W53: The Waiting Ends

November 1, 2010 in World 053 News, World News

So here we go, W53 is finally opening on the 2nd of November at about 17:00 ST. A world for which a lot of players have been eagerly waiting for and a world set to be a rocking one judging by the quality of players and premades, W53 should keep everyone pre-occupied for quite a while. This world is to be premade friendly and for the more experienced players, but nevertheless, we should see plenty of fresh talent arise from the so called “newbs”.

Settings for W53:

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W53 is full of premades, as full as it can gets. With players from all over the globe (from the older to newer worlds) lining up to battle with each other, W53 is all set to be one of the best worlds if everything goes according to plan. A flurry of premades means a lot of players and therefore, lots of competition and since the settings have been agreed on by most, no one can hold on for any longer to start playing. There are some well-known premades, other not so known ones while some others haven’t come in public but are lurking in the shaodows to mesmerize the W53 audience with their skills. The following list of premades are the ones to look out for and have been listed to be starting in W53:


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How the Dukes of the top Tribes feel regarding the fanning out of the world:

Nima Unknown: I guess W53 will have a nice thriving start-up. Hopefully, and most likely, the excitement will last longer in W53 than it did in some other previous worlds. The world got quite a lot of premades with presence on forums. Happle, Nooble, Abort!, IKEA, DSL, Contra, Gods, Perve, possibly Shlomzi’s, and maybe a few others. In my opinion, Happle and Nooble are more likely to dominate the starting era. And depending on how the world will go on at start-up, the mid game era will be harder to predict. But I am fairly sure Happle and Abort will still be around by then. All in all, W53 is bound to be fun. I’m eagerly waiting for it.
Booza: Let us hope that for once all the big premades survive start up. That should make for some interesting wars in 2-3 months. IKEA and Happle seem to have very capable line-ups. Gods and perve will probably become tribes that will team up with one of the other top tribes. Never the less, I got my hopes up big time.
Bugcommander: I feel that world 53 will turn out at least for the early stages to be a very fun and interesting world. While i do not believe that the premade lineup will match that of world 47 i do see far more talented premades coming to this world then the average one. The tribes Abort, Happle and Nuisance i know have/will have good lineups and i look for them to do well on this world if there members last past the beggining stage I think a few of the top premades going into this world are I see a very good chance for this world to mature into a great one with some killer PnP if the forums are not ruined by bad spammers.
Geremy: I feel W53 will turn out to be a positive thing for TW players everywhere. Older veterans of the game will get to use skillsets probably not used in some time. Newer eager players will learn ‘quick and the dead’ style, how to fight these more advanced players and organized tribes in their element. The pre-mades have the good players in the hundreds showing up so the general public will get a show for sure, in the forums and in world.
Scorpio S2: I think W53 is one of the most highly anticipated worlds we’ve seen for some time. The array of pre-mades is very exciting and I think few worlds can boast the names that this world is set to have. I’m confident that if the world lives up to expectation then it’ll be a world to remember.

A Poll about how the W53 general public feels regarding premades:

(many thanks to Frailbeauty for letting me use this poll)

Detailed discussions regarding this poll can be found here.

A note from me:

I wish everyone starting W53 a very good luck. Even though we shall start as enemies, let us not take the animosity to a personal level with crude insults and swearing at each other unnecessarily. We’re all here to enjoy the game and fighting uselessly defeats the purpose of having fun. Friendly rivalry is healthy and wars will be waged soon enough – please don’t make it personal. If anyone has any sort of query or problem, don’t hesitate to put in a support ticket in game or come to the forums and ask directly, 95% of the cases you’re bound to get a satisfactory answer. ┬áThis world has been anticipated for a long time, let’s make this one to remember for all the valiant efforts and superb wars, skills and teamwork and not one to have been a living witness of bitter quarrels and outright bashings.
Thank you for reading.