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September 27, 2011 in World 055 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Hello W55 readers! I wanted to start off my blogging for this world with a brief recap of some of the major events in the last couple of months that explain how we have reached the point we are currently at, and then cover the current happenings in the world between the major tribes.

I’ve been on W55 from the beginning, but I had not blogged for it because W16 blogging took up my time. Now that world is closing soon, and my blogging job there will be done, but there was never a blogger for W55, so the earlier events were missed. I would like to do some of the major occurrences that happened in the last couple of months. I apologize in advance if I leave anything out that other may have considered important. Until recently, my focus has been rather narrow, paying attention to the actions of my own tribe and those directly involved.

In The Northwest

To the northwest, two major conflicts in the past come to mind. 4zl? and area vs Fremen/Horde and 4zl? vs Reboot.

Area kicked things off, declaring war on Horde! first. The war seemed pretty even, without one side pulling way ahead of the other. Area worked as a small, tight group while Tampara, one of the then top ranked players, seemed to form the backbone of Horde, being a solid rock at defending while also contributing a lot towards the offensive push back at area.

After the fighting had gone on for a time, 4zl? joined the war against Horde, though the majority of the tribe was unable to do more than send support due to 4zl?’s strange position on the map causing distance to become an issue. The war continued on with 4zl?/area’s combined efforts pushing them ahead in the stats. Eventually, Horde saw some of its players going inactive and quitting, including Tampara. The tribe continued to deteriorate as the remains were eaten by its enemies.

Final war stats:

Side 1:
Tribes: area, 4ZL?
Side 2:
Tribes: Horde!

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 843
Side 2: 212
Difference: 631

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 7,498,091
Side 2: 1,723,848
Difference: 5,774,243


To the west of 4zl? was Reboot. There had been an agreement between Reboot and Horde that should 4zl? declare on either tribe, the other would step in to help. Despite Horde losing their war against two tribes, Reboot honored their word and declared on 4zl?. 4zl? struck back quickly, and put Reboot on the defensive right after their declaration. With Horde collapsing to the north, they were able to keep up the pressure and drive Reboot back, and the tribe began losing players.

Final war stats:

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 724
Side 2: 72
Difference: 652

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6.440.834
Side 2: 596.408
Difference:   5.844.426

In The Northeast

In the northeast corner of the world, -Nyx- established themselves as one of the major tribes in the area and in the world early on. They had some internal issues though, and a small group broke off from the rest of the tribe and formed Brew. It seemed the squabble was not going to be solved civilly, and the issue turned into a conflict. -Nyx- struck hard and kept pushing on Brew, winning the war until very recently when the majority of the tribe went barb.

Final war stats:

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 626
Side 2: 45
Difference: 581

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 5,540,178
Side 2: 409,356
Difference: 5,130,822


The South and the East

Early on in the world, Fray arose as one of the major tribes, partially in the core and spreading to the south and east. They grew large and did so quickly, but seemed to rub other tribes in their area the wrong way. Almost as if they were one, PMS to their southwest, Chess to the northeast, Innov and -=CW=- to the east all went to war with Fray and their allies DA and Che!

All four tribes were smaller than Fray, and even all combined were smaller than their opponents. PMS to the southwest seemed to be doing fairly well. While losing, they were only doing so slightly, better than what most may have expected with the odds they were up against. Surprisingly, they lost their leadership and agreed to a merge with Fray.

In the east, Fray started to eat their way through -=CW=-, and the tribe fell apart.

Chess and Innov are still surviving today. Innov in the beginning was losing the war, but hung on and fought back stubbornly. Chess started to surprise the world when they not only held off Fray, but actually started winning against them in the war.

Unfortunately, I have no accurate war stats for these wars as Fray is no longer a tribe, and can no longer be accessed through TWstats. If anyone still does have a fairly accurate chart towards the end of the war and would like to see it included, they can message me and send it to me, and I’ll edit it into the blog.

The end of Fray was actually kind of strange and confusing, and the story of how it goes and why it happened varies depending on who you ask about it. The facts of the matter were that Davy Crockett was sitting one of the dukes of the tribe and, for reasons of his own, removed privileges from other players and dismissed many.

A new tribe was created called Temp, once again lead by *-Artemis-*. Many of the old Fray members were invited to the new tribe, with the exception of a few ex-PMS players who formed their own tribe called Bawlz. It was almost like things had never happened with the exception of Davy Crockett no longer being a part of the tribe, and Temp swearing vengeance on him.

All these events bring us to where we are in W55 today, so on to the current events.

In the northwest, area has continued its push through what was once Horde, pushing into MSQ and -BH-. No formal declaration has been made by either side as of yet, so it is unclear whether it is a full fledged war between tribes or just minor border skirmishes over expansion.

In the southwest, things have remained relatively quiet, as they ever have. A partial merger from Munts to Bawlz occurred, and Temp recruited remains of Reboot, despite a long distance between them and the rest of the tribe.

In the southeast and east, Chess and Innov have continued their war from Fray with the newer Temp.

To the northeast, the usually quiet -Nyx- made a big move, declaring on Chess, -E- and ~7~ at the same time, and have thus far been winning those wars.

-Nyx- vs Chess/-E-/~7~ war stats

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 179
Side 2: 7
Difference: 172

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,648,183
Side 2: 61,656
Difference: 1,586,527

And finally, in the core of the world, the top two tribes finally bumped heads and the immediate effects were surprising to say the least.

4zl? declared on Temp on September 16, citing a list of slights caused by Fray/Temp towards 4zl? that prompted their aggression. Within 24 hours of the declaration, *-Artemis-*, the leader of Temp, had quit and two thirds of the tribe had already left to join other tribes or form their own in small groups.

Of these, XXXX and ~DX~ seem to be the only ones stabilizing to some degree after Temp’s catastrophic end.

War stats for the war so far:
Side 1:
Tribes: 4ZL?
Side 2:
Tribes: Temp
Players: signman, tiremanbd, ih.jey, *-Artemis-*, Rompak, scozzy0, Excalibur1234

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 342
Side 2: 7
Difference: 335

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3,315,928
Side 2: 67,258
Difference: 3,248,670

Also to be included are the T8O8 and LightSpeed2 accounts, which have already been deleted. They lost 59 and 56 villages respectively, bring 4zl?’s count up to 457.

It will be interesting to see how the world plays out over the next few weeks and the following months. With the break up of Temp, 4zl? has pulled quite far ahead in the ranking over now second place -Nyx-. Will they keep adding to that lead, or will another tribe be able to step up and challenge them for it.

For my next blog, I would like to conduct some interviews with players from different tribes and get different perspectives on what is going on in the world. Having people volunteer is always the easiest way to go about this, especially when I haven’t had much contact with people in many other tribes other than my own in the past. You can message me on the forums or on skype. My skype account is Jurasu1. If not, I’ll have to go to the dukes of each tribe and nag at them until they finally give me someone to interview to appease me. Dukes do not tend to like that, so volunteer!

That’s all for this blog. I hoped you all enjoyed it. And if not, I am always looking to improve my writing and am open to constructive feedback. Remember that I am writing this for your entertainment, so tell me what you would like to see me cover or something in my content that I can improve upon.

Until next time,