W57 Rocking back And forth

March 21, 2012 in World 057 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

So here we are again, it’s time for the next blog. We have saw some interesting things over the last week and more to come of that I am sure. We will take a look at the war stats and such and I will talk a little about a recent event that has affected our world in a deeply impactful manner.

The Wars

Infamy and Knock are fighting with HI. Recent events have saw a group of Hi break away and reform the tribe infection…. This seems to be a big event and more could leave Hi in the near future lets take a look at the reasoning’s behind this.

Infamy and Hi are close when it comes to conquers with Infamy in the lead.

Knock has higher conquers by far then Hi does.

Combined the stats show that Hi is losing this 2 vs 1 battle, and when you add in that there splintering this major war is about over it would seem.

The Event

As most are aware our world and the tribal wars community has suffered a major trauma. A member of the in game staff was a player on world 57. In their time of playing they stepped across the line of right and wrong.  It’s not with in my power to say what she did or didn’t do. Instead I will talk of how it affects the world.  The Player was in the tribe of Hi as most of the world now knows. This has caused people to look at Hi in a negative manner. I believe that the majority of Hi did not know the mod had used their powers in a negative manner. Some In HI are even trying to distance them self’s from this by leaving the tribe.

I Understand the community is shocked by these events it seems unnerving that a member of the TW staff could violate the trust of the community in this manner. While this may has shook some people’s confidence in the inogames team I would like to say this shouldn’t be the case. Morthy and the TW staff have been answering questions around the clock on the forums. Many on the forums have talked how they are glad that this is getting such a high order of importance by the staff.

As Negative as this is on the TW community and that of w57 in general, it bears reminding that the Staff team is small. Many of the staff are friends and very close with each other. While this hasn’t stopped them from working on fixing this it does make it hard. Most of the staff are just as shocked or more shocked by this then the members of w57.

A lot of the members of the world are worried how their accounts may have been affected. This is being looked into by the staff. If an account was affected then the staff will let you know. As stated in the mail sent by morthy too the world. I am including the circular in the spoiler below.


Extra SelectShow

The Infection returns 

A new top tribe has emerged or reemerged , infection has unmerged from HI and has reapeared in the south of the world.


The Last week has saw alot of changes, far too many to cover all at once. I am still getting back into the swing of things. this month will see 2 more blogs. The next one shall cover some more of the changes  that are currently taking place. I was not able to get enough interviews for this blog edition so I will Have a few in the next edition. I was asked to do briefer more to the point blogs so I have again experimented with that this time. as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me, i can be reached any time, on skype at kenenth.handsbury, in game at theilluminati and on the externals at yal-a-dar.