[W53] 1st Edition: The World is Shaping Up

November 21, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 053 News, World News

Greetings, W53!

I, FrailBeauty, am your new blogger. Some like me, others don’t; some don’t even know who I am. This really doesn’t matter though, because this blog is about W53 and I am nothing more than a reporter. For this reason I am skipping the usual ‘introductory’ post and getting straight to the good stuff.

The world is now nearly three weeks old, and at Speed 2 that actually means something. The startup rush has cooled down, and now a different set of achievers are making their appearance in the top 20. In this edition I have compiled a watch list of 12 tribes that everyone should take note of. After this you’ll find an interview with the top ranking player (-Stormrage-), as well as a fun Survey Section for some friendly world competition.

As a sidenote, I would like to apologize to all those that I interviewed/contacted for the blog, that won’t find their pieces featured in it. Times change and unfortunately certain things have become outdated at this point in time. I am sorry for wasting your time.

That’s all for now folks!
See you next week.

W53 Tribe Watch List

Every one of us chose a unique starting location. Be it because of the premade we were signed up for, or a simple whimsical feeling – to each of us the world looks different. In this feature I take a look at the world as a whole and find tribes with potential in all the starting directions. I’ve limited this article to only 12 slots, so that it doesn’t get too long. Next week I might be taking a closer look at the ‘underdogs’ of the world. If I’ve contacted your tribe for information, but you do not find yourselves in this list – hang tight. Next week could be yours!

W53 Tribe Watch List Map SelectShow

False Alarm
Tag: Abort!

Abort! are a well known premade that is most famous for having a line-up filled with W12 DNY players. These guys had a rocky start in terms of internal drama, but seem to have gotten over the worst of it. At this moment in time they’re doing very well indeed. Currently ranking in 1st with 5 members in the top 20, whilst having the highest player average in the top 20, they have definitely shown themselves to be worth the hype.

Our biggest threat will be to keep everyone together. As most have seen, our 2 top accounts left early on because they figured Abort! is too clustered, which I can’t blame them, we are. But it’ll be important to keep the ego’s in check. If we can manage that, we should be in for the long run.Booza

We all know that no tribe comes without its challenges. Abort! is most definitely a powerhouse in the North West. With a line up of members that has proven to stand the test of time in the past, it’ll be interesting to watch their progress on this world. Their clustering and starting location lead me to believe that the greatest challenges they will face as a tribe would be the internal ones. When it comes to warring other tribes, the only reasonable competitors in their area would be the Ducks tribe. Time will tell whether Abort! choose to expand into the core or if they’ll play it safe by spreading out onto the rim (or both?). Either way, they’ve rightfully earned themselves a spot at the top everyones watch list.

Happy Apples
Tag: Happle

The winners of the ‘Most Promising Premade’ poll have been living up to their title thus far. It’s no secret that a lot of the original member list had pulled out at the last second to join other tribes. Many had written these guys off before they even started. And yet, here they stand on top of the world at rank 2 with the second highest player average in the Top 20.

Their tribal changes indicate active recruitment, dead weight disposal as well as some internal drama. As the leader of Abort! said: keeping egos in check is very important for tribes with high caliber players. It seems that Happle are facing this very challenge right now, and it will be very interesting to see if the leadership of the tribe can hold their own and re-instill confidence in their members at such a critical time, when some of their friends may be leaving the tribe.

Internal issues aren’t the biggest of their concerns either. Being one of the top ranking tribes based in the more competitive regions of the world lands them with a target mark on their backs (looking at the recent village losses indicates just that). That being said, their map spread is pretty solid. They are mainly clustered around the outercore of the North-East and the South-East. While their spread is not as tight as that of other tribes, their members remain sitting comfortably with tribemates close enough to help out in a time of need, but not near enough to interfere with expansion.

This tribe has the potential to succeed. It will be interesting to see if they can make it despite all the challenges and pressure that all publicly highlighted top ranking tribes have to face in their fight for dominance.

Baby Bombers

One of the many ‘secret’ premades on this world. My sources tell me that the core members come from worlds 10 and 24, but the leadership have yet to confirm this speculation.

As it stands, they are a tribe limited almost completely to one continent (K55). While of course this particular trait will have its setbacks in the future, it’s surely serving them as a bonus in the present. One must remember that K55 is possibly the most condensed core K in the world, and having a tribe that’s geographically near enough to help in a time of need is important. COMING also serves as a home to the top ranking player on W53. -Stormrage- currently has an impressive lead at rank 1, with an even more impressive award line up.

Only time will tell how loyal their member base is and whether or not they’ll be able to overcome future challenges as a tribe. It will be interesting to see how their spread evolves on the map, considering tribes like Happle, Contra and Ducks are all close enough to cause some serious damage.

Mighty Ducks
Tag: Ducks

Here we find yet another premade that’s been keeping themselves on the DL from the start of the world. Sources tell me their core membership comes from the Russian server, and that’s pretty much all I know at this point. Recently they’ve opened up recruitment and taken in some really promising new members. These guys have been hovering around the top spots since the start of the world, always maintaining a low member count and an impressive tribal average.

The tribe is situated primarily in K44 with a few scattered villages in the surrounding North-Western Ks. When looking at their cluster, one can definitely see future issues in expansion limitations for tribe members, but at the same time it’s important to keep in mind their low member count. With the current spread they have the advantage of preventing gang bangs from tribes with a higher member count than theirs. So far the tribe has only suffered one loss since nobles have come into play. The village in question was taken by the Abort! tribe. Nothing more than a skirmish, or an indication of future wars to come? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Ducks should face no problems in dominating their main K, it’s where they will choose to expand afterwards that’s intriguing. If they keep expanding to the North West they’ll face the Abort! tribe. A possible future clash of premades, or will the choose to avoid conflict and expand in other directions? Only time will tell. These guys are sure worth watching though.

We Are Disillusioned!!!
Tag: DSL

Most of our members originate from our W29 DSL premade. We are a premade with a little in game recruiting. Our leadership members are all from Antarctica and we are all ninjas. Our biggest threat in our area are those Happy Apples, there’s just something scary about an apple with a smile. W53 can expect sexiness from our tribe.TehDarkOne*

… Is what the leadership had to say when questioned about the tribe.

This tribe is doing quite well. Based on their map location, I would say that they started out at around the same time as Abort! did, also choosing to side closer to the rim than the core. They are based in Ks 35 and 46 respectively, with rather tight clustering in both those areas. The leadership mentioned Happle being a cause of concern in the future, but in this scenario DSL should face no true challenges as they outnumber the Happles in their area greatly. As it stands, their conquers list is not looking very impressive, with 4 barb caps and only two decently sized villages taken, these guys will have to start taking more risks if they want to stand a chance against the rivals in their area.

Rogue Assasins
Tag: Rogues

Another rim-side power. This tribe is situated in Ks 56, 66 and 65 in the South-East of our world. The member list leads me to believe they are a group of players that played together on W50 in the top ranking tribe known as [END], but this has yet to be confirmed as the leadership of the tribe has refused any comments for the blog.

Thus far they seem to be doing quite well, recruiting smartly to ensure a solid spread on the map in which no single member is left starved when it comes to expanding, yet at the same time keeping clustered close enough to help one another in a time of need. All the advantages are on their side, and they’re in a great position to dominate the South East, expanding their way inwards to the core. They also seem to have been involved in a skirmish with Happle recently. Two villages lost and two capped. Is this nothing more than a skirmish, or could this be the start of one of the first real major wars on our world? Only time will tell, but that sure would be an interesting outcome.

Tag: Contra

Contra started as a premade. We joined the world with less than 25 members. We are now openly recruiting. I understand you are hinting at a request of an invite, but sorry, you do not have the criteria to join. Please try again some other time.

I am the only leader of Contra. I believe dictatorship creates a more stable foundation for a tribe to grow from. Later in the game this may change.Crimsoni

Contra is a well known premade based mainly in the core of the world (K55). They resemble Ducks in many ways, only their tribal average is lower, and they’re located in a more competitive continent. Their main threats are likely to be COMING and Happle. Although at this point they seem to have taken the offensive in that particular aspect, having recently nobled a Happle village.

Being situated in a K as competitive as theirs will truly be a challenge. Smart diplomacy/noob manipulation will be the key to their survival. It will be interesting to see how their fate and/or leadership skills play out in the future.

Repo & The Diligent Organisms
Tags: Repo & Organs

These two tribes share a slot on the watch list. Why? Because they are both based in K54, with a very similar tribal average and a clashing map spread. Going by this logic, I believe neither can thrive while the other is left alive. The conquer list shows no signs of confrontation yet, I am hoping we will see more action between the two tribes soon enough. While I have no idea who Repo are and where they came from, since their leadership never got back to me with a comment; I do, however, have a quote from the leader of Organs:

Organs was created on the 6th after my failed attempt to try and help a tribe understand a core game in a 2.0 world. I’m a selective recruiter and we are not a premade. Our biggest threats right now seem to be Serene or Repo (if they get a few more players). Our plan for the future is to hold our own against the top tribes of the core and hopefully show them what we’re capable of.

Only time will tell who comes out on top in the end, and potentially goes on to dominate the South Western core.

Dark Magic
Tag: Voodoo

This tribe is a premade that can be found in the outercore of the North East. I believe their biggest competition in the area will be 2HARD and DSL. Their ennoblements list seems to show them focusing on clearing out the smaller players in their area, with only one village loss so far (a 5k village to Happle, ouch!). Unfortunately, I don’t have much more to say about them at this point, and their leadership didn’t give me much to go by.

I am the duke. I would be the one that would answer. BUT….as you might already know. WE are trying to stay mysterious. Most all of us have created new aliases and will reveal our true nature at some point. Thanks for the consideration. But for now….”WE WILL JUST BE PRICKS;)PinCushion?

Clever pun there from a bunch of needles. It will be interesting to see how this tribe develops in the future, and whether or not they have what it takes to dominate the North East.

Tag: OwnYou

The core foundation of this tribe consists of some well known faces from W22 and W34, who are now located in K45 of our world. Once again I must mention that this is a K packed with other watch list tribes, and that the battle for dominance will not be an easy one. So far the tribe has more losses than gains in their conquers list, and a long way to go in proving themselves as a true force on this world. Do They have it in them? The leadership believes so:

In w53 we are going to be dominate over the areas of k45 and k55 we have the potential to cause a threat to any tribe in this world and yes i repeat you will see OwnYou on your door steps soon enough.*Very-Fascinating-?.

Tag: 2HARD

Our tribe 2HARD consists of a group of friends who have known each other for some time now from different worlds (uk2 TEAM and w14 STFU, now TheFoe after a merger). We were all a bit bored of the current cycle of endless routine so we decided to join a world as one group and see how we fared as one unit. We are also hand picking some hopefuls and schooling them.

We are very aggressive bunch, having members with a myriad of skills amongst us. We are well coordinated and for now our goal is to grab the 50 million ODA milestone first as it’s been something we aim for and usually get on each world since we have played together. It’s looking like it will be a hard task on this world though.DARTH-CALAIS

Ranking in at 20 with quite a low tribal average, but a high ODA, these guys are an interesting addition to the watch list. Perhaps best known for their recent public forum thread in which they posted a video announcing themselves to the world. Some loved the video, others hated it. Regardless, it certainly caught our attention.

Location wise they are based in the North East, cluster clashing with the Voodoo tribe, as well as some of the Happle members. They claim to be fighters, but do they have what it takes to go on to dominate the North East? Perhaps. We shall see.

Noobs Nobling You!
Tag: Nooble

Nooble started after an idea of “teaching” players how to play the game. The name however was probably due to the typing mistakes one makes when you drink a beer or two. We started as a premade but we also recruit in-game. Our leaders know what to do, Deb is awesome and Pervis is teaching me how to lead (lol). Good guidance is necessary for the tribe considering we have to deal with Uruz which is another good premade that is near us. They are the biggest threat at the moment. As for our plans, same thing as we do every day. Try to take over the world. - Blow

Some really big names hiding out under aliases here. Nooble are one of the premades that never announced themselves to the public. A little disappointing to see them drop out of the top 20 this early on, but knowing the amount of talent within the tribe, we will hopefully see them rise up again in the weeks to come. So far they seem to be in conflict with the Uruz tribe.

Time will tell how they do, I suppose. But I’m looking forward to seeing great things from these guys. The leadership of the tribe have earned themselves a good reputation on previous worlds, can they do it here as well?

Weekly Player Interview

-Stormrage- is currently the highest ranking account on W53, holding the top spot by an impressive 4k margin. The account is also leading the Award rankings with 27 points. Quite remarkable, no? I grabbed the owner for an interview. Click the spoiler below to access!

Weekly Player Interview: -Stormrage- SelectShow

The Survey Section

Time to bring some fun voting into play, don’t you think? Below you’ll find a nomination form filled with different categories. You can submit your nominations in one of three ways:

1) You can post your nominations as a response to the W53 Blog thread on the forums.
2) You can send me a PM on the externals with your nominations by clicking here.
3) You can send an In-Game message to the Clown.Puke account with your list of nominations.

Those nominees that receive the highest amount of nominations per category will move on to the next round (the voting poll round). In two weeks time the final winners will be declared, and those that were voted best forum personality and best in-game player shall be interviewed for the blog.

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