W65 A start

September 20, 2012 in World 065 News, World 61-70 News, World News

Good Day World 65 In this first edition I will include a brief introduction of myself, info about the world, and interviews and info about some of the premades of this world.  

Introduction  I am miwok forum name yal-a-dar, I have blogged in the past for w57. I have played Tribalwars for many years, having played on many worlds some of which include 64,57, 44, 25, 22,15, and 9. I work in a  factory and live in the united states.  I am 25 years old and have one child, a male age 9 months today. I look forward to playing this world and blogging for this world.  if you have any other questions feel free to message me on skype (kenenth.handsbury) or forums (yal-a-dar)

World Info This World Is no hauls a newish feature that seems to be very popular with many different players. it allows many difrent perks for select players. such as those with limited access to tribalwars, and there are some that feel it allows more of a fair playing field for all players. others think that it allows more strategy and war then a regular world.  on the other side of the coin some may argue farming is a fundamental part of tribalwars and taking it away takes from the game. Its not my place to say which opinion is right or wrong or if any of them are. :P the world speed is 2, the world will also have gold coins and paladins.  archers are disabled.  there will be no flags on this world. tribe limit is 65 and the tech system is simple. more information can be found here http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?258787-Settings-Rules-amp-Reminders

Tribe Information A few of the premades for this world are

Pacman- Led by Dab, Dab has led tribes on other worlds and has experiance on no haul worlds. a interview is not available at this time.

Blank – led by kevin, paul and kourosh this will include the remnants of toon. looks like there was yes a pre-world merge of sorts. a interview is not available at this time.

Girl Power – led by lisa, this will be a fun tribe thats here to play for well fun… :P made up of experienced and non experienced players.  here is a brief interview.

Extra SelectShow

Bunny  – led by anna this tribe is another group of experienced players whose goal is rank 1. a interview is available.

Extra SelectShow

Conclusion The world has a few tribes made out of experienced players and will surly have many new players who will in turn grow to be experienced players. we all know that early world tribes fall and rise and fall. its way to early to say which will and wont do well. and I wont demean the players or tribes by saying which will or wont do such and such. we will have to keep an eye on the world and tribes and see what develops in the future. this was just a simple and brief blog to lay the ground work for the future. Once again I look forward to a bright future with you all. thanks for your time and reading. future blogs will include charts and pictures and music and all kinds of goodies so keep an eye out for them in-till then…. Hyvästi thats finish for good bye p.s. As this is a .net world  I will include in each blog a different way of saying some common term randomly in the blog for enjoyment and cultural diffusion. I will always include the English meaning as well.