W56? Tis I, Your New Blogger

April 27, 2011 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 056 News


Okay so my title isn’t all that creative, but I promise you there’s a lot more creativity in store for the W56 Blog.

To start things off, my name is Aaron and I’m 15 years old. Some of you may know me as buddylee, Brancardier, or Grave Marker(W56) in-game along with a few others here and there. I play tennis, volleyball, basketball, and I enjoy running. I was born blue, something I believe may have given me my creative talent (though my parents disagree!)

Since shortly after the creation of W23 I’ve been playing TribalWars and following the externals with keen interest. One of the biggest things I have noticed is the unique ability the externals possess to keep players interested in their account, their world, and TribalWars in general. Blogs give us all something to look forward too, and I promise I won’t disappoint!

(Make sure you contact me with suggestions or feedback either in game to Grave Marker or over the forum to ArmyOfLoners. I will be in contact with top tribe leaders and influential players for future interviews)

Some things I will include in future blogs:

-Top 10 tribes

-Top 10 players

-World Maps

-Influential Wars/Events

-Player Interviews

-Suggested/Creative Additions

-Future Outlooks

I look forward to seeing the outcome of the first No-Haul world and giving you all something to read!