W56- September 11th

September 11, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Today we remember 10 years ago and a tragedy that struck New York City. In honor of the lives lost and families affected across the globe, this W56 Blog Issue is dedicated to their memory.

For this issue, I got in contact with a former leader and returned player to get his opinion on why so many players leave TW, and why many return later. We’ll also see the impact of a Declaration on the MoM/FARMA skirmish turned war and what we should expect from this war in the next few weeks. You’ll get to hear from both sides of this story and you can decide what you think will happen next!

Some of you may know sacredfool? I certainly remember many believing he was either MoM’s savior, or running them into the ground. Regardless of your opinion, he has recently come back to W56 as a regular player. What exactly will this mean? Well, let’s see what he has to say…

Why Return at All?: sacredfool SelectShow

I’m a little disappointed, there’s no terrible secret hidden from W56, no conspiracy bringing sacredfool back just in time to once again lead an operation on mohua…

But no, its MoM vs. FARMA, or should I say FARMA vs. MoM? After all, FARMA have the better all-time stats. However, MoM are leading the “war” just not the “skirmish”. I must admit, its a little confusing at this point. Has the declaration really changed anything? Are MoM finally focusing on FARMA, or just doing better than before? Why is there a difference?

We’ll find the answers in the stats and conquers themselves…

Since the declaration MoM have lost 2 players:

Maticb Left 10th September 2011 – 03:06 19,992
.Beyond Divinity. Left 09th September 2011 – 15:06 69

Luckily for them there’s little to no consequence, however on the FARMA end, who’ve also lost 2 players, there’s a larger loss:
nemnuke Left 10th September 2011 – 22:06 233,753
Upbeatmantis Left 10th September 2011 – 22:06 988,356

FARMA are down roughly 1,221,000 points while MoM lost 20,000, for a 1.2 million point net. From conquers MoM gain another 160,000 points on FARMA, not to mention the fact they are already 35 million points ahead of them. Overall this puts MoM at +1,360,000 points since the declaration.

Putting unicorns aside, FARMA have a few advantages of their own.

Lets look at the stats before the declaration…

Farma, since mohua. joined, were up 122 villages before MoM’s declaration, during the “skirmish” part of this war. During this period, they gained a 1.2 million point advantage, eerily similar to MoM’s gain from FARMA’s recent member losses. Putting all these stats together, MoM walk away only 160,000 points up since June, though they have remained a heavy pointed favorite.

FARMA themselves have the advantage of a higher points per player average, and apparently their own support tribe in FARMSG. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they have the rank 1 defender in mohua. that has proven he can hold MoM off. FARMA have a disadvantage in their position, particularly around MoM in the K34/K35 border as seen below.


Looks just like a unicorn’s horn!

Speaking of unicorn’s, I was lucky enough to chance upon a chat with Niyah on the CSF account, Duchess of MoM.

The View from MoM: Niyah/CSF SelectShow

Outside of general positioning, we can see where the brunt of the fighting has taken place from the conquer map below.



Just as expected, most of the conquers are occuring in the K34/K35 area, but more importantly than that, MoM have a very specific target.

mohua. well known for annhilating MoM’s other operation against him, has been their most critical target so far. Currently MoM are up 13-2, however mohua. has more than doubled his ODD, taking it up 13 million to the 23.8 million mark, 1/4th of FARMA’s entire ODD score.

While MoM kept mohua. busy, I was able to get in touch with both coolbluexd players to get their opinion on the war, now and in the past.

I looked at the stats and right now MoM are leading, although in the long-run FARMA have still taken more. Do you think that’ll change now that MoM declared?

I think they were planning a major op while we were just plowing through the frontline, so the “official” stats would look better for them.

I do not think it will change, I think farma can only become stronger

Has FARMA planned a retaliation?

We are planning all the time
Also what I would like to point out is that mohua has gained a massive 10 million odd within 3 days :D with only losing 9 villages

Seems like a repeat of the last MoM op on him?

Prettymuch, like last time they just ran up against a wall of stacks and snipes

What should we expect to see the next few days? In 2 weeks? In a month?

You should expect a full blooded war, and hopefully farma gets stronger the longer the war goes on

Do you think mohua will prove to be just as good offensively as he’s been at defending?

I think he will prove to be even better on offense :P

Anything else you’d like to add?

Good luck to MoM this will be a fun war

Que Sera, Sera

(whatever will be will be)

Thanks again guys, looking forward to hearing more about this war in the future :)

To Put it Plainly…

An Orphan, raised without a MoM, fought through the wilderness eating anything he could find. One day, he found himself in an empty field with nothing to eat. Knowing that eventually he would need something to do, the Orphan became a FARMA. Slowly but surely, one Orphan after another, a large farm emerged. Soon the MoM recognized her child was growing up. Rather than deal with child support, the MoM acted, punishing the Orphan with repeated blows. But the Orphan gave little, and the FARMA continued to grow until the MoM realized something more must be done. To keep her child from outliving her, she had to act fast and furious. The MoM declared her total abandonment, and sentenced the FARMAs to death. Now, pitch forks in hand, the FARMAs and MoM fight a duel for existence.








Will the FARMAs survive abandonment, and continue to grow? Or will the MoM defeat her child and finish the job?

Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it 8)