W50 Midweek Madness #2

September 22, 2010 in World 050 News, World News

Hai guys! Time for a new blog, and this one’s actually on time (yay!). Firstly, I’m hoping you’ll join me in extending a warm welcome to the latest addition of our W50 Blog Team – Notoriety*. Anyone that knows him will tell you that he’s got a talent for statistics and in-depth reviews (something this blog was lacking before). So welcome, Notoriety*, we’re glad to have you with us.

As always, MM brings you plenty to read. JPEG grabs the spotlight this week, where we take a look back at what kind of tribe they were in the past and what can be expected of their former members in the future. This is followed by an article covering the official end of the CBears tribe, as well as all the other regular weekly features that you should be used to by now. Enjoy!

JPEG – Faded Pictures

To those of us that have been playing this world from the very beginning (or at least for the past couple of months), the name JPEG is very much familiar. Not only were they a top tribe for a very long time, their location on the map had always stood out, drawing attention to them as a tribe. They were situated solely in K55, and for months predictions of gang bangs had been flying around on the externals. And yet, they had managed to come a really long way and were even voted by many as the most promising tribe in this world. So what happened? I caught up with Amanda and Kevin, the former leaders of the tribe, to find out more.

JPEG did not start out as a premade, but they grew to become closer than many of their competitors on this world. They recruited smartly, and then went on to dominate their K entirely. Being boxed in by other top tribes was always an issue, but it seems that through smart diplomatic ties they had managed to eradicate the possibility of a gang bang. The dukes tell me that things were going well for the tribe. Spirits were high, comradery amongst the members was also outstanding. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

As had been predicted by most external posters, JPEG needed room to break out and expand. The tribe chose to expand further down South, taking on two monster tribes at once. The former leaders admit that they did indeed bite off more than they could chew.

The biggest mistake we made was in trying to get out of K55 by taking on two bigger tribes – ORPHAN and DIY, which as we all know, become [END] and HUG. The way we were playing and the ground that we were making especially in K56… If we had just concentrated on one tribe then things would have been different. Very different. - Hot Sheep (former leadership of JPEG)

I was informed that the tribe had planned an operation that was focused solely on one HUG player. The plan was to have all nobles of the tribe land around the same time on all the villages of the player, causing them to be instantly rimmed. The operation failed, and player morale dropped drastically.

Around this time, [END] was rising as a tribe and Astronomy was out and about, recruiting all the best players in the area. He approached several JPEG members, inviting them to the tribe. They all refused the invite initially. They were then informed that both HUG and [END] were planning a retaliation op on the members of JPEG in the near future.

We could be part of the plan or be the plan, our choice. With the mood of the tribe being a little down, we knew that it was only a matter of time before the tribe imploded. I had to really work hard to persuade Amanda (The HOT Sheep account is co-played) that if we wanted to stay on this world then we had to change tribes. It took a week. – Kevin

JPEG disbanded on the 16th of September 2010. Most of the members moved to [END]. A few went to HUG. I’ve been told that the members are adjusting well in their new tribes. “No complaints,” is what the former leaders had to say.

Despite their fall from grace, JPEG were around for quite some time. They could have recruited outside of their K, and they could have done a lot of things differently. The way they existed was unique in its own way, and I believe they deserved a proper good bye in the form of this article. They had always kept to themselves, with very little forum presence, so I believe it’s good that they have this article to help them leave a permanent trace on this world. One of their former leaders had this to say as a parting message:

JPEG will be in my heart. I did not like what we did, but something needed to be done. I miss you guys already. - Amanda Q

JPEG was initially led by Methodical Destruction, who quit W50 a while back due to RL obligations. I managed to grab an interview with him earlier this week. Click the ‘Show’ button in the grey box below to access the piece.

Interview with Former Duke of JPEG SelectShow

Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

CBears No More

CBears COA

The council of CBears released an Official Statement yesterday, announcing the end of the tribe. At this point in time I do not believe a lengthy article is necessary when it comes to this matter. It’s all been said before. First in the CBears vs HUG article, then in Social’s Departure Thread, and now in their last official statement.

The Bears held the top spot on this world by a wide margin for a really long time. However, they have always been ridiculed for their methods, and generally disliked by many. There is no use denying that internal issues were the main cause of the split. If anything, we can say that the fall of CBears has provided the world with quite a few valuable lessons:

DON’T recruit players all over the world based on rankings alone.
DON’T tick off all the neighbouring tribes that surround you, causing diplomatic tensions on every side.
DON’T expect high rankings to be an indication of players’ interest/capability in war.
DON’T expect all your new recruits to be loyal to you.

Since the tribe has not physically disbanded yet, they will still be included in the statistical sections of this blog. Below is a list of milestones achieved by the tribe.

Farewell, CBears.

CBears Accomplishments SelectShow

by Notoriety*

In the box below you’ll find an interesting statistical view of the top 5 tribes of our world. These are accurate as of 21:00 ST 21-09-2010. Thanks to ISE for the original topic. All figures are obtained from TWStats.

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The War Room
by Notoriety*

[END] vs ~HELL~

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SchOol vs SeVeN

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CBears vs HUG

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Ranks & Maps

Top 10 Tribes Map
*Generated on Wednesday, September 22nd at 12:45 st – Does not account for changes in ranks since then

Top 10 Players Map
*Generated on Wednesday, September 22nd at 13:00 st – Does not account for changes in ranks since then

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The Survey Section

Well, we all know the results by now. The winners of the Best In-Game Player category were the two co’s on the myhammerisbig account. I’m sure we can all agree that they would win the best in-game username contest too (if ever I was to host such a thing). I interviewed both Sanchez and Hydro (the co-players on the account) to find out more about what it is that makes them so great. I’m not quite certain whether the interview answered that particular question or not, but we had fun none-the-less =)

Rank: 9th
Tribe: HUG
Points: 1,989,285
Join date: 18th May 2010
Best Rank: 7th
ODT Rank: 10th
OD Attack Rank: 11th
OD Defense Rank: 43rd

Interview with Best IG Player: myhammerisbig SelectShow