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June 27, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, today we present a combination blog with yours truly and the magnificent Gregoun at Kicking the Habit© (okay, its not really copyrighted… but it should be).

The world is starting to quiet down again, but rumors are wild. I’ve heard of at least a couple different war predictions for the next few weeks, and Kicking the Habit was nice enough to write it all down for us. Who knows, in a few weeks we could be seeing any of this come true and you’ll look back at this W56 blog and say, “Hm, I guess they were right…”

Kicking the Habit’s War Predictions

By: Gregoun

Mom Vs Old:

I think, at some point, this war will have to happen. Simply because it will be unavoidable. I predict a long and bloody battle as some of the best players are touching base with and surrounding the MoM players. Old will have the upper hand over attacking K55, but once MoM secure the majority of the K they are taking from Sheep, they will also have a great base to launch at against Old. This will probably happen a bit into the future.

Haul Vs RW /PwN:

I have a feeling that this war will happen after Haul take out the TRiP family. Or before it, you never can tell. In this case, I have a feeling that while RW or PwN (or whichever one they fight) would have an initial and early successes, overall, Haul would have taken the lead and eventually win. This is mainly down to the aggression shown by Haul players, who we’ve worked first hand with.

Following on from the last one:

RW Vs PwN:

While I know these two tribes are friendly, I figured I’d throw a wildcard in. After Sheep are done, PwN and RW won’t have much choice, but to fight each other. I doubt RW want to take on MoM or Haul by choice, which only leaves PwN to their north and north-east, or :L:/Slap to their east. Expanding rimwards would be easier then expanding towards the core. And when they run out of space, in k35 (awhile to go there), I suppose that taking on PwN will be the most obvious and logical choice. As for a winner, I’d say they were/will be evenly matched, so it would be tough to call. I’d probably call it to PwN though, because RW would probably get attacked from elsewhere if they started fighting PwN.

Old Versus Code:

Old are touching base very lightly with Code. However, expansion downwards and along the rim seems inevitable for their southern players, who are not fighting Sheep. So fighting Pro or Code will be there next move, and I predict that going after Code would be there preferred option as it lets them go around MoM and touch base with Tutti.

Code Versus Pro:

This seems like a rim-war-waiting-to-happen. I don’t know if they have diplomacy, but if they don’t, it would sure be a fun fight. Code’s cluster versus Pro’s spread? I’d put my money on Code for this one.

And finally, my last and probably funniest prediction (note, take this one as a joke):

MoM versus Tutti:

We take K54 from S-D, then share a frontline with MoM. All heck breaks loose in the big fight for K54, as MoM relentlessly attacks from 3 points and Tutti pour D into it to let their best frontline players advance in any direction. Against an insurmountable enemy (MoM have enough spread to cover themselves with if this war happened), Tutti and MoM enter an unending stalemate until MoM breaks and takes K54 and start eating SW.

That’s all!

Will these predictions come true?

Will we see major change on W56?

Will the fate of the world rest in these few hands?




Stick around and you’ll see!



This next interview is a little different than the rest we’ve had so far. To me its important to know the writer as much as possible so you can understand their writing better and also feel more connected when they write. Now I know a lot more about Gregoun than I did before, and I’m hoping Kicking the Habit can continue for some time on the W56 forums.

After writing the War Predictions, I mailed Gregoun some unique questions through the forum while my skype was lagging.

1) Favourite movie of all time:

Difficult question! You’re asking a guy with his own personal movie library of hundreds of films! Um…. My current favourite one is Bride and Prejudice, simply because I love Jane Austen and I loved Bollywood’s take on the story. I had enough of Colin Firth. (Not that he wasn’t good, mind you, as Darcy!)

2) What kind of TV Shows do you watch?

Hmm….. I actually watch the following shows (I am aware some have ended:P): House/NCIS/Castle/Monk/All branches of Law and Order/Grey’s Anatomy/Psych/CSI/Bones/Shark/Human Target/Lie To Me. So I am going to go with a mix of police/legal/medical. I am interested in these shows because I have a fascination with studying people, body language, reactions, etc and I found these shows quite helpful for that purpose (being American shows, mostly, they are exaggerated to an extreme, which is helpful for the less observant.) I love them because of the interlocking relationships between characters. I especially love when the power structures get subverted. So much fun watching it happen!

3) If you could be any character from a novel, who would you be and why?

If I could be any character in a novel, I would most likely be Leopold Bloom from Ulysses by James Joyce. Other then the fact that the book is amazing, I would chose to be Leopold because of the many relationships he encounters throughout the novel. It’s just simply fascinating.

4) What would you do with a million dollars?

What would I do with a million dollars…. Well, probably just put it in an account with the rest of the family money and let it collect interest? I don’t really have any special plans and to be fair, family is mostly old money from where we come from in Europe, so not too sure what I’d do with it. I’d probably just use it to self-publish one of the novels that I’ve been working on but refuse to go back and edit. Then hope for the best, or split it and spend some of it on an ad campaign.

5) What would you title a song about your life?

If my life was a song, I guess it’s title would be Predictable Unpredictability. Crazy huh?

6) Would you rather be super intelligent or extremely strong?

Well, because I already possess super intel… Just joking ;) I’d pick intelligence over brawn any day. I’m a strategy fanatic and super intelligence would be amazingly handy![And probably cheating]. Even though I box, I’d still pick intelligence. I could try and become some kind of evil criminal mastermind.

7) Would you rather be invisible or telepathic?

Invisibility or telepathy… Hm…. Probably go with invsibility. The chaos I could cause, would be unheard of ;)

8) Rich or handsome?

I’m slightly arrogant (if it’s not obvious), but I’m not vain or greedy or shallow really… Therefore, good looks is a bit undefined for me, and as for being rich, I’m not really in anything for the money. (I’m planning to spend time travelling round the world by myself in about 2 or 3 years time. Working on saving up my own money for said trip, a bit unfairly I suppose, but I plan to just go and experience the world). Therefore, I wouldn’t really pick either. If it came down to it, probably rich. Because then I could at least keep giving to the missions that my parents do. Or I could go to Africa and do some work with the W.H.O or Doctors Without Borders. (Both parents are doctors, rest of the extended family are factory owners and stuff. I prefer the doctors and the hospitals to ledgers/stocks and productivity meetings).

9) Whats the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Most embarrassing moment of my life? Agreeing to this interview? :D No, on a serious note, I was at a charity ball and dad was talking shop with another doctor, and I was supposed to play nice and entertain the daughter. Turns out, she hated my guts and after some charmingly malicious word exchanges during a dance, she decided to step on my foot, then proceeded to kick me in a very, shall we say, “private” area. Then she went off, came back, and threw a glass of wine over me. Safe to say, I left the dance floor incredibly red (and not just because the wine had blotted the placket of my dress shirt).

10) How do I rate on a scale of 1 to 5? (5 as the best ;) )

Rate you? Probably a 3.9 (if I’m allowed non-integers). I find you a very good blogger, but in my opinion, you still have room to grow. However, saying that, I prefer your blog to many others that I read casually (including non-TW ones). You are clearly an ideas type of blogger, and I love the different ideas you’ve gone with in your blog so far. Bit colourful and disorganised for me, but then, as you can see, I prefer the text heavy stuff.

11) Where’d the idea for the name Kicking the Habit come from?

Kicking The Habit? That was me trying to be witty… Seriously.

12) Would you rather mass-nuke or defend mass-incomings?

Definitely mass defend. I’m a sucker for defending, as is my coplayer who logs on in once in a blue moon (she also happens to be my gf, so I have to forgive for that.) I’m planning to do a whole load of defending on W49 in our world war, and on here against S-D. I’m not a fan of nuking, if my lack of ODA is anything to go by.

13) Snipe or stack?

I prefer stacking, by miles. I prefer to move stacks around in a cluster if I can rather then attempt a snipe. Not because I can’t snipe, but because I get more satisfaction from killing countless nukes when it comes down to it, rather then killing countless nobles. Though, depends on the opponent. If it’s someone I really want to annoy, for personal reasons, I’ll stick to just sniping.

14) Lead or play?

Leading? After leading the rabble at Tutti? Never again! :D No, I always wind up in leadership roles or positions of responsbility (I was a duke on 49 before I got recruited to Deceit and took a back seat there, thank the TW-gods.) I think leadership and I are going to be inseparable. I’d prefer to just play and get on with it, however.

15) Play to win or play for fun?

I always play purely for fun. I’m not the “Must-win-against-all-odds” type of player however, so if my fun has stopped being had (clever syntax there); then I will just probably leave. I’m not really in for the bragging or the pure destruction. I’m just a big huggable sim-cityesque player ;)

16) If you had to choose between playing TW and getting $20, which would you choose?

Playing TW. It’s like a drug. And 20 dollars wouldn’t get me much in the form of replacement drugs…

17) Would you ever write for the W56 Blog again?

Would I ever? (Said with childish excitement). Of course, the sole editor/writer/reporter/fact checker of KTH would gladly corroborate with the TW blog again! I hope we can do other issues where I help out. Real question is: Would you want me to write again for you? ;)

Great questions, I was entertained just writing the responses out. I hope I’ve given some insight into my pitiful existence to others. As Saeldur should know, I’ve been waiting for this moment :D Glad to have worked with you here, I and KTH want to extend our warmest thanks to you and to the TW blog, and most importantly, wish everyone a great summer/end of exams (unless you’re a teacher. Then the real work is just beginning as you mark and remark everything… /sigh. I wish you a good and well deserved rest after it!).


Gregoun, I would be honored to have you back working as a team on any issue, even one of yours.


This concludes the special Kicking the Habit blog issue number 8! I hope you’ve enjoyed the last blog for the month of June, and next month we’ve got four more to come. Be sure to check out the Kicking the Habit blog for new issues from Gregoun as well.

Now I’m off for one of three vacations!