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May 30, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

As you know, W56 has seen many major changes in the last few weeks. I will take a look at the biggest changes since Issue 1 and discuss some of the new things coming up in the blog. Also, I have a new competition for you to test your blogging skills! To find out more keep reading!


This issue has a very special focus, the month of May. We will examine the changes from each issue to the present starting with Issue 1. Since each issue included different statistics and analysis, I will focus on those changes rather than an overview of everything. Enjoy!

Issue 1 Top 10 Tribes



MoM remain the rank 1 position with a strong presence in both K44 and K55. They have a major warfront with TBH, Warg! and ~SS~ in the Northeast but otherwise have remained relatively safe. Other tribes surrounding them like S-D, Old, and Haul! will have to join the fight or it will end soon the way things are going. If that doesn’t happen, some big questions will come into play. What players are worth keeping around on W56? Which players will be totally rimmed? MoM’s recruitmen decisions could likely have a huge impact on the world with W57 around the corner.

Tutti is in the best position solidify their control of the Southwest, with only Haul! to the north and S-D intermixed being a real danger to them. Haul! has the decision to move inward, or North/South. This could mean a war between Haul! and Tutti, or Haul! stealing the remnants of TBH.

Old has dominant control of the Southeast from their war with Lazy, and !?! have total control of the Northeast Rim. Warg! and ~SS~ will have to see what happens in the MoM war, but I could see them joining forces into one tribe due to their intermingling and united direction.

Issue 2 Top 10 Players



Amazingly, eight of the Top 10 from issue 2 are still in the Top 10 now. mohua. maintains the top spot and MommysLittleBrat has come up from rank 6 to rank 2. arrow123 has defected from Lazy to MoM so now they control the top 3 positions. Kudder is a new addition to the Top 10 as of the 24th when he started his growth streak. In 4 days he nobled 15 villages to give him his 42 current villages. Xeiristos has kept the highest points per village average and has improved 5 spots up to rank 5. Gregoun is up two spots from his former rank 8, and remains the top player in Tutti. Saeldur has dropped from rank 2 to rank 7 having nobled just 15 villages compared to mohua.’s 27. Leanne. is up 2 spots with an increase in points per village average of 1,822 points. GGTTW dropped 4 ranks and is holding just above 12the man21 who newly joined the Top 10 on the 29th.

How long do you expect to stay number 1?

No idea, so far rank 1 has been changing every few days.


Issue 3 World Wars

What is this? Madness I say!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, MoM and TBH are going at it in a battle of universal porportions!

While MoM stuttered off to a poor start…







TBH dominated the competition.

The MoM’s of Alderaan never stood a chance…




AlderaanBut the war was far from over…

There it goes…

The MoM’s returned with a vengence.









Soon enough the stats were swinging…















What happens when two worlds collide?

One of them has to give.

adamh6262: Is it just me, or has this war taken all the fun out of World 56 PnP. This place was buzzing 2 weeks ago, but now, I can’t remember the last time I read something interesting. It’s almost like people are busy *shudder* actually playing the game, rather than arguing on the forums.

crazycooper: Haters are gonna hate 

The easier it is for me to moderate you all, the easier it is for all players posting 
-u6s5l. (Your new moderator)

Ogun: This comment is getting the Harriet Winslow side-eye.

Hopefully you enjoyed my PnP! Now without any further delay, let’s see the changes from start to finish for these two tribes.

Not much change can happen in just 16 days right?

Let’s take a look.

To Start












As you can see TBH has gained a stronger presence in the core of K44, however MoM have drastically taken the Northeast and Southwest corners. TBH is boxed in almost like the first PnP picture with the only main safety corridor running into K55, more hostile territory.

Since May 14th, TBH has dropped from rank 2 to rank 9. In 16 days they have lost 20 members and have 9 less villages than at the start of the war. In contrast, MoM has lost 7 members and have 455 more villages.

Ultimatum X: @sambarino, you said in the forum declaration and it was said in the game declaration about “the best tribe” winning. If this was actually between MoM and TBH, MoM would probably come out victorious.

Though, now its Warg!, ~SS~ (probably more) and TBH vs MoM, if you win it certainly won’t be because TBH are the better tribe.

A very good point, so let’s look at the other involved tribes and compare.










Six tribes are losing in the stats to MoM. This is a major step towards the end of the war with MoM as the victor if nothing changes. As we saw above, TBH has lost more villages than its gained and MoM has gained a net of 464 villages. Even Warg! who declared before TBH are down 193 total

conquers. Before MoM lacked control of a home K, but now they are nearly 15% ahead of Lazy in K55 and roughly 7% behind TBH for control of K44.

sambarino: the alliance will have to take ground because if MoM are still ahead in 2 weeks time we’re in trouble.

Archaon: In the next week? I think mom will probably push slightly into her enemies. This war is one of long term. Slowly her war machine will slow down under the weight of all the tribes against her, so long as we all coordinate well.

No matter which one comes first, if MoM is still ahead in a week or if they start to slow, the world will never be the same.

Now that we have looked back at the month of May, lets take a look at the things to come in the future.

For the month of June, I will be taking submissions for my new “Mini-Blog” contest.


- It needs to be a couple of paragraphs on one specific subject for W56. This can be a war, a PnP post, a merger or recruiting, a disbanding, whatever you would like as long as you use some facts to back it up. Make sure it is written so that the subject is easily picked up on.

- Submit your entry to me via forum mail to ArmyOfLoners.

- Each of the four blog issues for the month of June will feature a submitted “Mini-Blog”. This is your opportunity to tell the world what they may not know, and to share your opinions with all of us.

This concludes Issue 4, below is an example of a “Mini-Blog” to get you thinking! Enjoy!

Shock, The Untold Story

What you may not realize is that Shock Value was warring NukeM, !?!, !$!, and Talon! all at the same time. Shock defeated NukeM and Talon!.

Although significantly outnumbered against !?! and !$!, collectively known as Sheep, Shock held their own, as mentioned here: http://blog.tribalwars.net/index.php…56-world-wars/Enter WargasmWarg had asked Sheep to battle Error. They didn’t. Instead, they merged (its easier, don’t judge). Shock knew this and thought the relationship with Warg and Sheep would have been on the rocks because Sheep didn’t follow through with their mission. Warg council eventually met with Shock (Warg had had some drama where they booted the duke, Archaon of the End Times because he was “racist” which I feel is hilarious because I’m, unknowingly to them, his friend and know that he is not and he actually has a high moral standard and gives back to the community for things like helping starving children in Africa. They also planned to internal him because they needed an excuse to noble villages without having to actually war for them-but thats a whole other blog). The new Warg Council sat with Duke and Baron of Shock in a private meeting.At the private meeting of the heads of Warg and Shock, Warg mentioned how their relationship with Sheep had in fact deteriorated. They offered to war Sheep and ally Shock. They would do this by giving Error a chance to leave Sheep and reform by a deadline of 48 hours. Shock would tell them they have a strong anonymous ally that would be joining against Sheep and that if they didnt leave in the next 48 hours they would not be able to join Error after this new ally has entered the war. Warg needed a week to prep.

A couple days after Warg and Shock leadership agreed to this, Warg attacked an already fragile Shock for a second time (yes they had done it earlier too-SMH @ Warg!). Shock members revolted against their own leadership out of fear and frustrations after being assured countless times that Warg was not a threat. Members of Shock were sandwiched between two power tribes, both ranked in the top 10 of the world, with attacks coming from both ends Shock members ceded.

Within one day after Shock had fallen apart, Warg and Sheep were allys once again.

Shock morale plummeted after losing K35, it affected the whole tribe and fingers were pointed in every direction except in the direction they should have pointed. This story has not been published until now.

Some people might think that I am naive for believing Warg would actually help us out, but frankly we had no other choice but to believe them. They were our only hope of taking the lead in a battle against Sheep that would have been long and drawn out, despite support from :U: and W2V.

I was messaged by the Duke of Sheep, Xeiristos, with kind words and a congratulations for being a worthy opponent. I had clowned him a bit on the externals but it was all in fun for me and nothing personal, and I was pleasantly surprised that he took his victory with humbleness.

Speaking of Humble

Defeat is a humbling experience… I never felt this before. I win in all aspects of my life and losing, even a battle that was impossible to win, is very frustrating for me. But perhaps the worst experience is when my blessed soldiers turned against me. I had boasted to many that our success was rooted in their loyalty to the tribe and their faith in my leadership. I was in shock when certain people went to follow the enemy like a heard of sheep. And like wolves in sheep clothes, profanity dawned in the shared forums with allys and good bye letters painted me as a horrible leader with “poor diplomacy and lies” and on my own “personal agenda”. I won’t defend my decisions, my honesty, or agenda to the world because the ones that were working with me throughout the whole process know the truth about me. I only value the respect of my peers, and not of those who have no understanding of what I’ve done and plan to do.

I’d like to thank the loyal supporters of Shock, inside and outside our tribe. You guys are the ones that made all this worthwhile. To you I say Cheers!

Ogun has spoken

Til Next time!




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