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January 3, 2011 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 054 News, World News

Dear W54,

As you may have seen from the title, I, Ultimatum X am your official blogger!

I will try to meet the demands you set out, but you will have to share me with W22. Which unfortunately means only two blogs a month but that is better than nothing. I will try to give you a blog at the start of each month and then one and the end of each month. So this counts as your first blog.

With that in mind, I want to keep this blog as interesting as possible so I have got the views top 4 tribes.

I gave each tribe this set of questions:

1. How long do you expect your tribe to last in this world?
2. Which top tribe will be the first to fall after the break?
3. Do you expect anyone wars after the attack break?
4. Who is your biggest threat currently?

And here is the reply:

Rank 1.

Name: Dukeh
Tribe: YAWN!

1. Expect the tribe to last for the entirety of the world unless it gets very boring. The idea of starting a tribe is to stick it out in the world and this one will be no different

2. No idea what tribe will fall, all tribes have been growing nicely, I suppose the ones who get to nobles last as they will probably be nobled first!

3. Bit early for wars, I see more skirmishes or well expansion really, tribes that think nobling during startup is a real war are usually the ones that end up losing. I reckon we should wait until all tribes are 2 villages deep to see the starts of some fun stuff!

4. I think Julian Assange is our biggest threat, if he done some wikileaks on us it would make the cablegate affair look like playground stuff.

Rank 2.

Name: besam
Tribe: STORM!

1. How long do you expect your tribe to last in this world?
We had a meeting in the council about this question. The conclusion was “At least long enough to be a pain in the arse”

2. Which top tribe will be the first to fall after the break?
I have read up on externals, and i see alot of talk of the family tribes, mass recruiters etc etc. I dont think i want to come with any predictions, but i will say that it will be hard for some of them.

3. Do you expect anyone wars after the attack break?
Well, alot i guess. Its now we will see who has the rights to live up on the ranks.

4. Who is your biggest threat currently?
Well, we have two family tribes in our K. Lets just hope they have a hard time being friends with each other :)

Rank 3.

Name: CMBurns
Tribe: BUG!

1. I think we’re in for the long run, we have quality members and I’m doing a decent job at leading them.

2. GOTN, for sure. I don’t like them.

3. There’s probably going to be a couple of wars, but the top tribes right now are all in seperate continents, so the “wars” will be between smaller tribes. Top tribes will just eat everything up.

4. Hard to tell…There’s no real threat to us in k53, except maybe pRo but they’re so spread out, I’m not sure they could do any serious damage. I guess we’ll have to see.

Rank 4.

Name: Warham
Tribe: IKEA

1.  A while. We’re not here to take over the world tbh, we’re here to have fun, so if we don’t stay rank 1 and kick ass, we still won’t disband ;) But it’s always nice to win wars etc, so we’ll just try and take that along as we go.

2. Hard to say, what is a top tribe in your words? A tribe in the top 10/20, or just a tribe that apparently has decent leadership and players? There aren’t that much top tribes in the top 20, but we can’t forget that some newb tribes have done amazing stuff in the past.

~AoE~ is already falling. 3 of their bigger players joined IKEA because they didn’t want to stay in AoE, and after that, I got about 10 or so mails from other members of AoE asking for invites. I even mailed their duke to tell their players that if they were leaving the tribe, to no longer mail IKEA for an invite :D They went down to rank 19, but didn’t see them as a top tribe anyway.

Kraken seem to stay, eventhough they’re being farmed like mad by my tribe and other tribes, one of my members was even catting their duke Wheelz, before he got massive support(I guess it was a little bit more then 1 sword from every member like they are used to asking). They got lots of cannon fodder and I guess they don’t mind being the joke of the forums. But it’s not a question of to fall or not to fall, but when.

But about other tribes I can’t really say ‘Phail-tribe’ like that, without investigating a bit first. I haven’t been very active yet, so I don’t know a whole lot that happens outside my direct contact zone.

3. BTW and Yawn! will start skirmishing, the first hits have been made already. Yawn! could noble some BTW players, but they might as well get swarmed by BTW’s 99 members.

I have already seen a very good backtiming of BTW killing a good offense and 3 nobles of a Yawn! player, so maybe there is actually more in BTW then we would expect from such massrecruiters as well.

4. For the next couple of days after the attack break? Don’t shoot me: Kraken.

Whatever happens, kraken won’t last long, they are afraid of us, we are farming alot of their members and their duke has already received cats, and we have also denied diplomacy with them as well.
But they are biggest in our continent(100k, where we are 40k), and if they decide to gang-bang us together with some other noob tribes, we would be in for a hard time.

Interesting views from the top 4. I did have interviews with other tribes all in the top ten, though, I found them somewhat boring.

That is not the end yet! I need voulenteers, people who are willing to spy (not in-game) on the members that use the forums. I want an in depth analysis of the forum ongoings each week. I know many of you are able to do this as you constantly read the fourms. So if your willing to share what you find send me a pm on the forums.

Thats all from me, have a great 2011