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September 7, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Welcome back to the W56 blog!

You may’ve noticed a few things different around here, one of them being a blog! Looking forward to seeing what comments and criticism you have waiting for me at the end of this issue ;)

At the end of this issue we have another guest writer section from Walrus, who co-plays the hahny account, however I would like to start us off with an interesting map covering the top tribes from August 7th to today, followed by a look at where the blog will be headed this September.

Since I missed more than a month’s worth of W56 action, I decided now is a good time to take a walk through the map archives and see just how much world 56 has changed.

(Listen to this as you watch! just like an old school silent film…)

This is a cool look at how the world’s top tribes have grown, changed, and moved up and down the rankings in the last month. Those rank changes account for the color changes we see in just about every slide. Pay particular attention to the top left corner displaying the date for each!

Aside from just the regular top tribes maps, we’ve had player-created maps generously posted on the forum since the beginning of the world. Let’s take a look back through these maps to remember how far we’ve come.

From Hard.

Here we see some of the original premades and top tribes of W56, notably MoM and Tutti would make the largest impression of them all, with MoM remaining the lone surviving premade.

This map gives us an even more in depth look at some of the tribes that eventually formed the core of W56. I particularly remember Balls as a tribe I expected to give MoM a hard time, but it never came to fruition.

From Ultimatum X

Here we see the world spreading out from the core continents to their surrounding K’s. !?! were the first major tribe to not have formed almost entirely outside of the core. Of course, had they had a foothold in K45, the original gangbang against MoM would’ve been far less effective and !?! might’ve passed on the recruitment that brought about their fall.

Speaking of the original gangbang against MoM… Here’s a map from wIzd0m

Had this effectively been the end of MoM, who knows what changes we may have in the world, and who may hold the core instead!

Last but not least, we have a map from Imnotafraidofyou

Here we see S-D and Tutti setting up their border, along with Haul! starting to mix themselves in. As we know, things would soon get hot all over the world, eliminating tribes, players, and old memories.


Now that we’ve looked at the world itself, I’d like to give you all a preview on September’s blog issues. Each issue, I will look to spotlight one of the four cardinal directions of W56. For this issue, we are looking at the Southwest with our friend Walrus. In the next three issues, we’ll examine the other corners of the world and the events that have shaped them. If you are interested in adding your story to these direction discussions, just mail me on the forum!


A view of the South-West.

Who are you? And what have you done with AOL?

Okay I am Wulrus…. I know right great name. I currently Co-play the Hahny account, and am part of the tribe OHYEAH. I am in K63/k73 and have dipped my toes in to k53/52 I think. I am here to shine a light on all things south west of the world, and bring this world back on to world affairs rather than all things MoM. (Don’t get me wrong I still love MoM)

S-D Vs HAUL/ CODE- from inside the alliance:

Well everyone has loved S-D from the beginning and especially toasty, and guess what? I’m no different. S-D have been courageous and borderline stupid, in all that they have done. They have fought tooth and nail to gain every village they can, However yet again it came down to Greg-Always the last man standing-oun to try and rally the convoy of big and strong yet stationary ducks, ultimately living up to the irony that is the name Sitting ducks, and waiting to be battered by CODE. In the end CODE won this ‘war’ if you can call it that, and have effectively stole the spoils of HAUL!’s early nuking. I say this because it led to so many rage quitting, ‘Under the pressure of real life’. Perhaps all these players have legitimate life problems, but then I Go to school, play sports clubs most nights, and still have the time to run my account, ohyeah and I still have the time for writing this blog. S-D finally came to an end ( basically) with a deal made between several S-D members and the duke of CODE, effectively taking them in and agreeing that the rest of S-D would not be attacked by the members leaving S-D; or something to that effect. S-D is still about, but is down to the hard core, or as I have heard before ‘those who have succumbed to Greg’s pity party’. Are they too naive to realize that it’s over, have they felt that ending life as a duck is the only way , or just looking for an excuse to quit? Who knows? But let’s face it, if they are still in S-D this world is over for them. Final words on this affair and S-D: S-D needs to realize it is over. They have made a brilliant stand at the center of the world but inactivity has brought them to their knees, and now the Axe seems to be on the way down. Despite what seems like a negative part, I would like to point out that the active members of S-D are some of the best I have ever played with, and were insane allies, once a duck always a duck.


Well. We are Up 251 villages at the moment on the stats, but including players we made quit, i.e. Hiena songouko and xaverz and it is more like 367 villages up. It has been said by many a HAUL! player, ‘they are not paying full attention to us’ and if that is the official line, then I think we are more than happy with it. Another one I have heard is that we are only attacking the inactive members, and again if we have made people quit, I think we are more than entitled to noble these players out of this world. Another theory I have heard is that of the meat shield. I really hope that this isn’t true, as it seems like the worst way to treat any player on this game, good, bad, xshahzad like or Wiz like. It just shouldn’t be the way tribes treat members. Back on track now. As a result of this war, we have seen K52 switch into the hands of OHYEAH, as well as a large chunk of K53, besides this, the pressure of the OHYEAH wave (assisted by S-D ) has seen the fall into ‘Real life issues’ for the formerly top 5 player Vevse. Rumor has it Haul! is looking to make a deal with OHYEAH so that they can turn on MoM along side their new ally, CODE. I mention a bit about the need for one of the big powers to fall… and this could fell MoM mid stride. And leave CODE and HAUL! to pick up the pieces in a move that would re-shape the world.

CODE’s next move?

There have been hundreds of thousands (Hmmm that’s what it feels like) of rumors about what they will do next. Well everyone has their own opinion on this, and to be honest CODE have many, many, many options available to them, from finally finishing off the remnants of OLD, to attacking OHYEAH, I will highlights a few opinions of mine.

1) After all the BS they have taken from OLD in the past perhaps this is a justice strike that CODE need to settle and finish that off once and for all.
2) Ohyeah ohyeah ohyeah. This seems to be the most popular amongst the world, but perhaps this is the reasoning for not taking this option, however there is a big enough border to have a full scale war and what with ohyeah already being engaged by haul! this could be a prime time to attack, this also applies to MoM as a similar sized border is shared with MoM.
3) The so called ‘great world powers’ i.e. CODE HAUL! and MoM will need to eventually come to loggerheads, be that now or later it will need to happen. With CODE in what I can only consider the best positioned out of these three, perhaps now is the right time for them to team up with OHYEAH, FARMA and TAG! And take the fight to the other big powers while the advantage is in their hands.
4) A final option could be to Attack the rim tribe RUST. I have had some info from a few people that this is the final act in CODE’s ‘clean up the south east’ mission. This would give them full control of this area and would release tied up defense trapped down on their southern border with RUST. Personally I think that option No.2 is the most likely as this would seem to be the easiest, however if CODE grow a pair and take option No.3 and then turn attention to opt.4. then opt. 2 they would be able to benefit far more in the longer run.

RUST? Who’s RUST? And EPIC? What’s EPIC?

Just a quick comment on these two rim tribes before some more opinions on [RIM] later on.

RUST: Well if you would care to glance at the map at their location (I CBA to get a link, call me lazy) they are really trapped. In true queen fashion…. They need to break free!!!!! They have a few options:
1. Take out EPIC, and then gain a greater proportion of the rim. Although that’s like having a greater share of 20p. It’s still not worth anything.
2. Take out ~TWS~. Similar to the EPIC option… still not really what they need
3. Go for CODE? Hmmm not sure it is sensible as an option, CODE are rank 1/2 depending on what time of the month she is on, but RUST could time this cleverly, to coincide with CODE being distracted with OHYEAH if they do declare, Epic could also do the same. But Epic needs to choose whether to try and have another go at OHYEAH, however we have already saw them fail once, or join forces with OHYEAH to try and gain space off k73 CODE members, which are ultimately just EX-Puppet/Frutti members….

EPIC: Not much to say…. A tribe which fought a war with Frutti several months ago, lost. Then Fought a war with OHYEAH on the same side as Puppet, Formerly frutti, lost. And here we are. They are going to need to make a decision soon in order to benefit the tribe, they might be one of the tribes that can affect the overall course of this world, in an in-direct manner, whether that be siding with OHYEAH if CODE declare, or deciding to have another crack at ohyeah.

Never forget to [RIM]
The best of the rim tribes. Currently Warring PACT, this tribe is beginning to bridge the gap from rim tribe to possible power. However this all comes down to where they go next. They are currently on the edge of the OHYEAH Vs HAUL! war, if they could edge out one of these tribes, they would be in a great position to jump into the centre of the world and all the ‘action’ it holds. I, as I’m sure did many, tipped this tribe for great things; however a decision will need to be made soon if they are to succeed. An alternative could be to merge the best of tribe in to either one of the larger tribes around them and then eat the rest of them out. But this all depends on how committed the leadership is to the tribe and how much time they wish to put in. Great things can still come from this tribe!

And that is it from your friendly, neighborhood Wulrus. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I hope this has shed a little light on this dark side of the world, and proves that we OHYEAH folk aren’t all closet hideaways( sorry Ward)



A big thanks to Wulrus for a detailed and inside look on the Southwest of W56!

Stick around for next issue where we focus on another corner of the world, and if you have something to share hit me up! (buddylee101 on skype)