w68 The Unofficial Underground Tw Blog

April 27, 2013 in World 61-70 News

Hello , I am yal-a-dar you may call me miwok and i am bringing you this blog. not sure if there  will be more here but will try. if all else fails will use the forums  the tw blog deactivated but this site seems to still be working so I am going to give it a shot for w68.  this blog is more a test then anything to else. too see if i am able to use thi site still or what not. i am available for contact on skype via kenenth.handsbury.  

About W68 

So w68 is the first paid content world on .net. while many players have feared this. the world seems to have a nice population turn out and seems to be doing well. while there seems to be some newer players this is too be expected and hopefully will help tw get a jump kick in the area of regrowth. In the end it doesn’t matter how many skilled players there are in tw if theres only a handful of them.  for the game to keep going and growing we need new players, and 68 might be a start in that direction.  with that In mind I will start doing a small section with helpful tips and ideas for new players, and any player can contact me for info on playing. if anyone wants to give idea’s or tips to be posted here or a article feel free to skype me.   

Future Content

will have player and tribe info as well as world info. as well as some pictures and charts for your greater viewing pleasure  


Next Blog will have more content and be better aranged, this is just a dry run as a test to see what happens.