W56- Topping it Off

June 25, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Its been awhile since we’ve looked at some of the best players on W56. We focus on the facts this issue to see what these top players have been up to and why. We will also take a walk through the differences between MoM and the !?! Family and why the war was pretty much decided before it began. You won’t want to miss it!

Top 10 Players!

Issue 1


Back at the very first issue, mohua. was establishing himself as the top player on W56. Now, mohua. has been dropping ranks as MoM pick off his villages one by one, but we will look at the specifics of that later on in the issue. It appears arrow123 is the only player aside from mohua. still in the Top 10 Players, remaining at rank 4.  MoM held four of the Top 10 before, and now they hold 5 positions but no longer ranks 1 or 2. However, Saeldur and arrow123 are likely to gain on the top two positions as they noble mohua.

The spread of power on the world has shifted a ton since the first issue stats. Aside from MoM there were six seperate tribes holding a Top 10 position, but now only Old and Haul! are in the mix, with mohua. on his way out. Looking back it is interesting to see the village averages before and now jumping up from around 5k to mostly 9.5k, and the total villages have multiplied 8 fold. In the next couple issues we’ll look at the Top Tribes and examine the changes we’ve experienced in the past couple months.



1. Kudder

Kudder dominates the Old frontline with the former !?! Family. All of his growth has really exploded in the last few weeks with 5 conquers yesterday to top all players with 109 villages. With an improved average points per village total, Kudder could put away the nearest opposition if he continues at this pace. The fight for rank 1 with mohua.’s dropping will go on for a few more weeks before we see a clear winner, but Kudder has a strong head start and good position. The major lacking point for me, however, would have to be the OD stats. To be rank 1 with an ODT rank of 113 compared to mohua.’s rank 1 ODT is a huge sign of the difference in effort it took to achieve rank 1.

2. Caleta

Caleta is another disappointment even at rank 2. With an ODA rank 111, ODD rank 251, and an ODT rank 119, its obvious how little skill it took to reach this rank. 14 of her last 19 conquers are from Kixan, a former !$! player that went inactive. Almost all of her losses have come from Caleta who’s used his inactive villages as a stepping stone to rank 2. With Caleta currently tribeless, it is unknown what her future will be and what it may bring.  Remember that whatever happens, this player is still mostly untested at a high rank, and with Saeldur stealing two villages off of her in the past weeks its quite possible he’ll pass her up for rank 2.

3. Saeldur

16 of his last 20 conquers come from former members of the !?! Family. Combine those figures with his rank 1 ODA and you can understand whats brought him up to rank 3, closing on rank 2. In the last week he’s nobled 33 villages to go from just 69 to 92 villages and counting. In the past month he has 6 days  of zero ODD growth, a great feat compared to Caleta’s 14. You can’t make someone attack you, but Saeldur’s ODA and recent nobling show how the best players put themselves into the action. Don’t be surprised to see him up as high as rank 1 while food is still available.

4. arrow123

arrow123 is lagging a little behind Saeldur in OD, but has been just as dominant against as single tribe this time Select. 11 of his last 20 conquers come from Select, but a long nobling drought has dropped him from his best rank 1 to this rank 4 position. It appears his nobling is stepping up again so we may see him climbing the ranks, but as time goes on it will be harder and harder for inconsistent nobling to dominate the charts. It would be interesting to see if arrow123 has strong defensive skill to match his offense, especially with an extremely weak 591 ODD rank. Maybe in the next few weeks someone will give him a fight and we will see what he can do.

5. bigjay

bigjay has taken almost as many TRiP villages as Haul! villages in his last 20 conquers, having internalled 5 villages of Phantomette while capping 4 villages from Loke2001 and 3 from anotherworld21 for 7 TRiP conquers. He’s finally climbing the rank after hovering down around the bottom of the list for some time. Like Caleta and Kudder, bigjay has an area all to himself with very little top player influence. He also has some of the furthest villages from the core of the Top 10 which will either benefit him with a backline or slow his growth with a lack of food. These top 5 are all within striking distance of the next rank so I expect plenty of jockeying around still, and at least another month or two before the Top 5 are set in stone.

6. SheepShaun

SheepShaun has terrible OD scores for his rank, and most of his last conquers come from either Select or MoM itself. While not massively internalling, SheepShaun is only nobling inactives that aren’t putting up a fight. Seeing as he’s in the crowded core of the Top 10 he will have a lot of competition for easy villages and will need to step up his game just to grow. While Saeldur in arrow123 who are also in that tight cluster are focusing on enemy villages and challenges offensively, SheepShaun focuses on the easy which could prove fatal. He is in the core playing like a rim-focused player, so we will see if that mentality can keep him going for long.

7. GazzaT

GazzaT has an explosion of ODA growth with roughly 1 million ODA gained in a little more than 10 days. With that ODA growth comes 120k ODD likely from her inactive targets who aren’t much of a fight. Almost all of her last 45 conquers have been members of the !?! Family and very likely inactive. That being said this is the most expansive amount of internalling we’ve seen so far on the Top 10. Maybe there are still loads of internals left to eat, but if a war between Old and MoM breaks out GazzaT will be a prime target. At least if they get there.

8. mohua.

We’ll try to find out in a future issue what exactly is going on between mohua.’s Orphan and MoM, however to me its pretty clear mohua. is on his way out of the Top 10. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week or even next month, but without a large tribe in the core he will have to join one or be taken out. You can have all the skill in the world but when 50 other people are growing at your pace and all targetting you there isn’t much you can do.

What is happening right now is easily one of the most impressive defensive stands we’ve seen on W56. In 1 day he’s gained 3.5 million ODD while losing 9 villages the last 2 days. Looking at the numbers, he still lost 9 villages which doesn’t look too great but let’s look closer at his positioning.

He’s surrounded on all sides with multiple villages close enough to noble him in just 2-3 hours, but he’s only like 9 villages for a gain of 3.5 million ODD. The lesson? No matter what the cause or the reason, he’s doing awfully good and deserves the recognition.

9. TW Wolfsnuts

TW Wolfsnuts growth is made up of steep climbs and plateau’s. Nowhere in his village gains do I see consistent nobling, and that will be a major issue in the long run especially when his nobling only brought him to rank 9 in the first place. He’s got the worst ODD of the Top 10 with a rank of 7,887. When he nobles its internals or inactives, and then he goes a stretch of preparing to mass-noble again. All in all he is probably the worst member of the Top 10 at this point, and I don’t see that improving anytime soon.

10. MommysLittleBrat

This  is disappointing as for a long time MommysLittleBrat was a consistent leader in rank usually around 2nd. However, since it was announced he’d be leaving the account it has slowly been drifting down the rankings with little growth. The OD stats have remained pretty stagnant and all the recent conquers come from MMCP and Del. Hopefully the account owner can pick up the pace and keep MommysLittleBrat from turning into a lazy teen like me :/

To end the issue, I talked to Ultimate Engineer about his experiences with tribe-jumping from the !?! Family to MoM.

How did you become a part of the !?! Family in the first place?

Genetic engineer:
Well, I got home from one of my exams, opened up skype and was invited into a chat with matt, x and a couple of other people being told that we had decided to merge, I was happy at the time because it saved our members, but I secretly would have liked a war, but like I said merging was the better option for our members at that time due to the situation.

What was !?! like compared to Error?

Genetic engineer:
At first we seemed pretty similair, organised and motivated. However it soon became apparent that !?! was a dictatorship, it also shocked me that a large number of their members didnt know what the opera T-train method was … !?! also started to mass recruit even after us agreeing that we would slowly reduce down to 100 members, this was a staggering difference from Error who tried to stay a small experienced group. Overall, !?! seemed polished from the outside but it was a mess inside, Error was good from the outside and inside.

When you first arrived, what stood out the most?

Genetic engineer:
I have to be honest, the amount of internalling that was going on, X was constantly internalling and so were many other players. I cant say I didn’t get my fair share of internals, because quite a few of my old friends from Error went inactive around me, but it is the part that shocked me the most.

Going into the war with MoM right after the declaration, what did you think?

Genetic engineer:
At first I was trying to get hold of X, I knew he needed to be here to organise the tribe as nobody else knew what to do because of the way he led the tribe. I pretty much knew the tribe was doomed after a day which is when I started branching out to MoM. The council decided to continue in chaos, waiting for X to return, rather than just getting somebody else to stand up and take charge. I knew MoM were an elite tribe but I thought sheep would have atleast put up a fight, if X would have stayed around perhaps they could have done, but we will never know now which is a shame, there were some good players in the tribe.

What made you decide to leave and join MoM?

Genetic engineer:
Well a couple of things X did annoyed me, like he agreed to a nap with Warg imposing a nobling restriction on me that meant I would have to send nobles about 24 hours north to be allowed to noble ( at 100-200k, this was quite a restriction to have put upon me ), as he had given full controll of my area to warg. I also didn’t like the way members were being told they had to noble targets that were over a continent away, I’m all for players getting involved but there is a limit ( Especially at the size players were at the time ) :D Also in general everybody knows MoM is a great tribe so I wanted a piece of the action :) Sheep just doesnt match up on the skill scale, apart from a few players.

I was also not very happy with the way the council handeled the decleration, X magically dissapeared and I was given multiple excuses for where he had dissapeared to, first it was real life issues, it then changed to him having problems with his internet. Then I recomended to the council that with X, our duke, gone, somebody else needed to fill his spot and take control of the tribe. Unfortunately they decided not to accept my suggestion and continue the way they were, this made me really annoyed as I knew the only way the tribe was going to survive is if the members knew somebody was taking control and making stuff happen.

What did your conversations with MoM consist of? Who asked who?

Genetic engineer:
At first I spoke to Morthy, as I knew he was in the tribe and I already knew him as I mod the forums, so we were talking about the future and recruitment. I may have told them a couple of things also, but when a tribe is as doomed as sheep were, it didn’t really matter. Then when a friend of mine joined MoM they recomended me to Sqid so I mailed Sqid and was shortly invited.

When you arrived at MoM, what was your first impression? Any major differences?

Genetic engineer:
There were a few diffences, there forums actually consisted of operations they planned, unlike sheep who had no operations anywhere. They were very organised and I also noticed that their support forum actually had replies in where people had sent support, that was a refreshing change from sheep. There leadership also wasnt a dictatorship, they had lots of people doing different jobs for the tribe, which I feel is a much better way to lead a tribe.

What about tribemates, was it easier to fit in or harder with the higher talent?

Genetic engineer:
Umm, I dont know really, a couple of my friends have joined MoM who were previously not in sheep, and I also know a few people before joining so overall it has been quite good. It’s been quite easy as they are all happy to help and always communicating, makes it easier to get in. The higher talent is a bit intimidating as they are all excellent players, but I feel I can match up or get pretty close so I dont feel I stand out too much.

Looking to the future, what do you see happening next, not only for you but for MoM?

Genetic engineer:
For me I see expansion around my area and general growth, there are a lot of sheep to be cleaned up which I want to get round to. For my tribe in general, I’d like to see somebody put up a good fight against MoM, Mohua seems to be giving a good battle, but there’s only so long one player can hold out against a whole tribe. I think somebody needs to come along that can actually challenge the members of MoM and isn’t too scared to give it a go, whether that will happen, only time will tell. I can’t see MoM falling into trouble any time soon.

I think thats all I need. Thanks for the interview :)

Genetic engineer:
Thank you :) Should be an interesting blog



That’s it for Issue 7, be on the lookout for Issue 8 coming within the next 3 days! Kicking the Habit will be joining us for a special joint issue on the future wars of W56! Enjoy the new Views widget for the TW Blog that allows you to see how many times a blog issue has been viewed.

Lastly, biscuitman, nuff said?