W50 Midweek Madness #1

September 16, 2010 in World 050 News, World News

Hai there! I welcome you to the very first edition of the Midweek Madness Blog. It has been a busy week for all of us here at W50, and there are plenty of new developments to report on. In this edition we’ll be taking a look at the current state of CBears (and the departure of their leader, Social Suicide), the past and present of [END], as well as the results of the very first MM Survey experiment. Hope you guys like ;)

CBears without Social Suicide?

On Tuesday afternoon Social Suicide announced that he would be stepping down as the leader of CBears (the current top ranking tribe in our world). He left the tribe shortly after this. In his fairwell message, he claimed that he had left due to his new goals and aspirations in real-life (joining the army). He did, however, mention that he wasn’t quitting this world entirely, and that he would still be playing his account. This came as a shock to the community (as well as most of the tribe). Social was the one that made the tribe function, running it as a dictatorship from the very beginning. It’s hard to imagine a CBears without him. And yet, it has happened. The face of the tribe has left, announcing that CBears are over, leaving 45+ members wondering what their next move should be.

Naturally, this event stirred a lot of discussion within the community. Social’s reason for leaving was questioned. Was it really due to RL circumstances, or was this merely an excuse? Admittedly, it was strange that he should quit during the first real challenging war that the Bears had encountered on this world (CBears vs HUG). Many accused him of being a coward, while former tribemates rushed to his aid, defending his honour in public. Throughout all this chaos, there were countless questions being brought up: What will happen to CBears now? Would there be a change in leadership? Would they merge? Would they disband? The only statements from the remaining council so far have been vague and uncertain. As of now, an official statement has yet to be made.

I grabbed an interview with Social a few hours after he left. Hopefully this will answer some of the questions the community has for the former leader (or possibly just bring up more). Please click on the ‘Show’ button in the grey box below to access the interview.

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The [END] – Or Just the Beginning?

Say what you will about this tribe, but you can’t deny that they’re nothing short of newsworthy. Internalling/inactive-snatching their way to the top? Maybe. Ennobling an embarrassing amount of barbs in their conquers roster? Perhaps. Still managing to get back on top after this many reformations and failures? Yes. Now, we are all used to the early stages of the game where noob-tribes have the chance to get to the top ranks via smart mass-recruitment. But at this point we are four months into this world, and things are no longer that easy. Getting into the top three tribes of any world is an accomplishment. Even more so when one of your leaders just happens to be one of the most hated players in the world. These guys have seen enough bashing and hate from the outside world thus far, so I have decided to take a different approach in this article. Let us open our minds to [END], if only for a couple of minutes, shall we?

The Long and Twisted History

Where to start? Astronomy (former duke of Orphan, =300=, and now council member of [END]) was asked to take on the leadership role of EVHU (later renamed to Orphan). He claims the tribe was already in bad shape when he took over, and that things sort of just kept getting worse from there. Many members were inactive, uninspired, and many had issues with the leadership. Loyalty was low, and morale was even lower. They had a short-lived war with JPEG and Banned at the time, but bigger concerns were to come when they started facing tensions with both DIY (now reformed as HUG) and CBears. Both of these tribes could sense the impending fall of the Orphans, and both were hungry and eager for new recruits. In less than a week Orphan had gone from a strong leading tribe to a sinking ship with little to no chance of survival.

The council and loyal members decided to abandon the tribe and reformed under the =300= tag. Reforming didn’t solve many of their problems though. If anything, it made them more vulnerable. With a low member count and both CBears and DIY as their neighbours, the members of the tribe felt very insecure indeed. Astronomy approached the leader of CBears (then Social Suicide), offering to merge his top =300= players into the CBears tribe. At this moment in time the cold war between CBears and DIY had already commenced, and thus Social was open to the idea, knowing that it would give him a stronger frontline. Open to the idea – he was, take action – he did not. The =300= members were left waiting, feeling unwanted and uncertain about their future. It was then that they decided to join DIY instead. Of course, we all know how well that plan went down. After DIY disbanded, Astronomy and the members of former =300= formed the tribe [END].

The [END]

The name in itself was ominous. With the hectic past of the tribe, the future was not looking bright at all. When they had just formed, they were nothing more than 15 or so odd members spread over three continents with enemies all around them.

For us [END] was exactly that. The end. Our final station. There we decided to just do our best and fight and die if it came to that. No pacts, no serious merges – nothing. – Astronomy

So this was the beginning of the [END]. They started with no diplomacy, and slowly started recruiting back those players that they had once lost to other tribes (mainly CBears). It was speculated that they used methods of threatening players into joining them, but this has never been proven. They later recruited a chunk of players from the former A0A (known as LOVE just before disbanding), fulfilling their spread on the map.

When talking to their council, I was informed that they had two set goals in sight: warring JPEG and then later warring CBears. Nothing has yet been declared and their conquers listings clearly show no indication of war-like activity. So, basically, all they’ve done so far is recruit themselves to the top.

What? What is this?

Why, oh why, Frail, are you doing a feature on the most hated tribe of W50? Because. Because it’s interesting to know where our top tribes came from and how they got there. This tribe has been through the gutters in every possible aspect of this game. But when we take a step back and stop judging the little things (the reputation of a leader, their less than flattering statistics etc. etc), we are able to see the facts as they are. They’ve secured a decent spread on the map. They’ve shown that they are determined enough to continue no matter what. They’ve managed to give themselves a fresh start, after numerous ups and downs – ones which most other tribes would not have survived. They have yet to prove themselves to the world when it comes to war, but who’s to say that they can’t this time? Villages are still villages, whether they were taken easily or not. They’re building up at a rapid pace, and with no one attacking them – they have all the tools at their disposal to succeed. It will be interesting to see if they can accomplish anything in their first real war (if they should ever declare one, that is).

The [END] or just the beginning? Only time and war will tell, really.

Hazad’s Section

This week Hazad has written about some of the new features that have come along with the v6.5 upgrade of Tribal Wars. Clicky the ‘Show’ button in the boxy below to access his article.

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Ranks & Maps

Top 10 Tribes Map
*Generated on Wednesday 15/09/10 – Does not account for changes in tribes and reformations

Top 10 Players Map
*Generated on Thursday 16/09/10 – Does not account for changes in ranks after that.

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The Survey Section
The results of the Survey are in and can be viewed below!

Results of September Survey SelectShow

I will be doing weekly interviews with some of the winners. This week’s interview just happened to be with myself. I got my friend, octavianTHEoctopus to ask me a few questions.

Favourite Personality: FrailBeauty SelectShow

Final Words

Hey guys. The move from forum thread to blog has not been an easy one. As you can see the layout has changed drastically, and just the overall look and feel is different. For this reason I have cut down the War Section this week. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be gone forever, I have simply decided to make it more elaborate and use it instead of the ‘Sub-Article’ section every two weeks. Hopefully you guys liked it none-the-less! Next week I’ll be following up on the current CHAMP/NOT! situation, the falling of JPEG (or reformation? I don’t know yet!) and the state of CBears without their original leader.

Till then :)