W58- Gone but not forgotten!

September 28, 2011 in World 058 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Hello World 58! Long time no see, eh?

Consider this a starter! ;)

I am very sorry I have been really busy the past few weeks; I hit 16 and went back to school, but I’m back now and I thank you for your understanding :) I had definitely not forgotten about you and I have created this blog and will create another tomorrow, to keep you happy and in the loop- I hope this blog and my next blog will make up for lost time and again I am sorry! :)


So Lets Look At The Statistics!

Total number of players: 48,464 players  (19:00- 28/09/11)

Total number of tribes: 2,813 tribes  (19:00- 28/09/11)  


World Map: No Markings (28/09/11- 19:20): As you can see the Core is now clustered with barbs and the Rim is gradually expanding!

World Map: Top 5 Tribes (28/09/11- 19:20):



I interviewed TWnoblebot of GBEARS and here is that very interview:


Your tribe GBEARS is #1 in the world at this moment in time, how long do you think you could keep this rank?
Well, the members we have right now are the solid members of GBEARS. They have been tested by time, personal wars and skirmishes. The success of the tribe is not 100% because of its leaders, but because of the members who work together and coordinate. We aren’t a premade, but we have found players who want and will work together for the domination of the continents they are in. As long as activity keeps up and we the leaders keep them motivated, I believe we shall be here for a long time.

Your tribe GBEARS is currently #1 Opponents Defeated Tribal Ranking and has been for some time, would you personally agree with the moto: Offence is the best form of Defence?
Well, this is definitely what we call and stand for. In the early stages of the game, Offense is the best form of defense. If you are able to snipe and backtime attacks, then you are gonna be fine. It doesn’t work for all though. A mixture of experience and activity are the perfect combination.

Giving a rough estimate, How many players in your tribe do you think have co-players?
Many of us are CO-played. Given the members who we asked to co play to ensure activity is at its maximum efficiency, about 80% of us are, but there may be more!

What is your opinion on co-played account? (Do they stand a better chance, are they better organised ect) 
Depends on the co-players. I seriously didn’t want to Create a tribe in this world. I just wanted to play the game. But I met a couple of “experienced” players, One of them being Lordofthenorth. We shared our experiences in past worlds especially leading a rank 1 tribe. And I missed it. Experienced co-players add personality and activity to an account. Most of our accounts are on round the clock because of this. In conclusion, having co players make the game more exciting, and make your account more active.

During the next week, do you think any wars between major tribes will break out around the world?
Well, I expect ARMADA and MANIC getting it on anytime soon. I can see DBB and FORK getting in on after their war with NAO as they try to get a frontline with us.

Who is GBEARS greatest threat at this moment in time?
Well it’s really not a question of who, but what. What we consider a great threat is “activity.” We won’t know what’s gonna happen in the future. We value our members a lot that their opinions are heard and are given solutions to. I see great tribes crumble because of this. If we lose key players in the tribe due to RL or any other issue, this could put a dent on GBEARS as we have known each other a while and have invested time and nobles together. New players are welcome (after background checks), but it will require time to really get them involved in the tribe and treat it as a unit working together. 

Could you give me a brief summary on what has happened to GBEARS as a tribe so far in this world? (Wars, alliances ect)
As a tribe, we have dominated our respective areas. We honor our enemies who have lost and gained villages from us, but expect us to be back to take them once again.
Alliances are very well kept and probably will last a VERY long time. They are couple but they are strong solid bunches.
I’ve played TW for many years, and I know many faces and names in this world. In the start of the world, I saw many familiar names of good players and predicted that this is gonna be a fun world. 

Can you see GBEARS holding it together and winning the world?
Well seriously speaking. I don’t know. Like I said, if all goes well, If the members stay as active as they can, be the most efficient they can be as soldiers carrying the name of GBEARS, we may see the end of this world. But like I said in forums, I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I’m sure we’ll be rocking everyone while we’re here. :)



I was asked “For the next blog could we have a poll or something in the external forums asking about co-played accounts” And so I took this opportunity to do so, and I thank you for your suggestions!


We had a combined vote reaching 101 votes and the results were as follows:

Question: Who plays on your account?

Answers: Just myself55 votes

Myself and one co-player23 votes

A team of co-players15 votes

Just me, but I’m looking for/would like a co-player8 votes

So from all those who have taken part in this poll I can announce that the majority of these accounts have a single player, closely followed might I add by accounts with a co-player/s.


I hope this blog was a good one and provided everything you needed, I will be creating a new one that will be out tomorrow, so consider this one as a starter- so to speak!

Hope you’re ready for the main course, because I certainly have missed you guys and girls and I have too much to show you! Thank you and please leave a comment,

Kieran ( hikeegan999 )