W56- World Wars!

May 21, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

World Wars!

W56 has plenty of action, and action will be the focus of this blog issue. We’ll take a look at the wars from multiple views and stats, as well as my Top 5 War Propaganda. Stay tuned for an indepth look at the stats for TBH and MoM along with other involved tribes since the war was declared. Last but not least, we will speak to players in the war against MoM to get their point of view on the world situation.

We will start to examine the World Wars of W56 through the declarations and PnP themselves. These forum posts give us the best base to start from when looking at the impact on W56. Below I have compiled the Top 5 War-based PnP posts and ranked them according to their influence as well as their creativity.

Top 5 War PnP

I can’t go without mentioning the fact that W56 has posted more topics and declarations in the last week than any other world forum I have ever seen. You certainly know how to make it difficult for a blogger to keep up! This is my list of most influential War PnP posts on the forum.

5 ) MoM declares on…. ~F~- By: Muldie325


Creativity: 6/10
Importance: 3/10
Outlook: 8/10
Rating: 5.5/10

This PnP by Muldie has a small selection of comical pieces. Screenshots of the opposing tribe’s forum puts them above any of the other topics listed here. However, the declaration itself has little point but to give MoM an external thread that will draw some views and positive feeling for them. You can argue that a war should be declared on the forum, but this war could easily have been declared ingame. It looks very poor for the rank 1 tribe to declare war on the rank 20 tribe over the forum. For leaders of other tribes, choose a worthy opponent to make your first declaration against and you’ll have more credibility. Due to the small amount of time passed since it was posted, there is a good outlook for further popularity.

4 ) Another lesson to be taught- By: Not For Sale


Creativity: 5/10
Importance: 8/10
Outlook: 5/10
Rating: 6/10

For creativity, this post has too much of the same thing. It is good to use specific pieces of evidence or quotes, but in variety with pictures and other eye-pleasing pieces. As for the importance? Old vs. Lazy is the perfect battle between K55 and K56. Each tribe has control of a K, but Lazy just barely beats MoM for K55. This will be an important war for MoM and surrounding tribes just as much as Old and Lazy. The outlook of this post is rather moderate. With the other major battles going on, these other important wars have taken a backseat to the main posts.

3 ) Shock got Sheeped – A Poem of Mystery- By: Imnotafraidofyou


Creativity: 7/10
Importance: 6/10
Outlook: 5/10
Rating: 6/10

The original poem and facts are pretty original and fun to read. I especially enjoyed the response poem! However, this conflict and the outlook of this topic continues to wane over time. I’m looking forward to improved PnP from either of these tribes in the future.

2 ) Wargasm declares on MoM- By: archaon of the end times


Creativity: 6/10
Importance: 9/10
Outlook: 8/10
Rating: 8/10

The funny pictures, though overused, bring a more “comical” point to the declaration that few have really done well in a PnP post so far. If Warg!’s declaration leads to a full-scale war like TBH vs. MoM, this could be the most important declaration yet. Also, it symbolizes the beginning of the alliance against MoM and has continued to draw large amounts of posts.

1 ) The Black Hole vs Making Our Mark- By: sambarino


Creativity: 9/10
Importance: 10/10
Outlook: 9/10
Rating: 9/10

This is as close as anyone has gotten to a perfect, well-planned declaration. The vast impact on the core that this war will have, and the long-lasting consequences, surpass anything we’ve look at yet. The winner of this war is in great position to own the Core. Varying comedy and seriousness along with the use of a decent map and the ingame declaration give them a 9/10 for creativity. No one has made a 10/10 PnP thread yet, but with the activity of W56 one will come soon!

Now that we have a better idea of the current happenings on W56, lets take a look at the stats and analyze the individual wars, ending with MoM vs. The Rest.

The Stats

As you can see,  since the declaration they are even at 4-4. Obviously this war isn’t a major conflict at this point, but that could still change. !?! has the advantage with an outstanding 63 total conquer difference. Shock is 4.5 villages over half the size of !?!, but they’ve managed to conquer 95 villages since the declaration. The conquer/village ratio for Shock’s size gives testament to their ability to grow (!?!’s ratio is 4.8, Shock’s is 4.0 at half the size). This statistic will be important in the longterm if the war doesn’t heat up.







Just like the paragraph above, we’ll look at another important growth ratio for this war. Shock’s four conquers average 7,383 points while !?!’s average 7,112 points. Shock have been the more effective noblers in the war, even though they are tied in conquers. !?! average 5,104 points/village in their regular nobling while Shock average 5,232.

Side 1: Tribes: !?!

Side 2: Tribes: W2V

Timeframe: 16/05/2011 23:56:00 to 20/05/2011 22:55:36 (From Declaration)

Total conquers:

Side 1: 115
Side 2: 25
Difference: 90

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 19
Side 2: 3
Difference: 16

Final Conclusion

!?! have the advantage in size but don’t count out Shock. Split focus on W2V as shown above may allow Shock to steal some easy villages. If given enough time, Shock has a better growth rate to inch closer ever so slowly. The true outcome of this war will be determined by !?!’s and Shock’s success in their other engagements the next few weeks.














The Stats

Compared to the last war, this war has a lot more heat. Old’s 50 conquers on Lazy are nearly one-third of their total conquers since the declaration was posted. Lazy on the otherhand have only one-ninth of their total conquers against Old. The 5:1 ratio of Old to Lazy conquers definitely point out that Old is dominating. When Lazy shifts more of their focus to Old we are likely to see them catch up in the stats, but most early world wars are won in the first few ops. As we are seeing in MoM vs. TBH, the winner right at the start can still end up losing in the stats later. Old and Lazy are neck and neck in Tribe OD, with Old leading in ODA by 900k but losing in ODD by 300k. Lazy are consistent at rank 9 ODA, ODD, and ODT according to TWStats.

Lazy are behind Old by 185 villages, but both are fighting hard. Lazy has gained 600k ODA and 800k ODD. Old have gained an astounding 1.7mil ODA and 800k ODD. Just from these stats alone we can see who the main aggressor has been.

Final Conclusion

Old is larger and attacking hard, while Lazy is consistent in their ODA and ODD. Lazy has to share K55 with MoM while Old has dominant control over K56. The older the war gets, the stats could catch up quick. After all, the tortoise beat the hare in the end!















The Stats

This is by far the most evenly matched war we’ve seen yet. Amazingly, SOA has two less total conquers with 120 less villages! If you look at the ranks of these two tribes, Tutti is in a weak position at rank 2 while SOA is down the list at rank 9. The most surprising statistic is the +7 conquers for the smaller, lower ranked SOA. Those conquers amount to a +/- of 90k points from Tutti. By this I mean that SOA has gained 45k points from there lead in conquers, and they have cost Tutti 45k points as well.

Tutti lead SOA in ODT by a mere 35k, and SOA leads in ODA by half a mil. If not for Tutti’s 600k ODD on the defensive end, SOA would have the surpassed them for rank 3 in ODT. This is the best showing for how a smaller tribe can fight a leading world power and take them round for round. It certainly doesn’t help Tutti that 9 of their last 20 village losses have come to themselves via internals for zero gain.

Final Conclusion

Tutti have a lot of work to do to be worthy of that rank 2 position. All credit should go to SOA for their ability to take the heat and war a much larger opponent. Don’t count out either tribe yet, as this war is far from over!

Finally, we will take a look at the biggest war on W56…

MoM vs. The Rest

Much debate has gone into who is really involved in this war against MoM. It is your job to decide who is really involved or not, and I will be showing only the major players in the stats.

Without further ado…










It was highly discussed how little Warg! actually did after declaring. What some of you may not know is the fact that Warg! is currently winning their individual war by 3 villages, made possible by the 4 caps they gained a short while ago. What seemed like an easy fight for MoM has turned into a much larger confrontation and that distraction has likely given Warg! their advantage. They have gained 3.4 million ODT since the start of the war, with most of it coming on the offensive end with an ODA increase of 2.6 mil. Warg! gains an ODA of 8,754 for every village they’ve nobled since the declaration while MoM gains  25,716 ODA/village. Looking at this stat, MoM spends way more troops on every village they noble. It is impossible to determine what ODA and ODD is gained from the war itself, but we do know that MoM has taken more high-profile villages from their enemies than Warg! has from them as we will see later.















Many have said TBH is done for. However, TBH believes they aren’t done with W56 just yet…

I caught up with sambarino via ingame mail to get the scoop on TBH’s view of the war…

~AoL~ : First things first, how did you pick your ingame name?

sambarino: my usual ingame name is sambarino which I got from “burnt face man episode 7″, I changed it to tzarbarino for this world because I wanted something that would fit with my premade soviet

~AoL~ : When did you first start TW?

sambarino: February 2008 on world 14

~AoL~ : What is your past experience?

sambarino: My longest run was with STFU/GTFO on w14, got to about 2.5 mil myself but I was a noob. I also was part of Liberty or Death on w13 and Moogle on w26 and NOR on w50. On w55 I lead a tribe called Sum=1 we got rimmed but kept the tribe going and rebuilt on the rim but w56 came along and I couldn’t bare to farm anymore.

~AoL~ : What makes you unique from other TW players?

sambarino: I’m usually the guy to try the ridiculous strategies that everyone else says are a bad idea, and usually they’re right. But playing things “by the book” just doesn’t cut it for me.

~AoL~ : Who is your favorite non-TBH player of all time?

sambarino: That would have to be d daddy (w14) / Hax0r (w55), apart from leading us to victory on w14, he joined me on w55 and basically taught me how to farm properly, which was something I could then teach others. But really he has been a great friend over skype and that’s what really matters.

~AoL~ : When did you join TBH?

sambarino: 4th May 2011

~AoL~ : Why did you join?

sambarino: They asked if we’d like to merge our top 20 players from Soviet and I decided it would be best for those players as TBH had more experience.

~AoL~ : Who decided you get to post the MoM PnP?

sambarino: Killy Rider

~AoL~ : Did you make it yourself?

sambarino: Yeah, I offered to make it and the council agreed then once I posted it everyone liked it and Killy asked me to post it on the externals.

~AoL~ : How long has TBH been planning a strike on MoM?

sambarino: From about the 8th of May.

~AoL~ : Warg! has yet to do anywhere near as much as TBH has against MoM, what does TBH think about that?

sambarino: A lot of the tribe members were frustrated because we’ve had to pick up the slack, but we’re hoping things change now that Warg! has new leadership who seem to know what they’re doing.

~AoL~ : What makes this war different to you over other wars?

sambarino: I’ve never before been in a war where our opponents used such dirty tactics like faking mails about us attacking our allies and posting them on the externals. I’m sure it’s been done before but MoM has really bullied everyone on the externals.

~AoL~ : In your opinion, how long will it be until we know the victor of the war?

sambarino: I would say the next 2 weeks will be the defining time, the alliance will have to take ground because if MoM are still ahead in 2 weeks time we’re in trouble.

~AoL~ : It’s one month from now. What is the world like? What is the core like?

sambarino: Hmm, I’d say 1 tribe dominating each core continent, TBH in k44, Warg in k45, MoM in k55 and the winner of the SOA/Tutti war in k54. The rest of the world will begin to see the stronger tribes cleaning up the weaker ones, not so many tribes sharing territories.

With the number of tribes fighting against MoM, any change could give them the boost they need to get back on track. Below are the day by day stats for MoM vs. TBH.


MoM: 8
TBH: 13
Difference: -5 MoM


MoM: 4
TBH: 14
Difference: -10 MoM


MoM: 37
TBH: 14
Difference: +23 MoM


MoM: 19
TBH: 5
Difference: +14 MoM


MoM: 11
TBH: 2
Difference: +9 MoM


MoM: 20
TBH: 7
Difference: +13 MoM

TBH started very strong, the first two days going up 15 villages against MoM. However, probably when MoM launched their first op due to the high number of villages taken, MoM capped 37 villages on the 16th to TBH’s 14. From these stats we can see how the TBH conquers have remained on the down low since MoM’s first major offensive.


Warg! did poorly against MoM to start, while TBH was more successful in the beginning. Now Warg! is ahead in conquers and TBH is behind. Last but not least, lets look at the overall stats and final analysis for this war.















The Stats

MoM has taken a strong 53 village lead over three tribes now, though others may join in and be a part of the war at any time.  ~F~ actually makes The Rest’s stats much worse as alone they are down 15-3. The biggest factor from the stats above is the total conquers for all tribes involved. For MoM they are only 155 villages behind three full tribes. MoM’s 763 villages to the combined 1,554 of The Rest means they are half the total size but nobling 2/3rds the size of their total conquers. MoM themselves are out-nobling The Rest not only in war conquers but total conquers, and that will be a huge factor for the war. If the other tribes can’t outgrow MoM they will lose the advantage as time goes on.

What will happen now?

I contacted archaon of the end times from Warg! to get his opinion…

~AoL~: What past worlds have you played?

Archaon:  I’ve played many worlds but the only “serious” ones would be 13, 14, 19, 54, 56.

~AoL~: What tribes have you led?

Archaon: I was a council member of west on w14. was a #1 tribe for months until its fall (much after I left the world)

~AoL~: Why did you choose to join W56?

Archaon: I chose to join w56 because with recent school/sport issues I cant play as much. the slower growth rate due to lack of farming in the beginning helped me stay ahead early on without having to watch for attacks or farm all day on my phone.

~AoL~: Did you join with friends, solo, or with a premade?

Archaon: I joined solo, though I knew friends that joined as well

~AoL~: What made Warg! declare on MoM?

Archaon: Warg! was just tired of mom’s cockiness. we felt that we should test them and see if their worth their name

~AoL~: What is Warg!’s perspective on the “gangbang” or alliance of tribes against MoM?

Archaon: though a gangbang isnt the most honorable thing, sometimes it is necessary. I can’t say im proud that we couldn’t do it on our own but its sometimes necessary and I must honestly admit MoM would be a handful on our own

~AoL~: Were these declarations planned or solo efforts?

Archaon: well what do you think ;)

~AoL~: What is your prediction for the war in the next week?

Archaon: In the next week? I think mom will probably push slightly into her enemies. This war is one of long term. Slowly her war machine will slow down under the weight of all the tribes against her, so long as we all coordinate well.

~AoL~: What other tribes do you foresee joining the war?

Archaon: cant say ;)

Of course, not all interviews should be completely serious so I had some fun questions as well…

~AoL~: If you could create your own wacky world setting, what would it be?

Archaon: hmm I think a world with no scouts would be interesting. How daring would people be if they could not know what they’re attacking? too often people are afraid to fight against the unknown. it would show some bravery to take on a mysterious foe.

~AoL~: What is your favorite quote?

Archaon: hmm I dont exactly have a favorite quote persay. But one thats been in my head lately and came right to mind was the quote “the only thing to fear is fear itself” by the great Franklin D. Roosevelt. It speaks to me in a way. There is no need to fear the unknown, the big, the powerful, or anything else. It applies well with the current MoM situation I believe. Yes you are premade, yes you are powerful, but I will not fear you.

~AoL~: Who has been your biggest TW influence?

Archaon: Hmm the best player I probably ever met and was honored to play with was the great general. He was my duke of gaia on w14. He was not the largest player I admit, but he was truly amazing. The best diplomatic speaker I ever saw on this game. Truly could compete with the pro’s of real life. Sadly one day he just disappeared. I and my fellow baron never heard of him again. iIwill admit that it was a loss that effected me and her for awhile, and we spent many days trying to figure out his fate. We even played with the idea of hiring a detective xD but he truly was an inspirational man and he will be missed.

~AoL~: Anything you’d like to say to W56?

Archaon: Hmm words to world 56. Well be brave. Don’t beat around the bush. Play smart, play honest. No backstabbing, no cut throating. Is that a lot to ask for? Yes it is I know its tribalwars, but I must say I miss the honor codes of old.

There you have it W56, a challenge for you all if you choose to accept it.

That’s it for this week’s blog, hopefully you’ve learned more about the wars on W56 and have more facts to make your own opinions! Next issue we will look at the changes internally for MoM and other tribes to better understand what impact the war has had. A shout out to sacredfool for the idea of last issue’s CoA vs CoA challenge that I will look to implement again sometime in the future. If you’d like to receive an ingame mail when blogs are posted and haven’t already contacted me, please do so and I can add your name to the mailing list. If you requested a mail and don’t receive one, contact me ASAP and I’ll make sure you’re on the list! Til next time!

Your beastly blogger,


P.S. Farewell to our W56 Forum Moderator TJDarkness, thank you for volunteering your time to help us all out.