W51 – Short Cover on Recent Events

October 19, 2010 in World 051 News, World News

Ok, so, this is blog is going to be a short recap of what has happened between UBM standing down and me becoming blogger. Sorry if it isn’t what you wanted for a first blog, but it’s nice to have a little catch up, as quite a bit went on. (I know UBM didn’t quit until early October, but his September blog was removed and the blog before was end of August, I’ll go from there.) Ok, I will be going by the Time line thread in the forums to get this done, plus things I know from my own knowledge. So I hope I get the facts and details right, sorry for missing anything or making mistakes!


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Sorry if that was a bit of a mass information intake.

The proper blog will be up later this week on Friday or Saturday. Thanks for reading, and I hope this shines some light on some of the more recent events of W51.

Thanks to Shrek for letting me use the time-line.