W49: A Short Update

October 30, 2010 in World 049 News, World News

The wars in W49 continue as evident outcomes begin to take shape. Bans and controversies, huge debates and outright flaming are some of the things innundating W49 in the past week. This week we take a detailed view on the continuing wars from the past week, plus some new battles that sprouted up. There’s also a discussion regarding the banning of multiple accounts over the past week sending the world in a turmoil along with the weekly players’ and tribes’ standings.

Miscellaneous News:

Top players in W49 receive ban:

6 out of the top 20-25 players in W49 have recently been banned in a recent wave of events which has got all the worlds shocked. Apparently, the TW team investigated the accounts of the top 100 players in all of the worlds and found a lot to be using bots/illegal methods to perform a variety of day-to-day functions. This resulted in permanent banning of a lot of accounts – some have been unbanned so far with huge village loses as penalty while others are still under the banhammer and looks like they’ll remain so until their villages turn grey. Among the W49 players who got banned, Duck! has been hit pretty badly with Heepsofdeeps, Rasmala, akorelis, Thoraxus -?- Forever and -Rawr- getting the hit, while Bong972 from Deceit has also joined this infamous line up. Rumours are that there has been a couple of more bannings from other tribes, though that remains in the mist for now with no new evidence surfacing. Heeps has got unbanned while suffering a 100+ village penalty. A lot of doubts have arisen questioning the TW team’s judgement on banning these people without looking further into it and not stating more reasons, but the majority of the world public think that there hasn’t been any biasness involved. If anyone wants to know more about the things taken into account while handing out bans and gather more information about the ban, check the interview with Morthy in the W50 blog.

Emergence of Mad Granny:

It would seem that the bans coupled with the fact that the top brass of Duck! are quitting, the rest of the members have decided that its time to call it a day and end their Duck! era while creating a new tribe called Mad Granny mainly in the south eastern part of W49 directly below BMF. With about 17 members, they have already climbed up the rankings and are in the top 10. Interesting to see if they will continue with their war against BMF or get a temporary ceasefire, but I think its going to be the former case. They were the ones mostly under attack and though that doesn’t change much, loss of a lot of members from Duck! would haunt them badly as the supports start to dry up. We shall see in the coming weeks how this tribe performs – let’s hope they give BMF a good fight even if they perish.

A look at the standings:

Tribes’ Standings:

Deceit maintains its top spot with a gargantuan lead over second placed BMF who has benefited from Duck! slowly falling apart and members leaving and a few setting their accounts for deletion. The once mighty powerhouse of the south are measly ranked at third while Haze is steady with the fourth place. XX is ranked fifth in the standings followed by ~WE~ while newcomers Granny have jumped into the seventh spot. NioN, Tag! and BFI complete the top 10.

Players’ Standings:

For the fourth month running, its Cer-berus at the top of the tree contested only by Dlhu while Rtriana still is holding strong onto the third spot. Alyokat09 has moved up the rankings and in fourth place while Miss Hannah Montana completes the top 5.  Heepsofdeeps has dropped out of the top 10 following his ban, while Pharsstin enters the top 10 after a month’s absence from the list by overtaking Popa Cel Mare.

The Wars:

NB v/s DALR family:

NB (ranked 17th) declared war on the DALR (ranked 26th), DALR2 and DALR3 on 22.10.2010. Since then, the thread has pretty much died down with neither sides posting much info or stats as to what’s happening – we can hope they’re really busy with warring each other. General betting favours the NB as family tribes are never respected that much and same is the case with W49. So far it looks like a pretty one sided affair with NB ripping through DALR with 25 caps while the latter have only managed a miserly 2 conquers. Though other heavier wars taking place in W49 have kept this one suppressed to a low, it should be a huge moral boost for the NB players if/when they emerge victorious.

BMF v/s Duck! :

The battle of the stalwarts has come to a standstill it would seem with so many Duck! players getting banned paving the way for BMF to plunder in the villages. BMF have been leading the in the stats since declaration and there’s no reason for them to not keep on mounting the pressure on what remains of Duck! It would be interesting to see also how they react to the new tribe in the block, Granny (a bunch of SE former Duck! members), though I am hoping the war will continue and make us all watch it with interest with popcorn in hand. ;)
Stats since declaration:
BMF: 81
Duck!: 48

BFI v/s ~WE~ and Horde:

BFI did a double declaration on both ~WE~ and Horde yesterday. No stats have been revealed so far, but its expected to be a cracker of a war among the bottom half of the top 10-15 tribes here in W49. While no apparent reason for such a move was stated, it is believed that BFI members have been getting invites from Horde who want to take in their rim players and also that Horde has been trying to make a coalition against Deceit with whom BFI have been working in tandem in taking out Tag! The war against ~WE~ might be looked upon as expansion in the east – a  vast land with no real competition (post Duck! players deleting).

Deceit v/s Tag! :

And the war between the rank 1 tribe and the once fifth ranked tribe continues with the latter almost out of steam with members quitting in bunches. Tag! never really recovered since their leader shunned the pack and logged off. While Hannah Montana, Blunttool and Minghans are putting up a decent fight, it has been a dismal show from the rest who have given in easily to their opponents. It also doesn’t help the fact that a couple of Tag! players are busy internalling while there’s a war going on. Deceit has managed to break down the core of K42 players like Mistyblueeyes, Lilias X and Sbrick82 – all of whom seem to be handing out villages happily. ShadowRacer has been rimmed completely while Rushingfool hasn’t been spared the inevitable fate. His move to Duck! didn’t bring in any sweet results as the village bleed continues. Tag!’s K41 is also getting hit by BFI and its only a matter of time that the once breakaway bunch from Paint and former Hydra get buried by the same group of players who they betrayed.
Stats since declaration:
Deceit: 335
Tag! : 75

Haze v/s ~WaR~ :

Haze seems to be pushing ~WaR~ out of their continent and making a move towards the estranged Duck! members. So far, its not really a war as Haze has been steamrolling through ~WaR~ with the latter managing 55 conquers while Haze’s runs over 300. No declaration was made but it has always been Haze’s trademark that they do things silently.
That’s it for this week. I shall be back with more exciting news from the world of 49. Stay tuned for more and happy nobling. Som signs out.