W49: An Update

August 26, 2010 in World 049 News, World News

W49 is back with another exciting dose of weekly news and this week its bigger than the last one. Lots of changes have taken place since the last blog was made. The notable incidents are the fall of 1/0 and Paint and emergence of Tag! This, coupled with Dice!’s rise to power will certainly make W49 a world to watch out for.

A look at the rankings:

Players’ Rankings:

Cer-berus is still going strong though Dlhu has closed the gap considerably. These 2 stalwarts have pulled off a huge lead over the 3,4,5 all of whom are fighting for the 3rd place. Hug still has the maximum number of members in the top 20 with 9 players. Dice! is closely contesting them. A couple of 1/0, Haze and BMF wrap up the top 20.

Tribes’ Rankings:

Hug has once again out grown all the tribes and running away with the show. They have a 6.5 million lead over the 2nd place Dice! and almost a 10 million lead over BMF. NERD still is placed 4th even after losing their crème de la crème. Haze has moved upto the 5th spot following their impressive display of skills against 1/0.

Important events in W49 history in the last 2 weeks:

Fall of 1/0:

The war’s officially over between Haze and 1/0 and the former are the winners. It was a hard fought war at the start but it was easy at the end for Haze when BMF joined in to cash in on a load of 1/0 villages. 1/0 players started becoming inactive. The top 2 players were recruited by NERD signaling the downfall of what was surely looked upon as the best tribe of this world. Haze moved in swiftly and dealt heavy blows and the Undefined ones never recovered from the backset to put up a fight. A skeleton structure in the name of 1/0 is still alive but the soul is dead. I thank all the players from 1/0 for putting up a marvelous show and making this world interesting right from the beginning. Job well done by Haze – they really got themselves a compact group and fought like lions when they were the underdogs.

Stats for the entire war:

Haze: 98

1/0: 35

The decline of Paint and emergence of Tag!:

It’s a tragic end to one of the promising rim tribes occupying the western border. Their decline was set forward by a multitude of events including a gang bang by 3-4 tribes. NERD had started attacking and the former Hydra members had left the tribe to form Tag! They started attacking Paint from the western side. Paint was already warring ~AR~ and this 3 sided front proved to be too much for them as Cyrus joined in the party to cap villages and recruited one of their top players. Inactivity is also to be blamed. Therefore the top 2-3 players went to Hug, most of them left Paint and are now tribeless and fighting off the vultures trying to swoop down on their prey. NERD has a lot of ground to cover by nobling off the rest of the refugees. The west is being re-shaped again and it will take some time before a super power emerges in here.

The rise of Dice!:

Dice! was ranked 3rd and they occupied the entire south eastern rim. Then the strongest players from NERD left and joined Dice! giving rise to the super power of the south. This move obviously pushed them to the 2nd place and since then, they haven’t disappointed anyone. Their main task at hand is to connect the eastern and western clusters as they happily noble the remnants of Sars! and other small tribes that stand in their way. With Hug in the north and Dice! in the south, the other tribes must feel insecure being bottled like this. But TW is a funny game – you never know what will happen. ;)

Stay tuned for more from next week. This is me, Som signing off. Have fun playing everyone. :)