W47, with a twist of ISE.

September 12, 2010 in World 047 News, World News

Howdy! I’m back once again with “W47, with a twist of ISE.” as farooq is still pre-occupied with stuff in RL. I didn’t get much feedback last week, although what I did get I appreciate. This seems to indicate one of three things; (1) No-one cares =P, (2) I’m perfect (unlikely) or (3) The world is fairly inactive and no-one actually read the blog ^.^ . Anyways, this week I’ll be doing several smaller articles instead of the traditional longer one. There are a few reasons for this, the main one being smaller articles tend to need less rambling on/bullcrapping from me. Again, I apologise in advance for any discrepancies you guys/gals find in this blog. Feel free to send me a PM regarding an issue you think is false and I’ll be happy to take a second look at it.

Anyways.. I hope everyone likes the blog, and with that, I present you with the second edition of “W47, with a twist of ISE”. Enjoy <3>

War? Another war? What the.. A third one?!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, thats right. Last week I found myself struggling to write a lot about W47 as the only thing I could write about was a pretty slow war (at the time). However, since then, three skirmishes/wars have emerged to the publics attention. Today’s three smaller articles are based on the three wars;

    (1) MadHat vs T.E.C
    (2) OMEGA vs bth
    (3) Uruz vs MINE

(1) MadHat vs T.E.C

Despite this war apparently having been fought for a month now, this war was only brought to the publics attention today (Thread here.). From the outside, it looks like MadHat is nobling T.E.C at a pretty quick pace in comparison to other wars that have previously taken place on W47. However, one must keep in mind that T.E.C has a pretty even war going on against wheggs, and this would seem to account for a lack of defense on a potentially unprotected under-belly. That being said though, due to the sheer size of T.E.C, one would really expect a quicker reaction, a sterner defense and a more aggressive offense – especially if this war has been going on for a month as the stats suggest. Here are some statistics to compare the two tribes;

(4) T.E.C: – 38 members.
-Total Points: 23,092,139
-Total ODA: 100,050,000
-Total ODD: 64,120,000
-Avg. Points per player: 607,688
-Avg. ODA per player: 2,632,894
-Avg. ODD per player: 1,687,368

(9) MadHat: – 22 members.
-Total Points: 6,852,331
-Total ODA: 20,600,000
-Total ODD: 11,820,000
-Avg. Points per player: 311,470
-Avg. ODA per player: 936,363
-Avg. ODD per player: 537,272

As is evident, T.E.C seem to be leading in every aspect, statistically. However, that doesn’t seem to have stopped MadHat, who have taken advantage of T.E.C’s lackluster effort to get organised and have gained quite an impressive lead despite their size difference. Looking at the map, the frontline between MadHat and T.E.C isn’t that big, and because of this, once T.E.C finally do get their stacking sorted, I feel that MadHat will find it hard to break them down due to their smaller size and lack of a major frontline.

To try and get more insight into this new development, I decided to contact prominent members of both sides. Thanks to T.E.C for putting their question to the council and getting back to me on it. We also have Rudegar from MadHat giving his opinion, and without further adieu, here is what both had to say;

“It was not like a war for us, MadHat hit some inactives as the summer has been hard on activity. We we’re also cleaning up some internals and bulking up. The fact is we are as strong as ever and fear nothing from MadHat. the noble stats do not tell any kind of story of superiority.” – T.E.C Council.

“dear tec, congratulations, your nuke builds seem much improved, however they are always quite poor at defending, even more so when it comes to wall less army camps” – Rudegar, Duke of MadHat.

(2) OMEGA vs bth

This is another war recently declared, with the war having only been publically announced over the last few days. (Thread here). OMEGA are a much smaller tribe than bth, with bth being over double the points than OMEGA currently are. Despite this, it was OMEGA who declared and who appear to have the early lead. That being said, all of OMEGA’s conquers have come against one player – Lord Fernando. However, looking at his TWstats page, it would seem that the player had flatlined for a few weeks, so the excuse may be used that OMEGA’s only conquers have come against an inactive.

(1) bth: – 56 members.
-Total Points: 35,710,224
-Total ODA: 74,940,000
-Total ODD: 20,010,000
-Avg. Points per player: 637,683
-Avg. ODA per player: 1,338,214
-Avg. ODD per player: 357,321

(5) OMEGA: – 42 members.
-Total Points: 17,462,832
-Total ODA: 54,730,000
-Total ODD: 28,800,000
-Avg. Points per player: 415,782
-Avg. ODA per player: 1,303,095
-Avg. ODD per player: 685,714

Despite bth being double the size of OMEGA, everything else seems fairly balanced in this war, statistically. bth and OMEGA also share a nice-sized border with each other, and hopefully this will allow a more fast-paced war with increased nobling from both sides. While this hasn’t been the case early on, lets hope both tribes step it up over the coming days/weeks and put on a show for the W47 community.

I decided to message two influential people from both tribes to get their opinion on the war. Both tribes had quite a bit to say, which leads my article on this war to look even smaller =/ None-the-less, I appreciate both tribes getting back to me, and here is what they had to say;

“Well, concerning the war…ofcourse they are going to be jumping ahead of us in the stats, mainly because they hit an inactive player, that is fine though and they can keep him in the stats because it really doesn’t matter to us.

I’d say everybody can take a good look at the jump in our Tribal ODD since the start of the war. It was about 14.42 mill and now its around 20 mill. Thats not too bad considering they had “3 weeks to prepare” and we didn’t.” – Terms of the conditions, bth.

“Thank you for your inquiry and offering me a chance to speak my views. So far there isnt really much to say about the war in my opinion. There is alot of flaming going on back and forth and some nobeling attempts maybe 10 trains from the mighty bth lol. On our end we have ran into some stacks aswell but figured that would happen when fighting a tribe twice our size that hasent had to defend themselves till now. The tensions started originally months back when at war with Fear, knowing they would be next I hopped across K44 from the north to south west corner to cluster up there and prevent and stifle there growth for future war preperation. When they recruited our war refugees it was official in my eyes that we will declare on them in the future so I went on a massive house cleaning, taking out inactives, members that didnt deserve to be here and those hiding behind the Omega name.

Opinions about bth are not flattering. Before there war they were ranked 16-18 total ODD because nobody had the balls to challange “the big machine” tribe, we have effectivly brought them to rank #9 and increased there ODD points by 10,000,000 in a single OP. Not nearly all the claimed villages were taken but with months of building defense and not having to use it they have plenty at the moment but we plan on correcting that.” – billlore, Duke of OMEGA.

(3) Uruz vs MINE

This is a war that has been a skirmish for quite a while, but lately it seems the intensity of nobling has increased by both sides. The situation certainly wasn’t helped when MINE decided to recruit on the other side of Uruz, with these recruits actually being refugees from the PwN/Uruz war. Since then, tensions have elevated and this has been reflected in the stats between the two tribes. Both have a pretty good reputation, but as expected, Uruz seem to be leading the nobling charts at this stage.

(2) Uruz: – 32 members.
-Total Points: 28,093,725
-Total ODA: 93,990,000
-Total ODD: 50,110,000
-Avg. Points per player: 877,929
-Avg. ODA per player: 2,937,187
-Avg. ODD per player: 1,565,937

(3) MINE: – 55 members.
-Total Points: 26,034,881
-Total ODA: 54,830,000
-Total ODD: 54,700,000
-Avg. Points per player: 473,361
-Avg. ODA per player: 996,909
-Avg. ODD per player: 994,545

Both tribes are similar in size and have roughly the same ODD. However, where Uruz pull ahead statistically is their superiority in ODA. Uruz and MINE share a huge frontline, but I feel this is more in Uruz’s favour. MINE seem to be spread out everywhere and have Uruz cutting into their clusters in two different places. We also have to take into consideration that some of Uruz’s members were in-fact ex-Skittl, and so both sides should have a better knowledge of the enemy. It will certainly be interesting to see who makes more use of this knowledge.<

To get a more in-depth look at whether this is a war or not, I decided to ask the dukes what their thoughts on the opposition were and how they felt regarding this war/skirmish.

“I wouldn’t really define it as a war as of yet I don’t think either side has fully committed to attacking the other, certainly we have been testing one another and a foreign exchange style trading of troops.

In regard to Uruz I have to respect them and in particular the Duke JJJ, now I don’t want to state that they all have big egos in Uruz however typically larger players and a tribes like Uruz tend to have some in that regard I have to admire JJJ’s abilities as a Duke to hold the tribe together and manage what I would imagine to be some difficult personalities.

I would state that if it goes to a full blown war then it will certainly be testing upon us as I hope we would be testing upon them.” – davewardrop, Duke of MINE.

Unfortunately, since I don’t play W47, all of these requests were sent through forums. However, jayjay hasn’t gotten back to me since I sent it and I feel that if I wait any longer, then a lot of the statistics I’ve done will be useless and out-dated.

nterview: Hiphopapotamus

This week I decided to interview Hiphopapotamus, a frequent user of the W47 forums and a member of wheggs.

ISE: Ok, so before we start getting into the bulk of the interview, can you tell us who you are in-game, what tribe you are in and if you have any power in that tribe.

    Hiphopapotamus: my ign is Hiphopapotamus, I’m in Wheggs and hold no rank amoungst the tribe

ISE: W47 was a world that was hyped up from the very start with a lot of seemingly very good pre-mades joining the world. What do you think of the world, being in a tribe that isn’t a pre-made?

    Hiphopapotamus: I’m not too phased as I came into this world by my own and was not expecting the luck to come across such a good tribe as i have. Also a lot of the original premades did not stick it out in this world so in that perspective it’s bit of a dissapointment

ISE: Which tribe do you believe was the biggest disappointment on W47?

    Hiphopapotamus: would probably have to be skittle, they were hyped up lots and never stayed around long enough for us to see there skills.

ISE: Lately, a lot of new worlds forums are not as active in the mid to late stages of the world as earlier worlds. Do you agree with this opinion? What do you think needs to be done to liven up the forums on W47?

    Hiphopapotamus: I do agree. I think its mostly because when a new world opens up there is always lots of hype and everyone is excited and then after a month or so people realise that once the hype is over there isn’t really much to talk about in worlds until big wars start happening.
    -Lately W47 forums have been dead quiet but i think that in the last week with the OMEGA vs BTH war declaration, a pickup in the wheggs vs T.E.C war and the new thread of MadHats fights against T.E.C that our forums have picked up quite substantiably. It’s those fights/wars which really drive the forums

ISE: As you mentioned, several new wars have occurred. bth vs OMEGA, MadHat vs T.E.C and Uruz vs MINE. In the three wars, who do you think will win each of them? Please give a brief reason as to why you feel that way.

    Hiphopapotamus: bth I think will win over OMGEA but I think it will be a long lasting war, OMEGA showed against FEAR that they can stick it out for the long one so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
    -MadHat will keep pwning the southern T.E.C players. It seems so far that T.E.C has put up no resistance to the smaller tribe and will probably regret it later on when players like SAB, rattlesnake and rudegar start attacking their players more central and involved in other fights.
    -Uruz will beat MINE convincingly, they is just too good haha and i feel sorry for whoever else comes up against them

ISE: If you could pick any players on W47 to make a tribe, who would it be? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and 7 members (you’re already automatically included).

    Hiphopapotamus: duke – JJJ-raven-JJJ – duke. You would be stupid not to.
    Barons – Tick Noby – one of the smarter TW players I have met and a great leader
    Rudegar – Talks his mind, good player and is always a funny read

    1. Mostlyevil – from what I have seen probably the best defender ever
    2. Spekkio – Great player who puts the time and effort into faking correctly, i look forward to what he does in the future
    3. billore – good player with a good forum presence, i like that in a player :P
    4. SecretAgentBarbie – I remember playing with her on W18, defintely not one to mess with, on or off the battle field
    5. trihard – one of the best players from my tribe. this is his first world and is awesome, fought really well against uruz at the beggining of the world so i cant wait to see what else he does

    That is all I can really be bothered coming up with

ISE: Ok fair enough. What forum poster on W47 has annoyed you the most, and why?

    Hiphopapotamus: No one really, but i don’t like decentius haha

    quote “Who do you play as Hiphopapotamus? are you another wedge if so are you one of their soft outer shell of fodder or will we be seeing you in the inner more rotten core of the tribe?.”

    After he joined the tribe we are waring about a day before lol

ISE: Haha ^.^ Out of curiosity, where did your name “Hiphopapotamus” come from? What was the inspiration?

    Hiphopapotamus: I got it from the New Zealand comedy/folk hip hop duo ‘Flight of the Conchords’ who have a rap song called ‘the hiphopapotamus vs the rhymenocerous’ haha, its a good song, I recommend it

ISE: Before we finish up, anything to say to readers of the blog/users of the W47 forums?

    Hiphopapotamus: errrmmmmmmmm ” dear readers of the blog/users of the W47 forums, my name is the Hiphopapotamus and i’m not a water dwelling animal from africa called a hippopotamus, so please don’t call me hippo! K thx, bye.”

ISE: Heh, ok. Well, no more questions. Cheers for agreeing to do this interview despite me asking last-minute =]

    Hiphopapotamus: no worries, i look forward to reading the blog

ISE: Cheers :)

Active Players in World: 3,936 / Loss of 317
Active Tribes in World: 348 / Loss of 63

Players above 1 million: 34 / Increase of 6
Players above 1.5 million: 7 / Increase of 2
Players above 2 million: 1 / Remains the same.

And thats this weeks blog! I hope y’all enjoyed the blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. As I mentioned, I don’t currently play W47; as a result, if anyone has suggestions on types of articles they would like to read, feel free to PM me and I will take it into consideration for future editions (depending on when farooq is back).

As always, if you spot discrepancies or what-not, again, feel free to let me know and I’ll take a second look at it =]