W49 Weekly News

July 11, 2010 in World 049 News, World News

Welcome to another edition of W49 News. There are some pretty interesting things happening on this world which have potential to dictate long lasting results. A few wars are also being waged among different tribes, but nothing epic going on at the moment, probably a period of resting for the big guns before they enter the battlefield again.

Top Tribes’ Rankings:

Hug have secured almost a 1 million lead over 1/0, but they still have a long way to go before they firmly establish their hold over the world. Not much change in the rankings from the previous one. REAL have merged with BMF and that has pushed the latter upto the third place in the standings. -U- are closing in behind them at fourth place and Paint complete the top 5. Haze have fallen behind a bit, but I don’t think rankings really matter to the tribe. They are a small bunch of active players.

Top Players’ Rankings:

Cer-berus still holds a healthy lead over the others and aiming to be the first to reach 1 million points on W49, but Rtriana and Popa Cel Mare are closing in on him. The top 20 list is still dominated by members from Hug, 1/0 and Haze which isn’t surprising. A couple of new entries have popped up like Beechcombe and she’s going strong.


Paint v/s /Quit: The war in the north western rim between the fifth placed tribe and /Quit. Brought about by territorial expansion, the war was declared by the former and so far, they haven’t disappointed. Capping a lot of villages, they have almost brought the downfall of /Quit thus growing and acquiring grounds in the south.

Paint v/s ~AR~: This war was made official by ~AR~ and it was a bold move on their part, located on the north of their enemies, they probably were thinking of taking advantage of Paint’s northern front while they were busy with /Quit. However, its expected that they shouldn’t put up too much resistance as Paint have all but done with /Quit. Not much to post for stats, let’s hope we see more of war caps in the coming week.

In other parts of the world:

REAL have merged with BMF creating a third placed tribe. BMF took in the members in K36 and K26 from the former, leaving the inactives out. This move can be very good for both tribes as it will mean they are filled with active, growing players and also prepare themselves with possible upcoming wars from 1/0, Haze or even Hug. ;)

This is Som signing off for this week. Stay tuned for next week, we’ll be back with more exciting news.