W50 Midweek Madness #3

October 21, 2010 in World 050 News, World News

Hey guys! Welcome to the latest edition of MM. I bring my sincerest apologies for the long delay. Thank you to the patient ones that understood, and to those that didn’t: I’ll try to make it up to you by releasing good weekly editions from here on out.

This week it’s all about [END]. Tribe after tribe are declaring on the the top rankers of this world, and the forums are buzzing with activity as a result of this. I tried to get as many sides to the story as possible. Hopefully this will be an enjoyable read for all. The main article is followed by some stats and a fun new survey for our world!

And now, without further delay, I bring you Midweek Madness: A Look at W50 Today.

World vs [END]

The biggest news to hit our news stands in a while, Ladies and Gentlemen. At this moment in time there are four publicly highlighted tribes which are fighting [END]. NOT!, SchOol, ~HELL~ and [STRT]. Now, the forums have turned into pretty much a soap opera due to all this.

Coalition or Coincidence?

Naturally, [END] called gangbang on this as soon as they caught wind of what was happening. But is it really? On the SchOol declaration thread (found here) a lot of arguments were brought up.

One half of the SchOol leadership initially claimed that there were no coalition efforts when it came to fighting [END]. It was stated that SchOol were not responsible for other tribes wishing to fight [END], and that the tribe had earned the hatred of all their other enemies purely on their own. After this claim, things really heated up when a former SchOol council member showed up stating that he himself had been the one to plan and organize a mutual war effort against [END] which included several Northern tribes. [END] forum personalities were quick to jump in and back up his claims and accusations, whilst SchOol and even HUG members defended the fact that ‘talk of coalitions’ in the past does not accurately reflect the current situation, and could very well be discredited. This dispute ended with one of the SchOol leaders themselves stating the following:

Regardless of any of this: what’s done is done. I wanted to declare simply because of Astros threats against SchOoL. Gangbang or not every tribe has thought about it etc.. Let’s just have a war sheesh.
Let’s bring back the old twars and war!

-Behn (IdlingIdiot)

Now, that alone pretty much proves nothing. At the end of it all, neither of the SchOol dukes made an official statement regarding this. However, Isaac, the duke of NOT!, has said that while there was talk of a coalition effort with a particular council member of SchOol in the past; all talk had subsided after that player had left the tribe.

It is my final opinion on the matter, that while the tribes do not seem to be working together in a co-ordinated manner, they were all aware that there would be many others stepping in to join the fight, thus they were given the courage to step up to the plate and fight [END]. So, all in all, is this a gangbang? I say yes. Was it deserved? I believe so, yes.

If you spend your time mass recruiting from other tribes areas and rubbing everyone up the wrong way you can hardly cry foul play just because more then one of those pissed off groups decides to teach you a lesson.
Tracey (schoolofishes)

Truth is truth, and as such should not be denied. Such a high level of hate for a tribe is never coincidental. Despite how [END] members may argue this, the facts remain the same. When you’re disliked by next to everyone in the world, there has to be a reason for it. People aren’t just naturally hateful. Also, with that much dislike aimed in [END]s general direction, who can truly say they’re surprised by this turn of events?

Let’s take a look at all the tribes fighting [END] (please note that I have not included Realm in any of this, as they are literally being nibbled away at on several fronts, therefore they are hardly relevant to the ‘ganging up’ against [END]).

~HELL~ vs [END]

It all started with the much publicized skirmish/war between ~HELL~ and [END] . ~HELL~ recruited a new member which was under fire by [END]. As the attacks on the player in question did not cease, ~HELL~ chose to fight back. This in return instigated one of the biggest flame-fests the W50 external community had ever seen (the declaration thread), in which one of the leaders of [END] (Lee Walton) was ridiculed by many. In fact, it got so bad that Astronomy chose to declare defeat in hopes of closing the thread that had gotten so out of control. Regardless of the state of the thread, the battle still goes on. Below are the stats since the time of the official declaration thread.

Considering [END] are nearly 6 times as large as ~HELL~, these statistics are nothing out of the ordinary. This fight was started over a month ago, therefore ‘coalition’ and ‘gangbang’ claims cannot be used here. While ~HELL~ are undoubtedly on the losing end here, they are putting up a good effort and it’s definitely pleasant to see that no members have jumped ship to the enemy, despite there being evidence of several of them being approached for recruitment.

Combined with the efforts of the top dog tribes, I expect to see the stats on ~HELL~s side rise quite a bit in the coming month. If there’s a winner in all of this, it’s definitely these guys; as they actually stand a slight chance against [END] now. This is just a personal prediction I have.

We are happy that the world has finally decided to join the fight against [END]. Astronomy’s recruitment strategy was meant to divide and conquer. And we believe that up until they decided to fight us, they have been successful with this strategy. But against a tribe that has loyal members, they have seen that success is not as easy. And if a small tribe such as ours can hold off a tribe of monstrous size like [END], then maybe they are not deserving of the Rank 1 they hold. So now everyone wants a piece of the cake. Now we will see the loyalty of the players they recruited once they face off against the world that wants to eliminate an internal nobler who grew too much. There is only thing we want to tell the world – the secret to a successful war against [END] is “just say NO” :D
Council Members of ~HELL~

NOT! vs [END]

NOT! were the first tribe to officially declare on [END] (thread found here). Nothing too dramatic on this thread. A few pages of disputes about inactives, an announcement of an [END] leader (Lee Walton) quitting the game and then some stats. Which speak for themselves really. Below are the stats since the time of the official declaration.

Now props go to NOT! for standing up and declaring on their own regardless of talks of coalitions and such. Every good leader knows that the only people you can truly rely on are your own tribemates – not allies or NAPs. So going ahead and declaring first regardless of what others are doing takes guts. And these guys have been proving themselves to be daring from the very start. Stats are also in their favour as of now, but only just. Considering the tribe size differences it’s impressive enough. Although, admittedly, when taking a look at the frontline, both tribes seem fairly evenly matched.

I think we will win this war. We have a large number of highly skilled players in our tribe. I anticipate us taking a few casualties in this war, but assuming we can pull our players together to cooperate, I think we will be very successful. I expect the majority of our losses will be to those who quit for some reason. But overall I expect us to take over K47 from [END] as well as part of K26. The main reason we are doing as badly as we are is because we are fighting a four front war against CARN, t:r, TPG, and [END] who basically formed a coalition to defeat us. Because of this, I expect many of our major continental gains to be from other tribes like t:r and TPG.
Isaac (Isaac the Bold)

A few interesting points there. Is it in fact true that [END] are rallying help from other tribes? Astronomy, the leader of [END], denies this possibility. But whether on their own accord, or by teaming up with [END], several tribes are indeed hitting NOT!. Below are the stats since the time of the official declaration.

Quite the turn-around in statistics above. Is this war perhaps not as unmatched as [END] are trying to make it seem? Until I have evidence of a coalition on [END]s behalf, I really cannot say much more on this matter. But these stats do show that NOT! are definitely not on an easy road to success. Do they have what it takes to defeat all these tribes?

SchOol vs [END]

SchOol officially declared on [END] just a couple of days ago (thread found here). As mentioned before, there was a lot of talk of gang-banging. [END] accused SchOol of being cowardly and only jumping in to fight when they saw other tribes fighting them. SchOol rebutted saying they had been planning this for a while and simply wanted to be well prepared before declaring. I believe the statistics should serve as a rough indication of the truth on this matter. Below are the stats since the time of the official declaration.

Some beastly stats right there. Since their declaration, SchOol lead in their war against [END] by 111 conquers. [END] blame this on their members being unprepared, but there has been substantial evidence on the declaration thread which shows that Astronomy had been telling his members to prepare for aggression from SchOol. Guess they hadn’t prepared well enough.

Why did SchOol declare on [END]? Well when diplomacy tries and fails to accomplish something then only war is the next step. That is the problem that was found here. We could not agree on certain points since the fall of CBears and relations started to fail there after. Myself and Astro get along, we always have, but in terms of tribes – members got at each others throat and open hostility was rampant in the forums. As such we stacked our borders for what we called an inevitable [END] war. Once we were prepared for the attack and it didn’t come we had to make a choice: back down or declare. As such we declared. I hope the best for Astro and his boys and girls in [END]. I personally hope to keep it a clean, well fought war. What to expect of SchOol in this war? I don’t know. I personally expect victory to a certain extent, for sure. These are my members and friends.
Fadar (Drunken Housewife)

[STRT] vs [END]

As far as my understanding goes, [STRT] are a rebellion tribe formed for the sole purpose of helping in war against [END]. Despite the initial interest which surfaced upon their establishment, one can’t help but be disappointed with the stats of their war efforts at this moment in time. Pretty much slaughter when taking a look at the stats. Below are the stats since the formation of [STRT].

The most interesting part of this tribe would have to be the myhammerisbig account. Formerly a member of HUG (a council member even), leaving the tribe simply to help in the fight against, it seems, the duke of [END] himself – Astronomy.

[END] will fall because Astro has as many would say recruited blindly or mass recruited. The fact is, he has recruited meat shields for tribes like school to hit and for his own core members to eat when they are vulnerable. I am sure that Astro and his core will come out of these wars for the most part unscathed unless they are targeted.
Sanchez (myhammerisbig)

Interesting indeed. It seems Sanchez left HUG and formed [STRT] due to his own personal beliefs on this matter. So one can’t help but wonder what is HUGs involvement in all this? One of their own has left to fight the tribe they have diplomatic ties with. Is this indication of something more, or are they really going to remain uninvolved?

As of this point HUG has no position in the School / End war. Hug is at this moment neutral. If HUG decides to change that at some point, an official announcement will be made publicly.
The Cracker (The Handyman)

The above statement is very vague indeed. It will be interesting to see if they get involved, and which side HUG would take. We can only assume for now.

Global Effort

Side 1:
Tribes: SchOoL, NOT!, [STRT], ~HELL~
Side 2:
Tribes: [END]

Timeframe: 18/09/2010 10:00:00 to 21/10/2010 19:11:25

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 261
Side 2: 267
Difference: 6

chart?chs=190x135&cht=bvs&chco=BB173E|1EBA24&chxt=x,r&chxl=0:|Side 1|Side 2|1:|0|267&chbh=50,20,20&chf=bg,s,F8F4E8&chtt=twstats.com&chts=000000,10&chd=t:261,267&chds=0,267&chxr=1,1,267

Say what you will about them, but as of now [END] are holding their own against 4 tribes, two of which are top 5 tribes. It will be interesting to see how much the stats change now that SchOol have stepped into the rink. Only time will tell, I suppose.

I grabbed an interview with Astronomy, leader of [END], to find out more about [END]s side of things regarding this war. Click the spoiler below to access.

Interview: Astronomy SelectShow

by Notoriety*

In the box below you’ll find an interesting statistical view of the top 5 tribes of our world. These are accurate as of 17th October 2010. Thanks to ISE for the original topic. All figures are obtained from TWStats.

W50 Top 5 Statistics SelectShow

Top 10 Tribes Map
*Generated on Thursday, October 21st – Does not account for changes in tribes and reformations

Top 10 Players Map
*Generated on Thursday, October 21st – Does not account for changes in rank

The Survey Section

It’s survey time once again, boys and girls! First round is nomination round (just like last time). Please note, you are not allowed to nominate yourself in the user sections, as well as your tribe in the tribal sections.

All nominations should be sent in-game to the FrailBeauty account under the topic title ‘W50 Survey’. Nominations posted on the blogger thread or anywhere else will be ignored.

You have until Tuesday the 26th to cast your nominations!

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