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October 4, 2011 in World 057 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Cry Havoc for somebody has indeed let loose the dogs of war on this world. Here is a brief synopsis of the current state of world 57 and its key players, so we may know who’s who and what’s what.

The South Core Stabilizes

 In lower world 57 the war between yoda and infamy has ended. With infamy the clear winner in this epic battle. Yoda split into smaller tribe which infamy is currently attacking. the spirits are high for victors in infamy. Meanwhile the smaller offshoot tribe’s of yoda such as run and asylum also have high hopes and good spirits. The war is far from over. Time will show if infamy will crush these two new tribes, or if the smaller tribes can put up a worthwhile fight. After the south is stable who will be next for infamy? Pch too the north seems like a possible war one day, or there is et too the west. Even train isn’t too far in the east. The world is truly open and spread at the feet of infamy for the time being.

War remains

Blue is smurfs

Black asylum

White run







War in the East

 In the East Pch and train are fighting what seems to be a very interesting war. While pch has only a few players involved in the war and the stats are indeed in there favor, but train is not backing down. They refuse to fold, it is one thing to have high morale in a war that your winning but another thing entirely to be proud and keep spirits up when you are losing. Train seems to have some solid leadership too keep the morale high and too keep the tribe intact. We will see if they can use this energy to fight on and turn the tide in this war.

Side 1:
Tribes: pcH
Side 2:
Tribes: TRAIN

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 23
Side 2: 2
Difference: 21

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 134,212
Side 2: 15,146
Difference: 119,066


 In the North Where? E.T is   fighting Amigo’s  

In the north ET and the newly formed tribe amigo’s are fighting.  The conflict seems to be over recruitment and who can do it and who cant.  On one side one could call refugee taking, where as on the other side you could say excuse for warmongering. Unlike previous wars that ET has plowed its way in, and through this one seems to have some meat too it. I see this as being a nice, decent length war. The stats are leaning in the favor of ET as of now but this is always subject too change.

Side 1:
Tribes: E.T.
Side 2:
Tribes: Amigos

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:Side 1: 14
Side 2: 5
Difference: 9

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 108,184
Side 2: 45,067
Difference: 63,117


The Top 5 tribes


ET-  A medium size tribe, that has risen too the top. they are active in wars and world affairs. Never sitting idle. This tribe sits near the rim on one side, and the core on the other. Made up of good players this tribe will defiantly outlast its predecessor where?, with a new war what seems like weekly it is hard to judge where this power house of players will land next week.

here is a interview with there duke

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PCH- A small tribe, in the core of the world. They seem to have some nice and skilled players, but can they hold up with such a small amount of people. Et too the west, dream in the north, train and vodka to the east, infamy too the south. If these top tribes decided to attack then pch doesn’t seem to have much of a chance. With solid leadership they can continue to grow and pick there targets one by one, but this will defiantly be an uphill fight for this small tribe.


Here is the interview with the duke of pch

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Dream- Dream has a solid position in the north of our world. They don’t seem to have any major wars going on at the moment, and seem to have solid leadership and diplomacy. They are one of the older tribes on this world as it stands now, and still remaining strong. while it seems our world has had a rocky start dream has kept its ground and floated to the top.

I interviewed the duchess of this tribe recently.


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Vodka: A tribe in the north east of this world. Currently fighting train. They seem to have some inactivity as late, but have rose in the ranks, so they most be doing something right. They don’t have any major wars going on but lots of eating so I see them staying in the top 5 for some time. They seem pretty secure in there corner of the world


A interview with the duchess of vodka

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Infamy: the power house of the south, this tribe has recently won a war so morale is very high. they have some large tribes near them that might pose a threat. but with a large member count maybe they can overcome these challenges. they seem to have some solid and dedicated leaders and op planners. with the rapid development of this world we will have to see where they stand in a weeks time.

The Top 5 players


theilluminati: While they are rank 1 or 2 depending on the time of the day it is evident they are competing with noobs on ice but for how long? This account has internalled A LOT… will they able to keep growing when the internals run dry? They have some milestones for attacking. They also have rank 1 in oda and odd. They seem to know how too attack and use there troops. It will be interesting to watch this account in the future.


I recently interviewed one of the co players of this account

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noobs on ice: they had rank 1 for a long time and seem persistent in keeping it. they had the 3 coin award a week before theilluminati got it, so they have alot more nobles then theilluminati. They have also worked hard for there position with few internalling. There oda is impressive and this account defiantly needs watching in the near future.

I had a brief interview with chris one of the players on this account

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wingedpig- Recent in-noblements have sky rocketed him into the top. This account seems to be ready to stand here and stand strong. with a decent gap widening between 2 and 3. We will see if this player stay in the top 5 and even if he rises to rank 1 or 2.


I recently Interviewed this player as well.

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nifty- Has shown some solid growth, and seems to be a able player. there growth has started to slow slightly. they may hold this position but they may also start to fall if more aggressive players start to rise too the top. I was unable to reach them for a interview at this time.

illooo- Has a very nice growth, but has internalled some of his villages so the common question stands, will he able to grow at his normal speed in the future?His villa’s are all built up nicely so that gives him a decent advantage.

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So that wraps up my first blog and i do hope you found it adequate, and I do hope it fit the needs of this world.  I enjoyed working on this and i look forward to hear from you all, with your praises and your… um… not so praises :)  I have already started to get the frame work of the next blog and i do think it will be unique and exciting. I Will also update any wars that break out. Another new addition is I will take a look at some of the not so good but rising stars on our world. I will also run a special Wish’s segment.  Thanks for your time and good luck on our wonderful world.


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