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January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized, World 057 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Well Today we will Talk about issues, we all have them and some tend too have more then others.  In this game issues come up all the time, internal disputes in a  tribe, fights between tribes, the occasional player with a gender different then what they claim…

 A few may even have issue with the blog or the blog choice,  For example today’s blog will look more at some social aspects of the game. Instead of the in game stuff we are all so familiar with seeing.


First lets start with an issue That some think of as evil, that of merging… We Have saw alot of it on this world and I think we will see more of it too come.  the merging of tribes is a powerful tool it can be used to stop wars, start wars, win wars and even avoid wars. Some would argue merges are more common here and on newer worlds but they have always been around.

Here we will see my interview with codythegreat, we talked as I would in a normal interview but then we took a closer look at merges for this segment of the blog.

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 A coplayer is another player on the same account to help out. Many use this and others see it as a unfair advantage that hinders and limits the players with out a co to help them on the account. As with the above issue i wont argue for or against the use of this issue just bringing up the facts and this next interview with he one and the only dubya.

 again we have a general interview and then a more in depth look at the aspect of this issue

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 Some of you may look at the picture and ask the relevance…. but i could very well show a picture of a bloody cannibal eating people on here now could I? Sadly I can not…  So the topic of the hour Internal nobling, alot of the top players have done it, some argue they wouldn’t be in the top if they hadn’t had free villa’s, some players on this world are infamous for there nobling of other players in there tribe who quit, or munching on large barbarian villages.

this was the topic presented before pain carbon for him to answer about in his interview. for the blog.

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Is this an issue? yea all too often people argue thats stats are an issue and can be lopsided So while we are on the topic lets take a look at the years stats.

The most Conquers seem to have went out in the month of  October followed by November and September.

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This Concludes our current issues blog, I thank you all for your reading of the blog and your continued support on the forums and on skype, in the form of feedback and interviews.  I look forward to a very productive year for this worlds blogs.  as always if you have any thoughts, comments or concerns you can always message me in game or on skype.

 Sneak Peak


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