W49 Drama and Wars

July 22, 2010 in World 049 News, World News

Here we are for another action packed week on the happenings of W49, and believe me, when I say “action packed”, I really mean it. W49 has suddenly come alive with a horde full of wars being waged among the top tribes. PnP on the externals is at an all time high, nukes going splat and flaming is surpassing all limits. But hats off to all the players for coming alive and engaging in a war fest – trying to decide the fate of the world and shaping new geographical borders, and don’t forget to spare a thought for all the slaughtered troops.

A brief  overview of the wars of the world:

1/0 v/s -U-

-U- v/s SARS

Paint v/s Hydra

Paint v/s ~A.R~

Hug v/s 23rd

Haze v/s 1/0


Detailed info on the wars:

1/0 v/s -U- : This war was always on the cards from the time Matt- aka Rawr left 1/0 and decided to join Krusty, rename it as Unity and revive the dying tribe. 1/0 declared on Unity, a week after the latter had declared on SARS and were fighting a hard war with conquers against opposite time standing at a deadlock.

-U- v/s SARS: A match between 2 equally sized tribes – it also shows the amount of caps – both having the same number (differing by only a minute amount).

This war will certainly get more interesting with more big players entering the battlefield – 1/0 will have to focus more on the other side, so we shall a more or less equal and compact contest between these 2 tribes. Once the stacks are broken and one tribe finds another’s weakness, this war would see a winner emerge slowly. Inactivity will also be an issue.

Paint v/s Hydra: To my knowledge, this is just a cleaning OP by Paint, slowly consolidating their respective Ks and therefore eliminating the other contenders for the throne. “Hydra are like a never ending story” – quoted directly from their Duchess, the underdogs do seem to be offering some resistance, but nothing Paint can’t handle.

Paint v/s ~A.R~: In my opinion, this wasn’t a very smart declaration from ~A.R~ on a tribe over twice their size. My guess is they wanted to have some easy villages taking advantage of the fact that Paint will be busy in other fronts, but the stats prove otherwise. Credit should be given to Paint for swiftly pulling off successful OPs against ~A.R~ and thus subduing into submission.

Hug v/s 23rd: Northern expansion for the #1 tribe – that pretty much sums up this war. With both tribes having quite a number of villages in opposition territory and therefore leading to cross-noblings, this outcome was quite predictable. Hug chose to fittingly attack 23rd on the 23rd day of the month – but lack of any PnP declaration left many grumbling. The world would wait for stats to come in and everyone would be eager to see how 23rd retaliate – this will be their biggest war so far, here’s wishing both tribes good luck.

Haze v/s 1/0: Finally, we’re here! After months of flaming each other on the externals, this war is finally official. Battle of the stalwarts – as some are calling it, this is by far the most watched war. One thing is for sure – stats will be hard to come by in this war due to the skill level of both tribes’ players, but Haze seemed to have miraculously capped 5 on the first day from a supposedly “inactive” member of Undefined. Hold onto your horses, more interesting facts and news (and of course stats and flaming) are about to come from this war.

BMF v/s CURE: This is not a so-talked about war. Taking place on the extreme north-eastern corner of this world, this war hasn’t even been made official by either of the tribes. But its happening! BMF have already scouted a lot of CURE members and noble trains are on the way, a couple of villages were capped and re-capped too. CURE have made their intentions clear – they aren’t going to bow down to a larger opponent. Here’s hoping either of these 2 tribes comes to the forum and make a nice declaration with “horsies”. :P

And now for the most interesting part of the blog, an interview with this week’s lucky (or should I say “unlucky” candidate), Regina aka EternalAvvy from Paint:

Q. So before we start our conversation about W49, I would like you to tell us a bit about yourself and what you do in RL.

Ehmmm said I wouldn’t tell my age, but ok… I am Regina ( EternalAvvy ), 36 and unemployed due to phobias – which then make me able to play this game way too many hrs a day.
When I am/was able to work I was a historical reenactor… I have actually fired a catapult, used an english longbow and fought with swords in real life, before doing it here ;o)
When I am not spending time in this game I write poetry and and short stories in my native language Danish and finally I read a lot of books… mostly about history… so… guess I am a nerd.

Q. How long have you been TW and which worlds did you play?

I tried and figure it out the other day. My first meeting with TW was W10 and a very short visit. Later I joined W18 with a large group of gamers from Facebook and while playing there I semi played a few worlds between 10-18. I played a lot of worlds after W18… Some were big blunders – As W30, which was a hard but eventfull lesson for me. W32 were I was in Birth and learned my first real tech world which I use today in this world. I haven’t done any great epic deeds, but I sort of know the game I think and have fun learning more still. I had ½ year away from TW last year, but if I try and go back my first meeeting with TW and W10 was 3 years and some months ago…

Q. You are the Duchess of Paint, tell us a bit more about how you came to this role.

I still wonder how you know I am that. But I joined this world in my own name and was in malice and later in -?-, which was so terrible I decided to leave and let myself be nobled. At the same time an old friend – idsky16 – called me on skype and asked me to take an abandoned account in his tribe. I played with – and under idsky16 before, so I was thrilled by the thought of playing with him again. Turned out I knew several others in the tribe from old times, uncluding his co-duke .FOX.
They soon asked me to join council because of my reputation of speaking my mind and they said they had faith in me being an asset there. So I took over internal affairs, which I still handle… I got the duke-privs only, because .FOX. felt he didn’t have the time – and I want to help where I can. idsky16 is the diplomat and face outwards, I handle internal affairs + tutoring. We got some nice fresh faces that really loves to learn more and it gives ME a new angle to the game when I explain the finesses of different builds to them for an example….

Q. Coming to this world, did you foresee you would be leading a top 5 tribe?

As we just concluded from my last response I am not really leading… actually Paint is a cool tribe because it is not a tyranny, we on council serve the tribe… not the other way round.
But no I didn’t expect that… an old friend convinced me to join and get into his tribe and I was weeks behind already… and just as I catch up, my tribe merges into a crap tribe like -?-.
I was ready to say it was a days work after I left -?- in anger. I had seen paint in the stats like all the other top tribe you keep an eye on, so when I landed there and saw the great co-operation and fun within the tribe I was happy I decided to say yes – and I am still happy to be in Object not available. No other tribe has ever gotten me to color my hair blue ;o)
And I just love the motto of the tribe… it really says it all :
“The council serves the tribe, the tribe does not serve the council. We all serve each other.”

Q. Our readers would like to know a brief history of your tribe.

I am really not the best to tell it, so I borrow some words from one of my fellow council-friends that told me the story when I joined…and then again later.
Andren13 :
“First off, I want to come out and say that myself along with Don and Whitty are an extension of the founding Fathers of this tribe right after The Perfect Crime, being Oscar the grouch and boba fett, recruited us. I do have to say that those two did a very fine job on recruiting at that time. We got by, and after three weeks or so, we started complaining. Sinner Taint can put up his testimony for that as well…we revolted, and what you see now is Paint. We kept the same name and we have grown tremendously since then. This is about the relationship that stemmed from the first recruit, and lead us to the culture of what Paint is today”
I am new and need to try and fit in to this tribe that already runs smooth. Makes it easier for me that they all are so cheerful and open and here to have fun.

Q. Your guys are fighting at 2 fronts and winning – what mantra do you have for having such good results? Could you also give us a short summary of the wars?

*giggle* what’s to say ? When I joined the Paint war had just broken out. We thought they be an easy picking but we must admit they put up a decent fight and are really good at recapping, BUT we’re breaking them down and we are stubborn and not giving in, until they disband and we have taken what’s theirs.
We then got an declaration… or something… from /QUIT. They pretty much was just giving up and rolled over and in a few days they had disbanded and was gone.
We are warring Object not available right now. Another tribe that declared on us. We suspected them to be as bad as /QUIT but though we do progress they gotta have the kudos of actually trying to fight back.
These wars are not epic, but they keep us on pour toes and makes us ready for future fights… ;o)

Q. We would like to know your opinion in short about the other tribes in this world.

Arghhh – I hate this part… I never understood how people can tell these things. But I will speak for only myself and not a representant of Paint.
I actually think that top 1-8 ( including paint ) is the best tribes in this world. I think I know people in all of them and some are obviously closer to my heart than others. but this is a wargame and 8 tribes at the top is many and some day there will be great battles and some will disappear. I think all 8 got chances if the day is right, morale and luck hits high and the enemy is distracted. Cyrus and Dukiez are the dark horses. -U- … I can’t see them hang around for too much longer, but meh… what do I know :oP

Q. How do you think the world will stand say 2 months from now?

Well, the last few days a few wars have been declared between the top ten. The outcome of these wars can – as I see it… give us an excellent picture of who will stay for good and who is at the end of their line.

Q. Last question. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of TW? What would you like to see as a part of making the game better and more enjoyable for the players?

Nah, I am stuck in my ways and hate new initiatives until i try them… Hated the church when it first came on W30, and today I love churchworlds and the options they give you. I had doubts about the warcamps, but now I am sure they are usefull too and i look forward to us testing it for real.
I tried the new beta version… the stuff about being able BUY your way to faster building by using PP sucks… I hope they never implement it here.
But I like it as it is and the staff do an excellent job at keeping this game alive and vibrant.

Stay tuned for more, we’ll be back with a lot of interesting results next week, this world is finally living upto its expectations. Here’s me, Som signing off!