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October 25, 2011 in World 054 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Hey there mates! Welcome to your first W54 Blog by yours truly, ArmyOfLoners. First things first, a little about me…

My real name is Aaron, I’m 16 years old, and I’ve been playing TW for 3+ years now. I’ve played W39, W44, W51, and currently W56 along with some other worlds thrown in there. Through those experiences I’ve learned a lot about playing TribalWars, what it means to be a tribemate, and what it takes to lead top tribes.

I love to travel, write anything from poetry to TW Blogs, moderate the HP and W52 external forums, and keep things interesting for everyone in the community.

I usually only blog for W56, but I’ve been noticing a pattern I don’t like…

Lack of interest!

No, I’m not talking about the pennies you make putting money in the bank or the thing on your loans that burns a hole in your pocket book. Worlds like W54 are in the late-game stage. For a lot of players, the interest in playing TribalWars just isn’t there anymore. Its my goal to not only increase the interest in playing, but also increase posting on the external forums and encourage players to get involved in the whole TW Community.

There’s a lot more out there than rimming your enemies and building up your villages ;)

All of that being said, I’m going to try to write for worlds like W54 that are in the mid-late game stages and don’t have a blogger. I’m starting off with you guys, and I’m highly impressed by your help and interest in reading a W54 Blog. Its extremely difficult to write a strong blog for a world you’ve never played. Hopefully you enjoy!

Break out the nobles, break out the nukes, cause they warring everybody out there!

PUNCH! are taking on Rank 2 WIN! and Rank 3 |RAW|, but it won’t be an easy road. Before we look at anything else, lets see how these three tribes stack up on paper.


PUNCH! have a nice 65 million point lead over rank 2 in total tribe points, and the highest points per village average of the Top 20. At 21405 villages, they have 1/3rd more villages than WIN! and nearly twice as many villages as |RAW|. PUNCH! are right at the member limit with 98 players, down from 100 on the 20th. They’ve got 16 more players than WIN! and 31 more than |RAW|, but a disappointing 2,090,000 points per player average. Using the points per player average, PUNCH! members are only 300k larger than WIN! members and 500k larger than |RAW| on average. To put those numbers in perspective, at 10,000 points a village it would only take 50 villages for the average |RAW| member to catch the average PUNCH! member. Imagine if WIN! and |RAW| players managed to outgrow PUNCH! on a daily basis; it wouldn’t take long for the gaps to close. Still, thats a big IF for tribes at war.

2. WIN!

Whew, almost had me there for a second. Would be a shame to lose all of this blog!

Compared to PUNCH!, WIN! are on the upturn after a rough start, as show below.








PUNCH!’s growth is really evening out while WIN!’s improves. PUNCH! average 47.57 villages a day, with a 333 village gain in the last week. WIN! average 146.71 villages a day, with a village gain of 1027. Now before you go, “Now wait a minute, they’ve also grown members,” lets see how the recruits effect the graph and averages. 4 of the new ‘joinees’ are above the 1 million mark, with just 1 above the 2 million mark LGtwins, returning to the tribe after a less-than-24-hour reprieve. Those 4 players account for just 532 villages. Now if you take the village gain of 1027 minus those 532 villages, WIN! are still capping at a pace equal to or greater than PUNCH!. What if WIN! had 98 players instead of 82? PUNCH!’s players as individuals average .5 of a village per day. Give WIN! 16 more players at the same pace and they’re growing another 8 villages each day. It might not seem like a lot, but look at the war stats and see how every village counts.

3. |RAW|

Now that we’ve pretty much analyzed PUNCH! stats to pieces, how do |RAW| and WIN! compare? |RAW| average 9.57 villages a day as a tribe. This basically means .14 villages per player per day. All of these stats come with the loss of a member on the 20th in what appears to have been an account deletion. This just goes to show how important activity is and what an impact it can have on your growth. Where WIN! have gained members and improved their pace, |RAW| have been set back. Its interesting to look at, especially when compared to the war stats where |RAW| have been taking the lead while WIN! recovers from setbacks. It will be interesting to see how things go the next few weeks in activity levels and war effort for all three tribes.

You can make a good guess how the war should be going by the stats on paper, but do they stack up to the REAL war stats?

In this case, |RAW| have been the ‘booster seat’ if you will with their feet on the pedal, taking the fight to PUNCH!. Going with that analogy, WIN! would be Mr. Bieber sitting high looking nice in the front seat that needs the push |RAW|’s been giving. PUNCH! would have to be the sneaky paparazzi sitting back, watching, looking to make gain something from it all.

Okay so maybe that wasn’t the best choice…

PUNCH! are doing well with their regular nobling, +929 over |RAW|’s total conquers, but losing the overall war. For a month into a war these are miniscule stats, but we’ll look at a key reason why later on. All in all there isn’t a lot to critique. Most of PUNCH!’s recent losses come from mogowl and The CRU, while |RAW|’s recent losses are mostly from denzels. Taking a look at the map below, you can see where most of the conquers for both tribes have been happening. Red markers are new PUNCH! villages, Blue markers are new |RAW| villages. |RAW| seems to be focusing on a nice cluster in the lower left cut off from the rest of PUNCH!, while the rest of the conquers are pretty spread across the front. At this point its anyone’s game until internal issues and inactivity allow for larger gains.

Lets look at the other side of the equation (though it may not be so equal) …

All in all these stats aren’t bad, in fact we stand to learn a lot more from this than the |RAW| and PUNCH! stats. Truth is, PUNCH! and WIN! have a larger, and more difficult to defend frontline than |RAW| has. The ‘wedge’ or ‘L’ shown in the map below makes it a lot harder to defend than a straight line. For example on WIN!’s side, they are pushed south AND west, adding to the border they have to have stacked, all in that one area. That also goes without mentioning the K49 area that would be basically impossible to defend on the WIN! side, and an easy win for PUNCH!. Taking a look at the stats, a 500 village spread in total conquers is a good outlook for WIN!. Half of that difference is their own losses, so eliminate those losses and PUNCH! will have less caps to work with. The total growth difference of 1.8 mil can be offset by a single player at this point, one barbed player, one inactive account, this world is really up for grabs. Putting |RAW| and WIN! together vs. PUNCH! and things look even better for the ‘underdog’ companions. WIN! is looking for Retribution for some Random Acts of Violence.

Its impossible to tell how well the two tribes can do together against PUNCH! without looking at them as a team.

This late in a world, 176 villages is nothing. The fact that |RAW| and WIN! grow 1200 more villages combined than PUNCH! is a huge advantage for the team. With such low war stats, overall growth will name the victor for a late-game war. The true equalizer of every war lies in activity. Can WIN! and |RAW| stay active enough to uppercut PUNCH! ? Or can PUNCH! land a knock out blow?


In a war game like this, its a wonder that players can settle their differences peacefully, form powerful tribes, keep loyal alliances, and work as a team. TribalWars has taken a ‘Western’ turn, with more tribes following under a democracy with players treated as equals. Outside of the noobs, the 1337 (elite players) have formed their own groups to dominate worlds and strut their stuff. In fact, some of these players take the ultimate stage to prove their abilities…

What in the world? TribalWars implemented the Church? I imagine Morthy now, standing at a pulpit, discussing with all the heads of the game what they could possibly add to a game of war… Makes you wonder where the Church idea came from doesn’t it?

While it doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to have a Church in a war game, its here and W54 was graced with it. Now I played W44 in a top tribe and noticed the effects on gameplay. I’ll highlight 5 of them below, some of them you may’ve noticed, others maybe not, either way I’m writing it so you better read ;)

1. Clustering

This point comes into play even more late-game. The church itself gives you a disadvantage by NOT clustering. Many elite players frown upon barb-nobling or nobling lowpoint players. On worlds with the Church, it is almost a smart idea. Particularly with the implement of Account Manager, a player can simply noble every barb and small player inside his church radius and set the villages building all on their own. Bam! Just like that you have a huge advantage over your enemy while defending as its easy to move support around and on the offensive with more religious troops. Not clustering would be simply suicide. It may not be as obvious clustering as the way I put it, but you would be insane to spread yourself out and have to double your number of churches just to cover villages. Every church village is less effective than a regular village, the less you have to have the better!

2. Strategy

Whats the best way to noble your enemy? On regular worlds it doesn’t really matter how close or how far you are to your enemy as long as you have good timing and TW skills. With the church, you add the extra incentive of nobling your enemies church to improve your nukes firepower. Also, the closer you are to your enemy, the closer you need a church. When you cap a village far away you HAVE to build a church or waste defensive troops. Timing support is half as effective as a regular world.

3. O:D ratios and more…

On a regular world, most elite players focus more on offensive villages, or take the even 1:1 split of O:D. However on Church worlds, each Church needs defended carefully to avoid losing the strength of your cluster. Most players make their Church villages scout, cat, or D-heavy as a precaution, most choosing the scout build to help mask their churches against enemy scouting. When you’ve got 15 churches, you’ve got 15 villages with less villagers. All the villages are weaker, and most players fill that weakness with D. It stands to reason that Church worlds are a more defensive focused world than a regular world.

4. Builds

Like I said above, Church villages leave you with less villagers. On W44, players would fill up the remaining population scouts and D. Outside of that, knowing where your enemy’s church is will give you a huge advantage. Players look to ‘hide’ their churches with specific village builds. Generally, villages with a Church will have different points than a regular build. To hide the churches, special calculations are done to make sure that ALL villages are the same points. Another strategy to this is to simply keep all your villages with a random build, but that adds a lot more work.

5. War Stats

When it comes to wars, Churches make everything painfully slow. Its no wonder they were introduced to TW, the longer a world takes the more Premium we all buy and the more money they make so that they can in turn create newer ideas that are more appealing like the idea of a No-Hauls world like W56. Money makes the world go round, and W54 is no exception. Purchasing Premium is a necessity for TribalWars to continue to give us a good time. Wars make you use all 4 strategies above: clustering, strategies, offensive and defensive ratios, village and troop builds. Clustering makes it harder and longer to rim a player, op strategies take longer to plan, O and D ratios focus more on the Defensive side than making progress against your enemy, and the village and troop builds have to be constantly kept up to speed for maximum efficiency.

Church worlds are a unique addition to TribalWars and different for each world. Whether or not the Church works well for W54, well, thats up to you!


I caught up with jinxinator to get the scoop on some recent world events and what |RAW| is up to as the 3rd ranked tribe…

Alright mate, could you give me a summary of the recent history of |RAW| and the current tribe situation?
The recent history of RAW.. well I guess we really truly emerged as a world power back in August when we merged in =JR=. JR has split off from the former rank 1 tribe in the world (Soap) and the majority joined WIN!. The rest went to JR and a few months later we merged. Almost simultaneously we recruited a few players from WIN as well (who we had been at war with up till that time). We skyrocketed in points from like 31 mill to 68 mill. We dominated the entire SW and things were (and still are) looking pretty great.

However, things began to go sour with our alliance with Punch (which literally ended up lasting like a day). They recruited one of our members and then threatened us so we were not too happy. We allied with WIN and also Act1 and all 3 of us were supposed to hit Punch and take them down. Act1 ended up bailing out and merging into them but us and WIN are still fighting and we are making headway. WIN has been having a difficult time but I think as time goes on things will be getting better but I guess anything can happen. It really is a war of the north and south right now, and we all know who is going to win that one ;)
How long have you been playing W54?
I’ve been playing W54 since late december, not sure of the actual date.

ArmyOfLoners: What tribes have you been involved with?

jinxinator: I was in a noob tribe WM for a period of 6 days before I joined what is now currently |RAW| so I have been in this tribe nearly my whole stay on this world. It was named HEAD at the time I joined though, then renamed to Wraith and then to RAW lol.


How does |RAW| stack up to the other tribes you’ve been in or seen?


RAW is an amazing tribe, we have a great vibe here and while there are minor issues from time to time they dont interfere with what needs to be done. We are kicking Punches ass right now even if they wont admit it and a bunch of their frontline members are losing vills while we have hardly lost anything.


Do you think |RAW| is the best tribe on W54?


I do think RAW is the best tribe on W54. We have a great leadership team here that gets things done, a great membership that is always looking to fight and move to the front and I could not ask for more of anyone.


Have WIN! helped you against PUNCH! ?


WIN has done great against them, especially in more recent times. They were losing for the majority of the war but now they are making headway against some of their members and Punch will be driven back real soon.


If you had to choose 5 players from anywhere in the world to be in your tribe, who would they be?


Ooo the 5 man dream team this is a tough one. Id have to pick Don Mills as one, besides being a top player in the rankings he matches it with skill. He also has excellent knowledge of scripts which helps :) NERONUS would be a second one, and while Ive never spoken to him, his ODA score and frontline location really shows what a fine player he is. He has not given way to Punches attacks and is still going strong, lots of respect for this guy. Ive only spoken to war-peace once or twice but his commitment and dedication to whatever war WIN has been in has always impressed me. When WIN were fighting us he made a cluster by us and started hitting us hard and is now doing the same to Punch. He has performed well in both wars and would be a great player to have. song zhao yu is the fourth player I would have to pick due to his great activity on the war thus far. He is the *most* active Punch player in the war against us thus far, and has faked most if not all our frontline players (and some backline ones too). He also set up a deathstar in K62 so he is bold and aggressive, I like that :) I dont know if this counts since the player is no longer here, but the fifth player Id have to pick is Milonium001. Ive never spoken with him, but he has the highest ODD score and had the highest ODA score before he went inactive. He had to have been doing something right!


If you had to choose to be in Punch! or WIN!, which would you choose and why?


I would pick WIN (biased I know) simply because I still hold a grudge against what Punches leadership did to us while we were allies. Even though we were enemies with WIN at one point too, they have shown us complete respect since our alliances formation and I think we work great together. I have nothing but respect for their tribe and I hope to see them continue to grow and prosper against Punch :)


Thanks a ton for taking the time to chat with me! :)


Of course we can’t possibly favor one side of the anti-PUNCH! crew without getting some info from the other, so I got a chance to chat with Don Mills as well…

How long have you been on W54?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I think I joined january 29th… Pretty sure, at least

What tribes have you played in?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
Started off in a sucky rim tribe called Knight, eventually moved into Pluto, and subsequently ended up in WIN!

How do you like WIN! as a tribe?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I think WIN! has a lot of issues to deal with right now, but we are doing our best to address them all to the best of our ability. But WIN! is my home, I have nothing against the tribe nor the people in it as a whole.

A few people I’ve talked to have said that |RAW| has pretty much kept you afloat in the war against Punch!, what do you think?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I think that if RAW had not joined in the war against punch, win’s demise would have been inevitable. So I agree to an extent, I suppose… Keeping ‘afloat’ seems a bit harsh, but sure

Overall what do you think of your war effort?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I think it could be better. We had a failed op against serb warlord a while back that was a real letdown for a lot of members, including myself.
But the tribe’s weaker members are slowly being filtered out
I think win is quickly getting to where we want to be, overall

Answered my next question :P

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:

Do you think the church makes it harder or easier for tribes to war?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
Well, w54 is my first world, so I could be naive and say I don’t know any better, but it is obvious to me how obnoxious planning churches is for an entire tribe.
Warring with churches is annoying because people are always worried about ci’s and clusters

How closely do you work with |RAW| ?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
The tribes operate pretty much completely separate from one another, with maybe a few exceptions. But we have an actively used shared skype room, and I think there is a general sense of unity, overall

If you’re both fighting a common tribe, why are you mostly separated?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I suppose I’m not sure, I’ll have to talk to paulee about it :)

I talk to the people with raw that I need to talk to when I need to talk to them, I’m not worried about it, but I suppose a bit more coordination wouldn’t hurt anyone
At least… anyone in raw or win :)
We aren’t really opping the same people though, so right now, the benefits would be pretty minimal.

How do you think the war will be going in the next 2 weeks or so?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I think villages will be going back and forth for some time before any serious progress is made
I don’t think this war is going to end quickly, so I doubt either tribe will have any serious advantage within 2 weeks

Looking at the stats themselves, |RAW| and WIN! together hold more villages than Punch! What are the odds of a unified southern tribe coming out in the future?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I dunno, it’s been discussed… It will probably happen eventually, but I don’t see it happening in the near future
I’m gonna change my status to online so you can tell when I’m typing for now :P

From past experience, I would bet that war itself won’t determine the outcome of these current skirmishes, but internal issues in one of the tribes. That being said, who do you think would be effected first?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I think their recruitments over time will bite them in the rear as time progresses
They seem to think that if they make the exact same mistakes we once did, they will come out on top…
It’s a stupid way of thinking, imo

What is the most important part of war?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
Activity and motivation are important above pretty much everything else in this game
If people don’t feel motivated to play, they simply won’t
So keeping the tribe motivated is an important part of being part of leadership
If people are motivated to do well, other things will fall into place

What players do you think deserve to win the world the most?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
I don’t think I’m in a position to accurately make that judgement. I could throw out specific names, but both tribes have good and dedicated players
I could name players I think definitely don’t deserve it though :P

You say ‘both’ tribes, so you think there’s a tribe that completely doesn’t deserve it? ;)

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
Both sides, I suppose is what I meant heh
Slip of the fingers ;)

I bet ;) anything else you’d like to add?

Dr. Funkenstein/Don Mills/going2killu:
Unless you have more questions, I suppose just best of luck to both sides of the war

Thats all I have :)


Don’t worry! We’ll here more of PUNCH!’s side of the story and look at the causes and effects of this World War in Issue 2, sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Thats it for this one! I hope you all enjoyed and I’d love to hear from you on what could be improved, what can go on the next issue, and anything else you care to share.

Au revoir!