or gained
But the memories remain
In the middle of October
We still plan to stick around
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Looking back on what we’ve all been through

It is worth it in the end

Thanks to sacred fool for the song spoof idea that is, though not the competition winner, still worthy of a smaller PP prize if he so chooses. He was also gracious enough to donate a great animated conquer/world map for W56 shown below.

Before we get to the winning Blog Idea, I would like to revisit something I touched on in one of the first blogs. Nearer the start of the world, we had a CoA vs. CoA competition that some of you liked and some of you didn’t. Some of you never even saw it! This time around, we’re going to look at the CoA’s involved in some current wars and my 11 year old sister, oblivious to TW (a shame I know…) will determine who will win the war and why. Aside from the CoA’s and Names themselves, she will have no idea who they are or who is winning or what TribalWars really is.

Without further adieu, lets see what an 11 year old thinks of the W56 Wars by CoA’s and Names!






 OHYEAH Vs. Haul!

By CoA: “The goat definitely pulls this one out, cause I like goats. I like kool-aid too. Maybe the haul truck if it runs over the goat, but otherwise I’m siding with OHYEAH.”

By Name: “OHYEAH wins by a long shot cause its like OH YEAH!”







NoHaul Vs. Haul!

By CoA: “I don’t really like the truck. The other is cool, its like colors and ‘wheee!’ Its very abstract!”

By Name: “Ones hauling and the other one isn’t. I don’t really like the idea of hauling things. Lets go with no work and no haul!”






MoM Vs. Anti-M

By CoA: “I like MoM better, I’m not sure, maybe because it doesn’t have a red x through it?”

By Name: “Anti-M is cool, because its like Anti M or something like that. Anti-M! Anti-M! Its a twister!”








By CoA: “I like CODE, they’re really neat with the swords and stuff. The Kool-Aid man just isn’t as Kool as CODE.”

By Name: “I like secret codes and I have a secret code thing, but OHYEAH is still like OH YEAH! This ones a toss up.”







Dawn Vs. L@GHTR

By CoA: “I like how the first ones pretty, but the last ones funny! I like the second one I guess, its ‘more funny’.”

By Name: “L@GHTR again, ’cause laughter is like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and I like that.”


Final Synopsis: “I don’t quite understand what this is about…but I like the pictures!”


A big thanks to my awesome sister for helping me out with this section of the blog, I hope you enjoyed!

I’ve started to realize that the blogs have indeed focused more on the tribes of W56 than the players. That being said, I’d like to look at the top players in a different way. Rather than taking the first 10 players in the rankings and examining what they’re doing  to stay where they are, lets look at the top player from each of the Top 10 Tribes. We all know it takes a lot of activity and effort to keep a top account, but what is it like being the top account in your tribe?


Top 10 Tribe Point-Leading Players


The map itself gives us a general idea of where the “Top” player of each of the Top 10 Tribes is located, or in other words the area each tribe is the “best” in.

MoM’s acuteangina

With 4,997,679 point, acuteangina comes in as the 3rd ranked player of W56 behind Kudder and tomm0, who both happen to be in W2V. The MoM and W2V alliance currently holds the top 3 world ranks which overall isn’t a lot compared to other worlds where a dominant tribe controls the top 10-20 rankings with ease. Thankfully we have awhile til that happens here! acuteangina himself holds rank 16 ODA, 312 ODD, and 53 ODT. The rank 16 ODA is the second highest of all the players in this top 10. The lack of ODD is backed up by just 11 losses, 8 of them occurring after the 1st of July. Looking at location, acuteangina may have trouble if MoM were attacked in their southern holdings where they are more spread and therefore likely to be weaker than their normal core control.


W2V’s tomm0

Oddly enough we have the rank 1 player coming second in a Top 10 due to the fact he’s in the rank 2 tribe. Now we know MoM and W2V are allied so its no big deal, however OHYEAH has been climbing the ranks and nearing W2V’s spot, infact eyeing it up with anticipation, but we’ll look at that later on in a future issue. tomm0 has the rank 1 spot in W2V by, quite simply, just points. With 15 less villages, Kudder should over take him for the rank 1 spot for every reason but tomm0’s high average points per village at 10,375; the highest of the top 20. Even then we could hardly make the point-whore claim when his ODA rank is a very high 4th, and ODT 13th. tomm0 has 9 losses total with 8 of them occuring since September 3rd. His location is set so that he may be the undisturbed top player of the NE, a direction distinctly lacking a top player on the location map, but may have trouble further south.



Lord KTA is sitting at the rank 9 position with 4,283,227 points. OHYEAH is on the up and up with a lot to eat, and Lord KTA has benefitted from it with a 504,840 point growth the last week. Based on location, Lord KTA is likely to have trouble in the future sitting on the edge of a tribe with a noticeable lack of 100% safe backline. I’d imagine we should see a drop in growth as well in the next couple weeks as easy food is gobbled too quick to keep up. Past worlds for the name Lord KTA show the account reaching 50 villages at its best, so this may be the best results yet for Lord KTA.


Haul!’s ahmedrefaat

What is it like to be the best in a falling tribe? There is at least one positive, you will likely be looked at for recruitment when the worst-case scenario happens. It becomes a pain to get rid of large accounts by internalling and much easier to just recruit the account and focus elsewhere. This may be the saving grave for ahmedrefaat located in a tough position where, if Haul! were to fall, OHYEAH, NoHaul, and many others would take a crack at him. As a player he’s in great shape with just 2 losses back in May and only 2 instances of nobling himself which is the least I’ve seen so far. Rank 86 ODD is pretty decent and shows, with the 2 losses, that ahmedrefaat has handled attacks well so far. It will be interesting to see what happens if/when Haul! collapses.


[T]’s LaughsAtYa

LaughsAtYa is another player with just 2 losses, but unlike ahmedrefaat it has 9 instances of nobling itself. When it comes to stats they aren’t great (ODA rank 108th, ODD rank 309th, ODT rank 156th yet 35th in points) even with a large number of conquers from mohua. the top defender of the world. Even those you can’t count as any show of skill when they’re taken shortly after turncoating to [T] that, ironically, puts LaughsAtYa here as their rank 1 player. It will be interesting to see what becomes of [T] in the next few weeks while they have just 17 members.


L@GHTR’s Lovelesz

Lovelesz has a rather low average points per village with 8,579 points at rank 116. Being so closely intertwined with LaughAtYa may be this accounts undoing. If there aren’t more shakeups in the area, we’ll likely see Lovelesz taken out by [T] for territory. I pretty much think they’d be successful as L@GHTR have proven very little and [T] have plenty to prove. Will be interesting to see regardless.


NoHaul’s BaronCunedda

At rank 108, BaronCunedda has some work to do with very little to show in terms of stats. As a recent addition to NoHaul’s team, he’ll need to implement himself well to succeed. NoHaul themself are doing well and improving daily, especially against Haul!, so he may’ve made a great choice in joining. Only time will tell!


Tutti’s endlessx3

Tutti’s top member endlessx3 is at an awesome rank 40, far surpassing the last few top players we’ve looked at. In the last 15 days he’s grown 63 villages for 4+ villages a day, which if kept up for awhile will bring the account further up the rankings quite quickly. Even this far into a world players are only capping the usual 1-2 villages a day sometimes more particularly without farming. However, because of the No Haul setting it will be extremely difficult to store up the packets to keep going strong. I’m interested in seeing what becomes of Tutti this time around and what impact they’ll have in the long run with endlessx3 at the forefront.


CODE’s pongdang

pongdang is in probably the worst scenario of all the top players we look at this issue. CODE is falling and he’s located right by MoM’s top dog. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, while he may be suitable recruitment material for some tribes, he won’t fit the MoM scheme and will quite likely get rimmed should they start on him. In this case he’s beginning to show signs of inactivity or slowing down that will prove costly. Cohesive Delirium? A pretty fitting name for recent events.


EPIC’s Tracker798

Last but not least we have the top dog in EPIC, Tracker798. EPIC as they are, they’re still rank 10th. While he doesn’t have to worry about other top players nearby, he’s only at 114 villages. At this point he’ll need a lot of growth that just isn’t easy to pull off, particularly on this no haul world. Each player has a set max ‘pace’ they are able to grow without farming and this distance behind will prove very costly. It will be tough and likely impossible for Tracker798 to make a large impact on W56 at this point.


With the ending of the Top 10, we are ready to learn the winning idea for the Blog Idea competition…

And the winner is…

2Hot’s Forum Popularity World Cup Tournament!

First things first…

The Rules

I will ask Or-el to create 2 polls in the W56 General Discussion Forum. Each poll will have the names of 8 or more Top Forum Personalities. In each poll, the top 4 vote getters will move on to the next round. At that point I’ll announce the next step of the competition on the W56 Blog.


Without further delay, lets see who our competitors shall be!

Group 1

Majestic Manta





Angel Styles



Group 2







Choco Death



If you feel you have been slighted by these choices, please send me a forum mail with a thorough explanation of why you should be included and you just might make it in… but be forewarned, it’ll have to be good ;)

Stay Tuned for the next W56 Blog Issue, the winners of the Forum Popularity World Cup First Round, and an indepth look at what keeps the W56 External Forum running…