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September 4, 2011 in Guest Blogger, World 052 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

I was contacted by a player on w52 who asked to remain anonymous about posting a short series of blogs, since your world currently does not have a blogger. I agreed and the first installment of the series was sent to me.

Welcome to this entry of the world 52 blog. My name is Captain Miracle. You may call me Captain. I’m an obvious alias. But I am not Captain Obvious Alias. That’s a different guy. I just wanted to bring you godly tunes and killer riffs.. oh wait. Blog. I just wanted to bring you something to read from the blog as we have not had a blog author for a while. I am by no means a permanent author. I will make a series of three blog entries, the first discussing the interesting war that was brought to our attention today by a forum poster from bush, the second discussing the recent happenings between Smile and Sohk, and the third discussing the also quite interesting war between Wet on one side and Bush and Sohk on the other side.

So the first of my blogs will center on the dealings of Phat and Swat. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!

It was never a secret that phat and swat could not stand each other given the regular flamewars that have been entertaining the readers of our very own forum. I tried to get in touch with the leaders of both tribes for a short questionaire but the duke of -Swat-, lavrikan3, was not interested in an interview. The duke of Phat however did want to reply and I’ll post his responses later. For now, let’s look at the build up of captures between both tribes.

I’ve also included the stats between MIKE and -Swat-, as Mike (currently ranked seventh) have been fighting for a while. As I was unable to contact anyone in -Swat- about it, I could not ask how they view this ‘war'; the size of Mike compared to that of Swat is like that of a child’s remote controlled toy car to a fully equipped riot van. It’s quite possible that it is not viewed as a serious skirmish inside -Swat-. I was also unable to get in touch with the leader of Mike, Mr. Mikey.

The stats themselves go back to the start of August. Where a number is shown below a tribe it means that that tribe took that number of villages from the other tribe on that day.

Now this shows some interesting things. On the Phat/SWAT side of the table you can see that there have been very few conquers in the month before this war was declared. However, on the 27th of August it seems that Swat nobled 6 villages by surprise. From that day onwards villages were traded for a short while. The main event however was the first of september, on which Phat nobled 54 villages from -Swat-.

Was it really this event that lead to this war? I’ve had the oppertunity to bring it up during a short conversation with Phat’s duke, Asta Lapasta.

The feud between Phat and Swat has been for quite sometime now. There has been a lot of bashing by each tribes against the other. It was only a matter of time before we where going to end up warring each other. What pushed it really was that our members were growing tired of waiting. So we organized ourselves and went for it.

Upon being asked if it was accelerated by Swat’s attack he replied:

We had a date planned a little while ago; him attacking us during the planning stage was just unlucky for him. We stick to our dates, he didn’t accelerate anything but our drive for wanting to hit them.

Looking at the image above it also seems that Mike and Swat have had several moments of intense fighting. These skirmishes also have peculiar lulls in between them: periods with no or little captures. There may not be a reason behind this, but it could also simply imply that both tribes do small scale tribal ops every few days. if so, it would indicate this war is being taken very seriously.

As Mike and Phat are now seemingly fighting a common enemy in -Swat- it would seem logical that both are to some degree coordinating with each other. However this may be far from the truth as Asta commented:

Mike has recently taken in some new members (they seem to have merged with a local tribe named UnD) who we have been hitting for a while. Any chance of Phat coordinating with Mike has gone down the drain due to that, and it does not look like any coordination will happen in the future.

This war is, at the time of writing still young. Undoubtedly -Swat- is planning a counter attack at this moment and support is flowing to their borders. -Swat- has not been really challenged by a tribe of equal their size or larger, unless I’m mistaken. With the drive to prove themselves it is almost certain they are excited to get into this war. Now the stats of the first day between these two tribes are 54 to 0 for Phat. I’ve taken the oppertunity to look back to the first day of the Phat versus Bush war. The similarity is striking, as Phat obtained a 52 to 2 victory over that day. However -Swat- is not very much like Bush in one way: Bush was already fighting Wet when Phat declared and Bush did not have the extensive border that -Swat- has with Phat. There are many options for both tribes and this event could turn out to be a very entertaining clash between two giants. I’m expecting Swat to organise a strong counter attack in the coming days.

As readers of the forum will know, Phat napped Bush about three weeks ago. No doubt this news was not well received in the camps of Wet, who were fighting alongside Phat against Bush.

Particularly not because Wet were losing. Did Phat simply use their ally and drop them when they were in a hard spot? A leaked mail (of which we can’t actually verify it’s accuracy) showed that there were some internal problems within Wet following Phat’s withdrawal. When asked to comment on the Nap between Phat and Bush, Asta replied:

The Nap was in the best interest for each tribe. It did put Wet in a worse spot, but hopefully it will aid in them doing what they need to do in order to have a better performing tribe.

With that I’d like to conclude this first blog. I regret not being able to get in touch with more people, but alas, not everyone will trust an alias. If you have any question or ideas for the next two entries feel free to PM the FORUM account Captain Miracle or leave your comments in the comment section below. Cool transition! For the next entry I will try to cover the recent happenings between Smile and Sohk. Stay tuned!