W58- “Reloaded” and ready to strike!

September 4, 2011 in World 058 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Blog #4, I took on-board everything that people said- I did my sums and here I am again..


Okay, so I stated in my previous blog- Today I brought you all an interview from “Pacman Reloaded” This tribe along side FORK and ARMADA has been fighting to reach #1 in the world, they did achieve this! But have now been overtaken.. This is beginning to look like a never-ending circle of events!


So lets take a look at the statistics!

Total number of players:49,918  (19:22- 04/09/11)

Total number of tribes:2,540  (19:22- 04/09/11)


World map: (players, no markings, 19:30- 04/09/11)

World map: (Top 10 tribe highlights, 19:30- 04/09/11)

Top 20 players:

As you can see each of the top 20 players that are in a tribe belong to each of 4 tribes within the top 5: ARMADA, FORK, Pacman and GBEARS..

Top 20 tribes:

FORK maintain their tight clustering, could this prove disastrous? Or could this spell disaster for opposing tribes?

GBEARS hold their position as #1 Opponents Defeated Attacker Tribal Ranking.

ARMADA has seen a victory over Win!

Pacman continue to show that there is no strength in numbers at only 29 members.


Statistics- Top 3 tribes stat graphs- A close call!

All three tribes have been on a point based roller coaster the past few days, each overtaking the others several times over.

FORK #1- 


Pacman #3-


After battling through the spam, spam and even more spam (Will and Adi) I managed to get this interview with Pacman- Multiple response skype interview:


Pacman “Reloaded”  So by the name I am guessing that this tribe has been re-created?

owilliam: Nope

davoschia: Um.. nope

Adi: Yes, World 42 remake

Geo: All I know is that there was a W42 Pacman


Pacman was a “Hidden” tribe so to speak, was there any specific reason for this?

davoschia: Cause we didn’t want to be janked.

Geo: We wanted to be anonymous for a while, also we didn’t want to face and early 2 on 1’s

owilliam: Most pre-made tribes fail because they are early targets and people are ready to hit them.. This is why it is better to stay “Hidden”, as you said.


Pacman is currently #2 in the world, I assume you plan on reaching the top and holding your position there?

- DaBearo: Planning to win this world (My aim)

Adi: We are going to try to reach the and stay at the top, DaB has told us all along that we will stay to the end

MidNiteMeatTrain: We don’t plan on reaching the top really, it is just a habbit- We always make it there ;)

Geo: We want to win


Pacman is obviously a pre-made tribe, does this make the tribe harder or easier to run?

Geo: I think challenging, as we are all spammers and monkeys ;)

MidNiteMeatTrain: All i know is this is my 1st pre-made.. I enjoy the fact that everyone can be independant

- DaBearo: Good question actually, there is obviously a lot of big characters under one roof. I’ve lead pre-mades and other tribes before – other tribes tend to be a lot quieter but not exactly the best players, so controlling them requires a more effort and a more teaching for newer players. In pre-mades you get the ability to start with and just need to work regarding coordination and not letting people get full of themselves.


Being such a big tribe at this stage in the world, aswell has having your targets – Has the tribe experienced “Being the targets”?

Davoschia: Yes, we have had a bunch of random incomings.

Geo: Well, other one player being catted down – we havent been targets.

- DaBearo: Well, I’ve managed to stop us from being targets

Will: Surprisingly, no. However a few of our players have been targeted more. 


Do you have tribe wide targets at this stage? Or just Independent ones?

- DaBearo: At the moment we are just concentrating on our immediate surroundings..

No matter of the tribe

Geo: At this stage mainly independent ones, our first op will be posted on the externals.

Adi: We help each other if needed..

Davoschia: Independent but when we do have some coordination in regards to targets occasionally..


I am sorry for my lack of Personal opinion in this blog and my others, but there simply is nothing much to give an opinion on at this stage in the world! :) I thought I would Just give you more stuff to read and added a little more statistic wise, I hope you all like it!

I would like to give a big thank you to all my readers, to all my supporters, to Googly for my maps, and to Pacman for their interview :)


Thanks and I look forward to reading your comments- Kieran ( hikeegan999 )