World 9: Conflict Brewing~Part 1

March 20, 2009 in World 009 News

Samulis was here.

For the 2415 living players that roam this world, only one can claim the crown of the best. I may not be even close to him/her, but I can say that it is a honor beyond all dreams to hold that office of power. I take it as my responcibility to give you, the public, everything you need to know about the mighty world 9, from the smallest farm to the greatest war of nobles. I will take you on a literal adventure from the great tribes of DNS and RAW to the new player right next door, feeding facts and interviews along the way. To kick of this story, I will start by introducing myself:

My name is Samulis, and diplomacy is my game. I lead a small-sized tribe called Gods~W. After playing for about a year, I have learned lots about nobling, fighting, building, and leading a tribe. I enjoy working with others, especially those whose lives are diverse compared to mine. I always use philosophy to help explain the world and how it works. Many players have fought me and I have written over 100 letters of diplomacy, formal merge requirements, and even some short stories.

I am looking for people who are willing to be interviewed about the going-on’s in their area. If you live on world 9, please send me info! I can only gather so much, and will do everything I can to keep from having a bias.  I will put out a blog post every week or more, the first one being this weekend.




A World at War

Although many may not realize it, every day thousands of battles are fought, ranging from a simple farming to a massive noble chain filled with nukes and fakes and whatever else you can throw in. Recently news has come to me of the many wars that take shape in these great days. I am currently looking into a conflict between RAW and =D-N=, both mighty tribes in the top 10. From now on, I will divide my weekly reports into segments:


Noble Watch, Warrior’s Report: From the Front Lines

Tribe Status

Who’s Who: Introducing World 9, Weekly Interview- talking to the duke, Tactics and Treaties: Diplomatic Announcements

Statistic Report

Wazzap: A report on the week’s news, Charts and Graphs: Where do you stand?



Noble Watch

What has happened this week? Let's take a look:

These are the villages nobled on world 9 this week.

These are the villages nobled on world 9 this week.

What does this mean? Let's look at the top 5 tribe's nobles:

F:M- Orange
SWAT-S- Yellow
[IB]- Torquoise
DNS- Dark Pink
DA- Light Pink
Plague- Green
OB- Brown
=D-N=- Dark Purple
SOFt- Dark Blue
RAW- Red

According to the above map, we can see F:M nobling a bit in the south of the map, accompianied by SWAT-S to their left. [IB] has a big streach to the east and around the middle of the map is DNS. Plague is pretty active in their eastern home and OB is right at home sharing a border with them. DA appears to be floating right above DNS as well. Soft is sitting nice and snug in the North-East with =D-N= in their North-West corner respectively, some DNS right in the middle of the two. Raw is sitting in the west, expanding a bit north and into the center, it appears.

Warrior’s Report: News from the front-lines

To Dream Hunter:

Q. Can you tell me a bit about your war with RAW?


A. uhmm…all right. We declared on them ’cause we wanted to get rid of them from K11. Everything started from a war with K11*R

. Then we found out they were being stacked by RAW. We wanted to declare on them but SPCTR didn’t, so we left SPCTR and after a little while we declared on RAW family. We made various co-ops in K11 to clear that K, but RAW concentrated most of their troops in that K. Therefore we decided to concentrate also on other Ks both to distract them and to gain villages in less defended areas, such as K41 and K42 and K33. Some RAW players declared to be neutral so we left them be (also because they are PAs of some of us and highly respected). We planned a mayor co-op in K11 just a few weeks ago. We know hiba and agullabell are sitting most of the tribe, but they are very smart and very skilled, so it was very hard to gain villages from them.
We also organized co-ops in K33 and are still organizing them. We decided to make a stronghold in K42 as we received news that RAW planned to take all of K42 before last christmas (they obviously failed lol).

Dunno what else to say…war is war…nukes fake nobles…not much more :P



*note: Do not blame me for any bias in this report, I didn’t write it, and please, be respectful to it’s writer, even if your view is differing.



The rest of this release will be released in part 2 because of page size problems.