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Welcome to the second edition of my W50 blog.

Top 10 tribes on 2010-07-08 09:30

1 CBears Previuos week: 2
2 DIY Previuos week: 1
3 EVHU Previuos week: 8
4 Envy Previuos week: 3
5 …… Previuos week: 6
6 SchOoL Previuos week: 4
7 Banned Previuos week: 9
8 AOD Previuos week: 7
9 SeVeN Previuos week: 10
10 Bush Previuos week: 5

Top 10 players on 2010-07-08 09:30

1 Sir Luuk Previuos week: 4
2 Trlnlty Previuos week: 2
3 Shirime Previuos week: 1
4 Zalem Previuos week: 3
5 ahmedrefaat Previuos week: 5
6 C0V3RT Previuos week: 9
7 Shusaku Chiba Previuos week: 7
8 The Handyman Previuos week: 10
9 UbeGame Previuos week: 6
10 Lord_Anubis Previuos week: New in top 10


This week I asked my 10 questions to some of the Dukes.

First up:

lajoo the leader of SpEEcHLeSS

1. Give us some background on your tribe.

I’m not the founder of the tribe,I stepped up as leader and kicked dead-weight etc.

2. Give us some background on yourself as a leader.

I was the leader of a top 20 tribe in W15 and after that i was the duke of #3(under another alias),was a part of the council of HIRE tribe in W28 too,though i don’t know what happened with them.

3. What type of leadership is used in your tribe?

I don’t like democracy,I give out orders and expect them to be met,so you can say dictatorship

4. Any ongoing wars at this stage?

DIY and NN,NN players got recruited into different tribes and are falling,now we can focus mainly on DIY.

5. How does this wars (if any) impact on your tribe’s growth?

Of course it lowers our growth,but not at a large scale and i believe we are doing fine.

6. What tribes do you see as your main opposition, and why?

Maybe DIY,they seem to have lots of good players,we are yet to see a good tribal attack from them though.

7. What do you see as an ideal member count on this world?


8. What is the 3 main attributes that you want your members to have?

2-Skill or a will to learn.
3-Cooperation with other members.

9. Explain your recruitment policy.

I take these into account before recruiting:

1-Activity(Or points).
5-Location of course.

10. Any advise for new tribal leaders out there?

Make sure you don’t play by your emotions and your members will respect you.

I did managed to get hold of the Duke of the tribe that is in a war with our first Duke, so here he is:

The-Tradesman the leader of DIY

1. Give us some background on your tribe.

DIY is a group of friends and enemies from several old worlds. The core leadership group is the leadership group from OCD in W41 and DNY in W12. Our leadership group has always built war tribes. One thing that usually happens in doing this is that you get to know a lot of enemies. When we have moved to new worlds, we remember the best players that we fought against and we bring them with us into the new world.

DIY was initially a premade designed by Wrathofkane and he asked me to assist him when we were planning the member list. Unfortunately, Wrath is busy with RL so he had to quit W50.

We originally had approximately 35 accounts of which many are co-played. We had to form the tribe earlier than expected when it became apparent that iP was in our area. When iP imploded, we chose to grab a few of their best players, so it was a win-win situation. The only downfall was that we were looking forward to a great war with iP, but it never eventuated. Some people looked at the iP recruits as merging, but it’s hard to call it a merge when none of their leaders were recruited. Actually, it’s simply a myth. No discussions occurred with their leadership group, we just saw the guys we wanted and we arranged invites.

2. Give us some background on yourself as a leader.

People that know me would know that I have a bit of a temper. This is evident in the fact that I am currently serving another 1.5 month ban on the externals… lol. Look out when I return.

In previous worlds, I usually took on the Internal Affairs role within my tribe and people usually sit up and listen when I bark. I am a firm believer that you need to create a hierarchy in a tribe similar to that of an army. Most people like a strong approach to keep order within the tribe and I seem to have plenty of people willing to play under my leadership style. With this said, I like to ensure that we have tons of fun on skype to ensure that we get the right balance to make the game interesting and fun for everyone. After all, this is simply a game.

Previous world experience includes:
W11 – Duke of Raven
W12 – Co-Duke of DNY
W41 – Duke of OCD

W12 was fun. I don’t care what anyone says, DNY is the most destructive tribe in .net history. A lot of people that were never in DNY can only look at DNY from the outside and compare stats and such. Recently, DNY has recruited half the world to close the world. Some people are saying that DNY merged their way to win a world. It is funny that these people are usually people that never played in W2. The recent recruitment policy put in place by Rednecks (DNY’s Duke) is being confused as a tribe merging their way to winning a world. The world was won more than a year ago. Go ask the players that we targeted when DNY was at it’s peak and get their thoughts of our ability as a tribe. At our peak, nothing could stop DNY.

I’d even go as far as saying that one team from DNY (we had 4 teams) would give whole tribes in other worlds a run for their money. Imagine posting 1000 villages for a targeted player, 24-36 hours later… all of them are claimed. 5 days later… the guy has quit from the overwhelming firepower thrown at him. I don’t care what anyone says… DNY is the most devastating tribe in .net history. Until you have played in a tribe like DNY, you can never appreciate total teamwork.

3. What type of leadership is used in your tribe?

We run the tribe like an army. 4 main roles exist within DIY – War General, Warlords, Internal Affairs Rep and Diplomat.

The War General works closely with the Diplomat to outline the strategic direction of the tribe and it’s expansion/wars.

Players are grouped by their area and assigned to work under the warlord of that area. The War General directs the warlords as to how he wants the wars/expansion to happen. The tactical work is then done by the warlord. Warlords set up our operations and pass the information onto the players. The operational work is then done by the players. The funny thing is that the Duke may give strategic orders to his warlord, but the Warlord will tell the Duke where he has to noble. Yes, the Duke of DIY has to report to his warlord regarding his local expansion and progress in our wars… weird, but it works.

As for Internal Affairs, we have split the Internal Affairs role over two people to reduce the workload. Other worlds proved to be very hard on the IA Rep so I chose to split the role up in this world as an experiment. It seems to have worked so far.

4. Any ongoing wars at this stage?

We are at war with Speechless.
We also have local expansion happening in a few other areas… the tribes in those areas would consider that we are at war with them, but to us it is nothing more than expansion.

5. How does this wars (if any) impact on your tribe’s growth?

The Speechless war is still in it’s infancy. I will not discuss too much about it at this stage, but let’s just say that it will be heating up soon.

6. What tribes do you see as your main opposition, and why?

Current – Speechless.
Future – I will reserve comment on this for the moment until Speechless are removed.

7. What do you see as an ideal member count on this world?


8. What is the 3 main attributes that you want your members to have?

1 – High activity.

2 – The willingness to learn and improve your ability at this game. No one is perfect at this game and skills can always be improved.

3 – The ability to work as part of a team. This is a team based game and I want team players before individuals/prima donnas. My motto is “The tribe comes before the individual” and those that know me will know that I have proven this on other worlds.

9. Explain your recruitment policy.

If you send us an invite mail… we will target you. If we want you, we will contact you. If you don’t hear from us, you know our answer.

10. Any advise for new tribal leaders out there?

1 – Build a team environment within your tribe.
2 – Build a hierarchy similar to an army. If anyone breaks the rules, they are to be punished. This is a war game, so treat your tribe like an army. With this said, you need to find the right balance.
3 – Teach the noobs that are willing to learn. Some of these will be the best fighters one day and they will be loyal to you forever. I have seen several players playing their first world and they turned out to be some of the best players ever. Everyone was a beginner at one stage.
4 – Skype is a must, but make sure you document all important information in your forum so that it can be found later.
5 – Get every imaginable legal script and hand them out to your tribe. I played this game when scripts never existed and it was completely differnet back then. Scripts makes the game so much easier, so get to know what they do and hand them out to your tribemembers.
6 – Have fun. Make your tribe a fun place to be in so that people are willing to log in every day.

To both this tribes, have a good war and may the best tribe win!

This bring us to the end of the second edition.