W49: The Silence Speaks

September 30, 2010 in World 049 News, World News

W49 is back with another edition of the action packed story its about to tell. New things have unfolded and spiced up the world with rise of new powers and destruction of old faces, changing geography with hard fought wars certainly have livened up W49 and its set to be really exciting in the coming weeks.

This edition of the blog contains –

**** Standings and the current wars

**** Recent events that have happened in the past week, an in depth analysis of the changing phase of W49

Standings and the current wars:

The world as it looks now:

Its evident from the map that Hug! is dominating this world with a huge lead and its expansion hasn’t been hindered by any other tribe so far. With a majority dominance in 12 Ks, Hug! is really looking to impose its will on its neighbours and pulling away from the pack. Duck! is the 2nd placed tribe – a southern powerhouse which has been riddled with some internal problems of late as players have left the tribe and formed another tribe by the name of Dukiez. BMF comes in 3rd and is as silent as it was in the beginning, not letting the world know of its intentions. Haze and Tag! round up the top 5. Haze’s pathway of expansion looks studded with obstacles which would make the world a more interesting place. Tag! is shaping up to be a force to concern with as they have recruited a handful of members and dominating the Ks they are in.

Players’ dominance:

Cer-berus is maintaining a healthy lead followed by Rtriana of Haze in the 2nd place and Dlhu comes a close 3rd. Miss Hannah Montana and Alyokat are the other ones in the top 5. Rasmala sits pretty in the 6th spot while Heepsofdeeps, -Rawr- and Popa Cel Mare are all battling for the 7th place. dback is a distant 10th. From the dominance of the top 15, its seen that a large portion is occupied by Hug! and members of Duck! and Dice! which isn’t too surprising considering the fact that these are the top tribes.

The current wars:

NioN v/s Gold:
This war has been  just started and is still in its nascent stages. However, it seems that NioN has made their move on Gold! and pounding them from the stats published from the last 24 hours. Not a lot is being said about this and no one has come forward to say anything, so all remains behind closed doors. Hopefully, more facts and opinions will come to light in the following days and more will be known about what sparked this war.
Stats from the last 24 hours:
NioN: 13
Gold! : 0
Hug! v/s ~AR~:
Hug! and ~AR~ have been fighting for quite some time and this has been the most interesting war in recent times.  However, continued attacks from Hug! has ensured that their opponent has been broken from within and the mass exodus from ~AR~ combined with their losing stats mean that they have all but given up. A mail from their leader confirms this and its only a matter of time that ~AR~ loses its existence and becomes a record rather than reality.
ok guys today is the last day of our lives…
It has been absolutely brilliant working with you…I couldn’t have asked for a better tribe, if only we could have got together a few weeks earlier we would have been bigger and kicked everyones arse.
Looks like people are jumping ship so, with a sad heart I suggest you all do the same….
I am very sorry it has gone this way but, fate has destined it so it must be.
I hope you remember me as at least a decent leader…
I will not be moving on to another tribe and I wish you all the very best in this world..
Please remember…the tribe is everything….
( I am staying as long as I can, please go and leave me to close the tribe down when its empty ….)
tankmeister, Duke of ~AR~ on 21 September, 2010.
Stats from the past month:
Hug!: 120
~AR~: 72
Recent events that have happened in the past week, an in depth analysis of the changing phase of W49

The fall of Duck! and the emergence of Dukiez:

It would seem that Duck! (Dice!) was stable and they were winning quite a few wars. However, it wasn’t the case. Apparently, some underlying reason made a quarter of the tribe leave, including a few of the big guns which has pushed Duck! down a lot of points. Its assumed that Dukiez will remain a neutral figure to Duck! for now and won’t have any kind of diplomacy. The following days and weeks would certainly be witness to some outstanding changes as this could narrate the geographical course W49 is about to take in the further south. With losing of so much power, Duck!’s plans to hit Haze and BMF have been put in jeopardy. It should be interesting to see how they recover from their loss.

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