W49: The Shaping Up

September 23, 2010 in World 049 News, World News

Sorry for the delay in publishing this blog for W49, I fell sick in RL and wasn’t able to log and play. In the meantime, a lot of interesting stuff happened in W49 – enough to keep the players and the readers busy. W49 is slowly shaping up into that perfect world for some final showdowns – and though morale is something the players resent, they have their hands full with wars and different areas to expand on.

The events of the past 2 weeks:

The end of Cyrus:

As announced by their leader, the W49 tour is officially over for this small tribe in the southern part – they’re now a part of Tag! giving the latter a whole new K, but one they won’t be too proud of as there’s a heaven and hell distance between the 2 Ks that Tag! controls. Nevertheless, it was a good merge – one that means Tag! is now one of the formidable forces of W49 and an active bunch of good, organised players. It was always Cyrus‘ intention to stay as a small tribe and not merge into one of the powerhouses so Tag! was the only one fitting all the requirements. The world eagerly awaits for Tag!’s new move, now that they have made their intentions clear that they’re here for the long term.

The fall of NERD:

This was an expected occurrance – though it took some time to happen. Dice! had already declared on NERD a few weeks ago and were capping villages from them at an alarming rate. Other small tribes in and around also chipped in with conquers. Then the #1 tribe, Hug! decided to pounce on NERD’s northern frontiers putting in the final nail in the coffin. Things didn’t help as NERD’s Duke went missing in action. Now, its only a skeleton tribe – a ¬†shadow of its former self with the inactives -that’s what’s remaining of the once #2 tribe. Its only a matter of time before their existence is wiped out from the face of W49.

The Wars:

Hug! v/s ~AR~:

This war has had a long history – dating back to months with constant squabbles for villages between these 2 tribes. Finally, the events of the past week like some disgraceful acts on behalf of ~AR~‘s Baron – trying to cape in all the tribes of the world to attack Hug! led to the sealing of their fate and turned into a full fledged war between the #1 and the then, #9 tribe. A couple of weeks have passed and the stats are well balanced but ~AR~ is finally cracking up and Hug! is keeping on the pressure with repeated OPs. However, hats off to the underdogs for holding for so long and matching the powers of their much bigger opponent and thus, delivering a very good battle.

Stats from the past month:

Hug! : 65

~AR~ : 82

X X and X X A. v/s ~AR~:

A rim war taking place between X X and their academy tribe X X A. v/s ~AR~. Nothing much to write about it – the history as it stands – the war was brought on due to ~AR~’s constant nagging of making X X attack Hug! and then backstabbing them. ~AR~ seems to be no match for their opponents as they’re nobling them left and right and its only a matter of time that the cracks began to show up in ~AR~’s polished walls.

Stats from the past month:

X X : 40

~AR~ : 6

A glance at the rankings now:

Players’ Rankings:

Tribes’ Rankings: