W56- Loyalty

November 2, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

We play a game that hinges on loyalty. Nukes clear troops, defense kills nukes, but the noble’s loyalty determines the true victor. Some stack, some snipe, but when the loyalty hits 0 its all over.

In the same way, the world hinges on player loyalty. Can you trust your tribemates? Will you support when asked and launch for the op? How far can a tribe leader be trusted in diplomacy? These questions are never easy to answer, for they take us into the dark recesses of the human mind…

Truth is, loyalty isn’t about luck. Nobles can take a village in 3 hits and mess up the train, but low-loyalty villages are your own fault.  5 nobles will always take a village provided you hit it clear and the player doesn’t snipe. Luck, skill, and timing determine just how effective you are at controlling loyalty.

Tribes are more likely to fall internally than any external events. This “War” game is more about activity and the ability to learn than anything. Keeping up with the latest scripts and shortcuts limits the time you have to spend playing the game. When war comes around, quick tagging can save you a ton of time. Just like life, not everything is under our control. While a 5 noble train should always take the village, a tribes diplomacy is never guaranteed.

This issue we’ll take a look at some of the key parts of diplomacy and what we should be looking for on W56 today…

This right here is Tribal Wars. We’ve all seen diplomacy failing, agreements broken, and tribes that were once at peace turn to war.

On the other hand, we’ve seen successful diplomacy ending worlds, agreements that stand the test of time, and tribes that were at war merging together into one unit.

What determines how long and how well diplomacy will go?

The answer to life the universe and everything: 42. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to waste your time with 42 rules to follow when setting up your diplomacy. Nor will I bore you with more than the major 3. After all, if 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything and Tribal Wars is just a game, then the complex computations and calculations point to just 3 rules.

1. Know the tribe

Nothing is ever more important than knowing who you are dealing with. For the same reason you don’t go to the shadiest part of town to buy a gallon of milk, you don’t setup any agreements with a tribe you can’t trust to keep it. Too often diplomacy is made out of a ‘necessity’ for safety or protection. There is nothing riskier than turning your back to a man with a knife. Diplomacy is meant to benefit both sides. If you can’t trust the other side to hold their end of the bargain, even if things start to look grim, then you shouldn’t set any diplomacy. Keep your enemies in front of you and your allies in arms reach.

Beware the Ides of TW

2. Set a time

Odds are, you won’t ally a tribe at startup and end the world with them. Too many factors come into play. Egos and events out of your control are the main components of broken agreements. Rather than get caught by surprise when an NAP stabs you in the back or an ally refuses to help you out, set a time frame for your agreement. Its much easier to renew agreements and amend them as needed every two weeks to a month than it is to fix a problem before it takes a turn for the worst. Setting a time allows you to know exactly when things will happen, and trust your diplomacy even more. You aren’t ‘required’ to stay loyal past that time and it isn’t expected, but you know that during the time frame you are safe. If you’ve made it past rule 1 and set a time, your diplomacy will do wonders. Surprises and risks make TW fun, but winning the world means controlling them as much as possible.

3. Nothing is permanent

Just because an agreement is made, it doesn’t mean it will be kept. Rules 1 and 2 can help ensure that you’ve setup the best possible arrangements, but you can only control one side of the equation. Good leadership is paranoid. You have to know everything about the world and what might happen to minimize risk. To win the world, you have to know when to take the risks, know when to pass on them, and know what everyone else is doing. Your diplomacy is a large part of that. You can’t be caught by surprise by an alliance ending prematurely or inconveniently. Quite often a ‘permanent’ alliance that looks to stay that way for awhile is quickly erased. The picture above is the perfect example. Is the marker really permanent? The marker used to draw it up definitely was, but what about the words on the wipe board? Its hit or miss whether it’ll stay forever or wipe away in a single swipe.

Somebody\’s Watching Me- Michael Jackson (A Halloween Style Treat)

Walk in your enemy’s (and ally’s and NAP’s) shoes. You need to know whether they benefit from your diplomacy, whether someone else can offer them a better deal, and how prepared they are to keep it or break it. One mistake can make W56 a waste of your time, know whats going on at all times.


What does loyalty and diplomacy mean to W56 right now?

As we speak diplomacy is running W56. Lets take a look at one place diplomacy will play a key role in the coming weeks…


So mate, how is life in [T]?

Good, I kinda like it up here
Though, there are a few internal issues, mostly of my causing :D

Somehow that doesn’t surprise me, especially from your last interview ;)

Yes, I definitely have a ‘louder’ voice than most xD
The only real issue that has come about, is due to the L@GHTR/Tarot merger
And a sudden lack of juicy targets

How did that merger really come about? I had thought everyone was bent on taking L@GHTR out?

Yes and no.
There were a few issues between specific players
Though the minority (mainly myself) are just very pro war
The mattter of the merger though, that was very sudden
And as close as I am to the leadership of the tribe, even I knew nothing about it until 24 hours before hand

How did that sit with players?

Frankly, I think there was a very ‘resigned’ attitude
The majority of the players in tarot before the merger, trust semp completely
On the L@GHTR side, there were some very early issues involving inactives
But the more ‘obnoxious and loud’ members (Not me, I swear!) quickly put those particular issues to rest
Otherwise, the majority of players have embraced the merger
I cannot truthfully say how this merger will work out in the long run
As we simply do not have any real war targets to bring us together
It is a real possibility that petty conflicts may allow division to fester
I’ve found in the past that a merger during wartime is the most effective way to pull a tribe together
Peacetime mergers can be severely counter productive

What would you predict, looking at your Tarot cards so to speak, to happen in the future?

Its hard to say. With the entire east pretty much cut off due to NAPs
The only way to expand is south, through GT and Nohaul

Is that an option currently on the table?

It is one of the few options on the table
GT is definitely being nobled
As I am doing that myself :D
A war with Mom and W2v is also on the table
Though, I fear that would be reactive, rather than proactive

Which option do you think is better?

This is all speculation remember, nothing I say is a definite :D

Its hard to say really, a war with either Mom or W2v, I think would cause the other to declare as well
Our world is currently in a precarious state though
With tarot having the least opportunities
Mom, W2v, and OHyeah, all have continents worth of expansion
Where Tarot is cornered so to speak
Any direction we take could effectively ruin us

Of course, I hear rumours of a W2v v Mom war, as well as a Mom v Ohyeah war :D

Do you think the L@GHTR and Tarot members have merged personalities well so far?

Yes and no, the forum personalities and world known members have
But the quiet members may not take well to the change
There are very different leadership styles all crammed into tarot :)

It will definitely be interesting to see what comes next :) What do you foresee coming up in the rest of the world?

In my view, I see an OHYEAH/Tarot vs Mom/W2V war
Potentially our first world war
Though W2V is the trump card here
I only put forward this scenario, as for Tarot and OHYEAH to make late game
Mom must fall
Mom is clearly the most dominant tribe in our world but have stepped on a lot of toes
We could possibly even see a gangbang against Mom

Especially if W2V were to drop the alliance and finish them off
Its an interesting possibility to be sure

Thats it though
Mom may be the most powerful tribe, but w2V holds all the cards
Whatever Mom does, W2V is watching every move to capitalise where they can
I doubt this will happen for a time though, as there are still massive amounts of CODE to eat through
That being said, it is a perfect chance to make war on Mom
As large numbers of their southern members will not contribute wholheartedly to any war
Due to more than enough food in their backyard
Why move to a front when you need to clean your yard out first? :D

Agreed, its the ultimate question in tribal wars, will loyalty to your tribe come first? Or loyalty to yourself?

Ive found my place in w56, its taken more than 10 tribe changes to find it, but Ive finally found an ideal I will follow
I will be loyal to the tribe now, but that is due to friendship, and having a leading hand in its movements

Its always more personal when you have a hand in how things go :)

Thats it exactly ;)

We’ll definitely see how far loyalty goes with W56 in the next week or so :) thanks for chatting!

Anytime Aaron :)


The northern situation is something to watch for sure, at the same time the south has a new war on its hands, and a big one at that.

MoM’s declaration on OHYEAH literally engulfs the south in all out war. [T], as we heard from 1stpheonix, is in an interesting position. Will they pick a side? What will W2V do while MoM is at war? Will players loyalty to their tribe trump loyalty to themselves?

But wait! There is a certain forum competition that hasn’t been resolved…


Forum Competition- Round Two!

Round 1 winners:








wizdom (tie)

xshahzad (tie)

Hm… what to do? 9 contestants, 1 winner…


Round Two Setup:

We will run this round a little different.

-All 9 contestants will be placed in one poll

-The Top 5 survive to fight another day

-The 4th and 5th voted contestants will have a face-off to determine the 4th spot in Round 3


I’ll ask Or-el to post the poll up as soon as he can, and next issue will look at the opening statistics of the OHYEAH and MoM War and what they mean…